What Made Me Revamp My YouTube Channel + 5 Essential Things to Learn

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Last year, I wrote an article about the Top Five Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel, and a lot of people are actually reading it. I never thought that this post would be relevant at that time, because there are only a few creators here. But I'll view it in an international sense, many creative people want to start a YouTube Channel, or improve their own, and others are already reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Today, let me share with you my own journey.

I didn't focus in growing my YouTube Channel since I'm busy building my other blog, Where Is Stylish Karen, but when received a lot of emails regarding my post last year about the topic, everything changed.

To update my work flow, I checked my channel and found out that I already have a lot of views that's worthy of my attention. So I started to create more videos to focus on my channel. However, I didn't dive right away to do the job. I researched a lot to implement major improvements.

Here are 5 things I learned so far.

1. Titles

The first few words of your title must be your keyword and use symbols when necessary. In the example video posted above, my keyword is "thrift shopping under 500" and I used the symbols
[ and ) to improve the look and feel of my title. Strategically, you can use other symbols too, such as +, " and more. True enough, this video can be seen in recommended videos along with those old videos that are already popular. The goal is to get a share of their views.

2. Thumbnails

If you will check my thumbnail, it is better compared to my past video thumbnails. The background is white, I incorporated colors opposite to YouTube colors and used huge font size. It looks better now.

3. Lighting, Audio and Video Quality

I only use inexpensive camera for filming. However, I bought a better lighting equipment - it isn't enough but at least I can start creating better videos now.

4. Consistency

To be consistent, it is essential to post at least 1 video every week. The focus is really quality that will enhance viewer experience.

5. Comments, Likes, and Shares for Recommendation

Share your video in other platforms such as Instagram bio, Twitter, blogs and more in order to get more views, likes and shares. If YouTube will notice the signals indicating that you have likes, shares and comments, they'll rank your videos higher.

These things are really essential because a lot of successful YouTubers discuss all of the items I've mentioned earlier.

As for me, I want to take massive action right away: I followed their advice and discovered huge improvement of my work. And I also read this extensive guide about How to Start a Vlog: The Definitve Guide (2018). Definitely, you can learn valuable ideas from this one.

Take care!