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Wedding Pathway Decor Ideas

I'm so inspired to write about wedding decors today. When I look at photos at Pexels or even at Pinterest, I'm really thrilled with each one. After all, it involves flowers. Who wouldn't feel happy with all the beautiful wedding decor posted online?

The first one is composed of flowers in different colors. It's like you have a glimpse of heaven in an instant. The backdrop is also very enticing. Truly, nature is already a part of something beautiful in  a wedding decor.

If you look at the second photo, you'll immediately feel the cohesiveness of the design, including the subtlety of the colors and as well as the background.

These photos provide vibrant atmosphere for happy thoughts. What will inspire you to move on from  a very bad day? Let me know in the comments below. 💗

How to Style Bell Sleeves Top | Karen Closs on YouTube 2018

There are many well-designed clothes that are perfect for styling sessions. Since I love fashion, I always have the best clothing pieces for styling. It's my hobby to collect these types of clothes for so many years. In this blog post, I would like to share how to style bell sleeves top. I've already shared this on my YouTube Channel. Here it is:

The way I styled this is really simple. Through my orange shorts, I was able to let the bell sleeves top to stand out prominently and provide a really chic silhouette. After all, the blouse is already too massive so I need something to harmonize it.

To complete the outfit, I donned a pair of light pink wedges. These are my favorite pieces these days because it's comfortable, stylish and functional. Obviously, I can wear it the whole day.

Top Five Unique and Useful Beauty and Fashion Products that I Love This Year

Are you fond of sorting out your beauty and fashion products on a regular basis? As for me, I usually check what I have in my closet and maintain a regular inventory of the things that I own lately. There are things that should be replaced, kept and even donated to others.

Lately, I've documented my top 5 unique and useful beauty and fashion products that I love this 2018. Whether you're a perennial style lover or a new fashion follower, these fabulous items will surely inspire you.

1. Pink Sweater with Bell Shape Sleeves

One of my hobbies is to find unique fashion pieces in my favorite shopping stores and every time I travel. Lately, I had a thrift shopping spree with my husband. He found a really chic sweater and he immediately told me to buy it. This piece is usually mentioned in my YouTube Channel, Karen Lopez Vlog, so some of you may be familiar with this. He knows that I love pink and the item will surely attract my attention. So without even asking the price, I bought the item quickly. I'm afraid someone will buy it ahead of me.

2. Canvas Avenue Handcrafted Wooden Earrings

Many people love unique and handcrafted items that are created by talented individuals. If you're fond of unique fashion pieces, you can check Canvas Avenue since they have really stylish items for fashion lovers. Through their website, I found these gorgeous handcrafted wooden earrings. 

The Popsickle Earrings look extraordinary since it was created with timeless design in mind with the little details you can find it it. On the other hand, I can't let go of the Heart Earrings since it has pink shades in it. Luckily, they have enough stocks or else I will feel totally heartbroken to know it's hard to find it in their online store.

3. L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation

Since I love fashion, wearing simple makeup comes with it. Nowadays, this L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation is really useful and unique since it matches with my skin tone. Every time I need a reliable foundation, this is the product that I usually use.  I've bought a lot of foundation products but this one is the best so far. Aside from that, this is really affordable for me.

4. White Handbag

Handbags make an outfit pop, especially if the look is a little bit minimalist. On my part, I love wearing colorful outfits so my bag should be classy and in neutral colors. Basically, my white handbag is perfect for any look since it is really simple. It is also unique because the design is not so big and not so small, just the right size for a fashion lover like me. 

5. Pink Ice Watch

My friend, Aisie, gave me this pink Ice watch as a gift. She also gave one to Iris, our common friend. The packaging is really chic and fancy that is perfect for safekeeping the watch. If you'll not use the box to store the watch after using it, you can transform it into a coin bank. In addition, the color is totally amazing so I really love the product.

What are your favorite products this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Take care and good luck! 💓

Miss Granny Look Wearing Black Dress

Through my YouTube Channel, I tried to practice copying looks of popular characters in the entertainment industry. Here, I have decided to wear a black dress for the Miss Granny look. So many years ago, I found a chic black dress while thrift shopping with my husband. It's the same dress that I styled for the YouTube video.

What are your favorite fashion moments today? Let me know in the comments below. I was busy watching clips of the Fashion Week and I got inspired in doing so. Take care, gorgeous! 💓

Top Three Ways to Handle Haters Without Losing Your Dignity

Will you agree with me that every now and then, you'll discover that a lot of haters surround you in a group where you belong? Or you supposed to belong?

You'll probably nodding your head right now.

I've experienced a lot of people who are always trying to get ahead of others by hurting their fellows. They don't want your promotion. They're threatened of your success, even if it's just a small one. They're not contented of what they have and tend to feel envious of you. They will say side comments in front of you that they thought you won't hear it. But you did.

Since haters gonna hate, all you really need is to be prepared for their next attack. At least now, you're fully aware that they're trying to be nice to you but actually fail in hiding their facial expressions. Their eyes say it all. Right?

