MEACO Hotel in Dipolog City

Meaco Hotel in Dipolog City is located near my favorite restaurants and shopping areas downtown. No wonder I always want to stay there when I have to write for my novel and take a rest for the weekend. In this post, let me share with you some photos of the hotel.

This is the hotel facade - the entrance that you can see just beside Novo Jeans. It is a few blocks away from the Sunset Boulevard so you would surely love this place if you want to explore the city.

This is a photo of my room. For only P 900.00, I had a chance to stay here for 24 hours. The room is so spacious and well-designed for guests. From here, I can see the city streets and the pathway to my favorite barbecue house.

This is the hotel lobby. This is located at the second floor. It is also spacious, perfect for eating snacks and taking notes. 

I was able to stay in the hotel twice. The second one isn't good because I have to call a hotel staff every time I open the door. The door knob is defective. However, the employees are helpful and kind so I still had a comfortable visit the second time around.