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Insightful Points that a Close Friend Told Me about Online Dating and Relationships

The meaning of love is not confined to a specific definition. In every corner of the world, there's a way to express this feeling. Even if you're from a foreign country, you can share your love and devotion to another person. In the same way, your object of affection can easily share his or her feelings with you. Thanks to the existence of the Internet. Indeed, love makes the world go round.

My close friend, Jean, who lives in the neighborhood told me beautiful things about her marriage to a foreigner. It also includes the things she has to do patiently in order to find the love of her life. With that, it's obvious that she's one of those who believe in finding true love through a dating site, something that other people don't want to do. At present, she's happily married to an American businessman that she met online in 2010.

We often heard about people who chose to marry someone from a different country with different culture and background. For Jean, this is a happy choice for her. Here are the insightful things that she mentioned about finding true love through an online dating site nowadays.

Try to Be Friendly Online

Not all people you meet online are bad. You should give them a chance. By being friends with a lot of people through the Internet, you'll get a chance to know them better. "Don't limit yourself with people from within the country," says Jean. She believed that there are loving, kind and responsible foreigners who are seeking for true love. The reason you'll need to get to know a lot of people is to avoid meeting bad guys online.

Give Yourself Enough Time

"There's no need to hurry," warns Jean. She has friends who followed her own way of finding love and some of them aren't successful for the reason of not taking time wisely. If you think someone is not worth your attention, take time to find another. There will always be opportunities to find the right person. 

Read Success Stories Shared by Others

Obviously, you'll need inspiration in what you chose to do through the Internet. In order to get enlightened, read true stories of other women who found true love online. Personally, I have a lot of friends who are already living happily in other countries with their husbands. It's a sign that there's nothing wrong to give online dating a chance.

The traditional way of dating is still very interesting these days. However, it's also worth your time and attention to meet people from different countries as prospects for a happy relationship. You just have to choose the best one that will love you with all his or her heart.

Lastly, Jean told me that she has to chat with a lot of friends to find the perfect one. After all, dating is one way to be familiar with people and get to know them. She's really sure that the one she married five years ago is the right one for her. Until now, they're still happily married.

July 2018 Favorite Products

There are many products that I love this month of July. Before this month in 2018 ends, I shared my favorite picks on my YouTube Channel two days ago.

Here's a part of the description box, in case you have not checked it yet.

1. Ever Belina Matic Lipstick

This lipstick is on sale so I bought one for myself. It's interesting to note that I'm starting to like nude shades, especially when it's matte and pretty.

2. Convertible Gingham Jacket

The jacket is owned by my husband, he really loves it. But for this video and for other opportunities to wear this one, I've borrowed the item. It's blue and gingham so I can wear this from day to night.

3. Ice Watch

My friend, Aisie, gave this watch to me. She also gave one to our friend - so it's one for me and for Iris. The color is pink, sort of Lavender, really, and I really love it.

4. Hairfix Keratin Straight Leave On Spray

I usually use this product when I'm in a hurry because there's no need to rinse. It's easy to use and I can even bring it when I travel. This one can be bought at Watson's and it's really helpful to keep my hair straight and shiny every time I use it.

5. Avon True Color, SuperExtend Lengthening Mascara

This is the mascara that I use since last week. It's really nice, waterproof, so I can use this without smudging my makeup.

Basically, this is my first video about favorite products that I really worked hard for. This is also one way of showing gratitude to those who supported by YouTube Channel.

Thank you for dropping by. Take care! 💓

From Lonely to Happy, How My Friend Rose Found The Love of Her Life

"There are people who didn't support me with this, but I'm truly happy. They can't question me on my decision," said Rose.  We had a heart-warming conversation last month about her newfound life. She is one of those ladies who have been waiting for a happy marriage through an online dating portal such as Match Me Happy. Luckily, Rose didn't wait for too long. In just one year, she met someone online and he's from another country. Her decision to follow her heart leads her to happiness. After a year of knowing each other through online platforms, they got married in a simple yet happy ceremony.

Rose and I haven't seen each other for two years due to work schedule. She was our household worker for two years. During her free time, she would chat with someone online hoping to know him better. "He isn't my first choice. I had been thinking about someone younger than him. But John is different. He's persistent," smiled Rose as she relayed to me about the early days of their courtship online. With the popularity of a certain free dating site or other online portals, it would be easy for Rose to find the love of her life. Obviously, finding love online made her happy even if other people are against of it.