Here are the top three ways to handle haters without losing your dignity. Don't get your hands dirty because of these people. They're not worth your time.

1. Don't react directly to any attack.

Be subtle. Wait for that perfect moment to give a deafening reply that will make your opponent so ashamed to even say a word or raise an eyebrow.

2. Delay your anger. 

You can better think of strategies to defeat your opponents if you have plenty of time to find the right move. It will also help you look dignified, something that your enemy will be afraid of.

3. Be humble.

You're going to use this trick wisely, though. Sometimes people will trample on your rights because you're too lenient on them.

I've given you simple ways to stay dignified in front of pretentious, jealous and sarcastic individuals. Make sure to learn from your experiences and be wise in dealing with other people. Take care!

How to Maintain Your Upwork Profile in 2018

I've started working through Upwork since 2012 and a lot of things changed since then. I just joined the platform to prepare for freelancing in the future [which is right now] and it really helped me to be patient about anything freelance. Here are a few things that you should remember in maintaining your Upwork profile this 2018.

1. Always find work and get paid to avoid your profile to become private that will not allow potential employers to find you via search.

This is basically a new rule for me and I never heard anyone talking about this one. I just discovered this when my profile was turned to private by Upwork after not having income for more than three weeks, I think, and it was really a huge change on my freelancing activity. So now I learned to have at least 2-3 clients every week.

2. Check the background of the employer first before starting to sending an application letter or submitting a proposal. You can do so by checking the reviews about the potential client and read all the comments. In that way, you'll have an idea on what type of client you'll be dealing with in the future.

3. Maybe, you can start applying work of clients that have already invested a lot at Upwork. In that way, you can avoid those who can't pay or those who have no plans of paying you in the first place.

4. Be mindful of your reviews. I usually provide positive reviews for clients who really gave me a smooth, meaningful and profitable working experience. They usually provide remarkable rating in return.

In closing, make sure to develop a good working relationship with your clients. Obviously, your rating or job success will go down if some clients will give you low rating.

Happy freelancing! 💓

Insightful Points that a Close Friend Told Me about Online Dating and Relationships

The meaning of love is not confined to a specific definition. In every corner of the world, there's a way to express this feeling. Even if you're from a foreign country, you can share your love and devotion to another person. In the same way, your object of affection can easily share his or her feelings with you. Thanks to the existence of the Internet. Indeed, love makes the world go round.

My close friend, Jean, who lives in the neighborhood told me beautiful things about her marriage to a foreigner. It also includes the things she has to do patiently in order to find the love of her life. With that, it's obvious that she's one of those who believe in finding true love through a dating site, something that other people don't want to do. At present, she's happily married to an American businessman that she met online in 2010.

We often heard about people who chose to marry someone from a different country with different culture and background. For Jean, this is a happy choice for her. Here are the insightful things that she mentioned about finding true love through an online dating site nowadays.

Try to Be Friendly Online

Not all people you meet online are bad. You should give them a chance. By being friends with a lot of people through the Internet, you'll get a chance to know them better. "Don't limit yourself with people from within the country," says Jean. She believed that there are loving, kind and responsible foreigners who are seeking for true love. The reason you'll need to get to know a lot of people is to avoid meeting bad guys online.

Give Yourself Enough Time

"There's no need to hurry," warns Jean. She has friends who followed her own way of finding love and some of them aren't successful for the reason of not taking time wisely. If you think someone is not worth your attention, take time to find another. There will always be opportunities to find the right person. 

Read Success Stories Shared by Others

Obviously, you'll need inspiration in what you chose to do through the Internet. In order to get enlightened, read true stories of other women who found true love online. Personally, I have a lot of friends who are already living happily in other countries with their husbands. It's a sign that there's nothing wrong to give online dating a chance.

The traditional way of dating is still very interesting these days. However, it's also worth your time and attention to meet people from different countries as prospects for a happy relationship. You just have to choose the best one that will love you with all his or her heart.

Lastly, Jean told me that she has to chat with a lot of friends to find the perfect one. After all, dating is one way to be familiar with people and get to know them. She's really sure that the one she married five years ago is the right one for her. Until now, they're still happily married.

July 2018 Favorite Products

There are many products that I love this month of July. Before this month in 2018 ends, I shared my favorite picks on my YouTube Channel two days ago.

Here's a part of the description box, in case you have not checked it yet.

1. Ever Belina Matic Lipstick

This lipstick is on sale so I bought one for myself. It's interesting to note that I'm starting to like nude shades, especially when it's matte and pretty.

2. Convertible Gingham Jacket

The jacket is owned by my husband, he really loves it. But for this video and for other opportunities to wear this one, I've borrowed the item. It's blue and gingham so I can wear this from day to night.

3. Ice Watch

My friend, Aisie, gave this watch to me. She also gave one to our friend - so it's one for me and for Iris. The color is pink, sort of Lavender, really, and I really love it.

