Top Three Ways to Handle Haters Without Losing Your Dignity

Will you agree with me that every now and then, you'll discover that a lot of haters surround you in a group where you belong? Or you supposed to belong?

You'll probably nodding your head right now.

I've experienced a lot of people who are always trying to get ahead of others by hurting their fellows. They don't want your promotion. They're threatened of your success, even if it's just a small one. They're not contented of what they have and tend to feel envious of you. They will say side comments in front of you that they thought you won't hear it. But you did.

Since haters gonna hate, all you really need is to be prepared for their next attack. At least now, you're fully aware that they're trying to be nice to you but actually fail in hiding their facial expressions. Their eyes say it all. Right?

Here are the top three ways to handle haters without losing your dignity. Don't get your hands dirty because of these people. They're not worth your time.

1. Don't react directly to any attack.

Be subtle. Wait for that perfect moment to give a deafening reply that will make your opponent so ashamed to even say a word or raise an eyebrow.

2. Delay your anger. 

You can better think of strategies to defeat your opponents if you have plenty of time to find the right move. It will also help you look dignified, something that your enemy will be afraid of.

3. Be humble.

You're going to use this trick wisely, though. Sometimes people will trample on your rights because you're too lenient on them.

I've given you simple ways to stay dignified in front of pretentious, jealous and sarcastic individuals. Make sure to learn from your experiences and be wise in dealing with other people. Take care!