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GV Hotels in Dipolog City for an Affordable Overnight Stay

We know that traveling has some challenges along the way. It is a normal scenario to see wanderers who needed to stay in a hotel for a night to continue their trip the next day. As for me, I was so fortunate to find an affordable place to stay in Dipolog City when I needed to wait for the morning to continue my tour.

About My Trip

There are many places to visit during my tour here in Mindanao. In between these things, I need also to accompany my friends to perform community service programs. Since I was too tired after a long day of traveling, I decided to find a place to stay that I can afford based on my budget.

GV Hotels in Dipolog City

The hotel is located at Quezon Avenue, Miputak, Dipolog City - near the Security Bank and Lee Plaza Dipolog along the highway. Here are important details that you should know before booking the place.

Standard Accommodation

[air-conditioned but without heater]

  • Economy Single - 1 person | Regular Rate 1,000.00 | Promo Rate 500.00
  • Economy Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1, 250.00 | Promo Rate 625.00
  • Economy Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,250.00 | Promo Rate 625.00
  • Regular Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,350.00 | Promo Rate 675.00
  • Regular Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,350.00 | Promo Rate 675.00
  • Economy Family 3 persons | Regular Rate 1,800.00 | Promo Rate 900.00
Deluxe Accommodation

[air-conditioned with heater]

  • Deluxe Single 1 person | Regular Rate 1,100.00 | Promo Rate 550.00
  • Deluxe Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,500.00 | Promo Rate 750.00
  • Deluxe Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,500.00 | Promo Rate 750.00
  • Deluxe Family 3 persons | Regular Rate 2,000 | Promo Rate 1,000.00
  • VIP with Ref 4 persons | Regular Rate 2,600.00 | Promo Rate 1,300.00
  • Extra Bed P250.00 | Extra Person P250.00

The room amenities include parking, hot and cold shower, WiFi, wake-up call, CCTV, standby gen-set, and Cable TV.

Contact Information

Telephone: [065]908-0684
Mobile: 09177083252
Email Address:

I tried to check their website but it is no longer available. If you really need an affordable place to stay in the city, you can go directly to the hotel and choose your room for your accommodation.

Review and Rating

Since I just want to have an overnight stay in the hotel, I chose the most affordable room and the rate is only P500.00. The room is small and little bit old. Meaning, the place is not well-maintained. It wasn't really clean-looking, maybe because the building looks really old. However, it is still complete with basic knickknacks  such as bed, television, table and comfort room. At around 2 AM, I experienced a scary thing since I felt like a lot of unseen beings are sleeping on my feet. I told them to leave me alone so that I can sleep peacefully and prayed for protection from evil spirits. If I'm going to rate this place, I'll give 3.5/5 stars.


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