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Shih Tzu Karlee Pet Diary

Hello! How are you? Mom is having another blog, Where Is Stylish Karen, but it's not like that I'm taking over this one. 🐾 I'm just here to share a picture of mine. This was taken when we're having half-day of fun and excitement. I was allowed to run with my humans + I got to pose near Mom's bag. 💓🐶

Easy Ways of Applying Human Hair Extensions to Look Even More Beautiful

The arrival of technology enables you to definitely make number of styles in your hair without likely to salon constantly. You will find useful methods to save lots of money without compromising your general look. If you're searching to find the best methods to style hair throughout an event, it will likely be good for you to understand there are extensions, wigs and wigs that may add drama for your look throughout an event. Aside from skincare products, there's also hair products and goods that may be useful for you. A persons extensions would be the newest method to enhance hair.

They're very famous within the beauty world today. Before you decide to perform the real hair extensions, it will likely be good for you to be aware what it's and just how it ought to be done. The clip in extensions are the simplest way to create hair to whatever occasion you have to deal with. It's also the least expensive and also the easiest to keep that's the reason many people are trying to find for this on the market today. The entire process of making real hair extensions can be quite simple.

You need to simply purchase the clip in extensions or even the sticking ones from the reliable salon (if you're purchasing the sticking ones purchase the adhesive too) or brand. Bear in mind you will purchase the extensions that match your requirements and not per brand.

Like a next thing in use of the extensions, you have to shampoo wash hair and towel-dry it so the extensions are attached effectively towards the hair. Partition or section the part of your mind/hair in which you want the extension to become put. In situation several layer of extension must be applied, work in the bottom layer and gradually come up with the crown.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the partitions is determined by the width from the hair vendors you've bought. You need to simply place the adhesive (following a instructions given using the adhesive) and put it on to the hair and press it after some pressure to the hair. Allow setting here we are at adhesion to become perfect and neat. Possess the clipping procedure ongoing for layers you've preferred to use following a aforementioned instructions until all the extensions are appropriately applied. Always work from nape from the neck with the crown after which later the edges.

The clip-on extensions would be the easiest ones to connect for your hair, which means you just cannot lose it even if you're likely to wash your hair naturally or brush it regularly.

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

I'll share with you one of my favorite makeup products, the Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation. This is a very popular product with all the positive reviews from its users. Personally, I would like to recommended this foundation because it is really a long lasting foundation with buildable coverage quality.

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation
In this photo, I was wearing the Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte foundation and I really liked it.

Aside from that, the texture is lightweight so you wouldn't feel greasy after a few hours of wearing it. This foundation provides a soft, shine-free and fresh look. Lastly, it is also OK for my oily skin. 💛

Karlee Pet Is Our New Dog

Hello everyone! How are you? I was busy with home renovation that I wasn't able to regularly post on this blog. I have time to write now, so I'll share with you about out new love.

Welcome, Karlee Pet! She's our new dog. She will be with us from now on, with Enzo, of course.

Karlee Pet is really amazing. As a toy dog breed, a proud Shih Tzu, she's very playful and sweet. She's 8 months old and traveled from Manila to join us here in the province. Thanks for dropping by. Take care! 💜🐶