How would you know if he's the one when he's far away? Is he trustworthy? These are the usual questions that Rose should deal with every time her friends and relatives ask her about online dating. But her reply comes from her heart, she will trust her decision no matter what.

Image | Roven Images

Rose gave me three ways to believe on her dreams despite the challenges around her. She's been dreaming to marry a person who has a different nationality and someone who believes in her.

Listen To Your Intuition Even If Others Would Tell You Otherwise

The traditional way of finding true love is meeting people within your community. In the case of Rose, she couldn't find someone in the country to love her based on trust and acceptance. There are always doubts, judgments and even negative thinking. She's hoping to find elsewhere that would change her perspective on love and relationships. No wonder she relied on online dating for a year to eventually settle down with someone from another country. It proved to be her destiny. Even if other people aren't supportive on her choice, she went on happily.

Have a Positive Mind While Going Through the Dating Process

Although it isn't easy at first, Rose continuously chats with her prospects online. Later on, she met John who is willing to marry her and even live with her in the country. She doesn't have to go abroad abruptly for their relationship to grow and prosper. They can start a new life here. Isn't it amazing? She has a positive mind all along.

Talk to Other People Who Are Successful with Online Dating

One of the reasons she agreed to marry John is the support of her newfound friend who also married a foreigner. The guidance of her friend is helpful in preparing for a married life with someone of different nationality, background and culture. So it's really important to talk to someone who has the same experience with you.

Rose and her husband John are happily waiting for their first child. She promised to let me know her whereabouts soon. That made me excited to know more about her love story out of online dating.

Ukay Ukay Shopping [20 Pesos Each] + Try On - Episode 4

The popularity of YouTube videos featuring fashion and styling is really notable nowadays. I'm really excited to share my own fashion series with you my dear readers. I'd appreciate if you'll watch my video and comment your suggestions for my next post.

Here, I just showcased my latest thrift finds in one of my favorite Ukay Ukay shopping destinations in the city. I'm really happy to do this because I paid 20 Pesos per outfit and each one is really stylish. Knowing the necessity to shop on a budget nowadays, this one is really a successful shopping activity. It's even like an adventure that I'd like to go through every week.

How do you build your wardrobe? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Take care! 💗

What Made Me Revamp My YouTube Channel + 5 Essential Things to Learn

Here's my latest video - an example in applying the things that I learned. If you like it, please click thumbs up and Subscribe to Karenade. You can read the description box for more details. Let me know your comments, too. I'd appreciate your support. Thank you in advance. 💓

Last year, I wrote an article about the Top Five Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel, and a lot of people are actually reading it. I never thought that this post would be relevant at that time, because there are only a few creators here. But I'll view it in an international sense, many creative people want to start a YouTube Channel, or improve their own, and others are already reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Today, let me share with you my own journey.

I didn't focus in growing my YouTube Channel since I'm busy building my other blog, Where Is Stylish Karen, but when received a lot of emails regarding my post last year about the topic, everything changed.

To update my work flow, I checked my channel and found out that I already have a lot of views that's worthy of my attention. So I started to create more videos to focus on my channel. However, I didn't dive right away to do the job. I researched a lot to implement major improvements.

Here are 5 things I learned so far.

1. Titles

The first few words of your title must be your keyword and use symbols when necessary. In the example video posted above, my keyword is "thrift shopping under 500" and I used the symbols
[ and ) to improve the look and feel of my title. Strategically, you can use other symbols too, such as +, " and more. True enough, this video can be seen in recommended videos along with those old videos that are already popular. The goal is to get a share of their views.

2. Thumbnails

If you will check my thumbnail, it is better compared to my past video thumbnails. The background is white, I incorporated colors opposite to YouTube colors and used huge font size. It looks better now.

3. Lighting, Audio and Video Quality

I only use inexpensive camera for filming. However, I bought a better lighting equipment - it isn't enough but at least I can start creating better videos now.

4. Consistency

To be consistent, it is essential to post at least 1 video every week. The focus is really quality that will enhance viewer experience.

5. Comments, Likes, and Shares for Recommendation

Share your video in other platforms such as Instagram bio, Twitter, blogs and more in order to get more views, likes and shares. If YouTube will notice the signals indicating that you have likes, shares and comments, they'll rank your videos higher.

These things are really essential because a lot of successful YouTubers discuss all of the items I've mentioned earlier.

As for me, I want to take massive action right away: I followed their advice and discovered huge improvement of my work. And I also read this extensive guide about How to Start a Vlog: The Definitve Guide (2018). Definitely, you can learn valuable ideas from this one.

Take care!