4. Hairfix Keratin Straight Leave On Spray

I usually use this product when I'm in a hurry because there's no need to rinse. It's easy to use and I can even bring it when I travel. This one can be bought at Watson's and it's really helpful to keep my hair straight and shiny every time I use it.

5. Avon True Color, SuperExtend Lengthening Mascara

This is the mascara that I use since last week. It's really nice, waterproof, so I can use this without smudging my makeup.

Basically, this is my first video about favorite products that I really worked hard for. This is also one way of showing gratitude to those who supported by YouTube Channel.

Thank you for dropping by. Take care! 💓

From Lonely to Happy, How My Friend Rose Found The Love of Her Life

"There are people who didn't support me with this, but I'm truly happy. They can't question me on my decision," said Rose.  We had a heart-warming conversation last month about her newfound life. She is one of those ladies who have been waiting for a happy marriage through an online dating portal such as Match Me Happy. Luckily, Rose didn't wait for too long. In just one year, she met someone online and he's from another country. Her decision to follow her heart leads her to happiness. After a year of knowing each other through online platforms, they got married in a simple yet happy ceremony.

Rose and I haven't seen each other for two years due to work schedule. She was our household worker for two years. During her free time, she would chat with someone online hoping to know him better. "He isn't my first choice. I had been thinking about someone younger than him. But John is different. He's persistent," smiled Rose as she relayed to me about the early days of their courtship online. With the popularity of a certain free dating site or other online portals, it would be easy for Rose to find the love of her life. Obviously, finding love online made her happy even if other people are against of it.

How would you know if he's the one when he's far away? Is he trustworthy? These are the usual questions that Rose should deal with every time her friends and relatives ask her about online dating. But her reply comes from her heart, she will trust her decision no matter what.

Image | Roven Images

Rose gave me three ways to believe on her dreams despite the challenges around her. She's been dreaming to marry a person who has a different nationality and someone who believes in her.

Listen To Your Intuition Even If Others Would Tell You Otherwise

The traditional way of finding true love is meeting people within your community. In the case of Rose, she couldn't find someone in the country to love her based on trust and acceptance. There are always doubts, judgments and even negative thinking. She's hoping to find elsewhere that would change her perspective on love and relationships. No wonder she relied on online dating for a year to eventually settle down with someone from another country. It proved to be her destiny. Even if other people aren't supportive on her choice, she went on happily.

Have a Positive Mind While Going Through the Dating Process

Although it isn't easy at first, Rose continuously chats with her prospects online. Later on, she met John who is willing to marry her and even live with her in the country. She doesn't have to go abroad abruptly for their relationship to grow and prosper. They can start a new life here. Isn't it amazing? She has a positive mind all along.

Talk to Other People Who Are Successful with Online Dating

One of the reasons she agreed to marry John is the support of her newfound friend who also married a foreigner. The guidance of her friend is helpful in preparing for a married life with someone of different nationality, background and culture. So it's really important to talk to someone who has the same experience with you.

Rose and her husband John are happily waiting for their first child. She promised to let me know her whereabouts soon. That made me excited to know more about her love story out of online dating.

Ukay Ukay Shopping [20 Pesos Each] + Try On - Episode 4

The popularity of YouTube videos featuring fashion and styling is really notable nowadays. I'm really excited to share my own fashion series with you my dear readers. I'd appreciate if you'll watch my video and comment your suggestions for my next post.

Here, I just showcased my latest thrift finds in one of my favorite Ukay Ukay shopping destinations in the city. I'm really happy to do this because I paid 20 Pesos per outfit and each one is really stylish. Knowing the necessity to shop on a budget nowadays, this one is really a successful shopping activity. It's even like an adventure that I'd like to go through every week.

How do you build your wardrobe? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Take care! 💗

What Made Me Revamp My YouTube Channel + 5 Essential Things to Learn

Here's my latest video - an example in applying the things that I learned. If you like it, please click thumbs up and Subscribe to Karenade. You can read the description box for more details. Let me know your comments, too. I'd appreciate your support. Thank you in advance. 💓

Last year, I wrote an article about the Top Five Reasons to Start a YouTube Channel, and a lot of people are actually reading it. I never thought that this post would be relevant at that time, because there are only a few creators here. But I'll view it in an international sense, many creative people want to start a YouTube Channel, or improve their own, and others are already reaping the rewards of their hard work.

Today, let me share with you my own journey.

I didn't focus in growing my YouTube Channel since I'm busy building my other blog, Where Is Stylish Karen, but when received a lot of emails regarding my post last year about the topic, everything changed.

To update my work flow, I checked my channel and found out that I already have a lot of views that's worthy of my attention. So I started to create more videos to focus on my channel. However, I didn't dive right away to do the job. I researched a lot to implement major improvements.

Here are 5 things I learned so far.

1. Titles

The first few words of your title must be your keyword and use symbols when necessary. In the example video posted above, my keyword is "thrift shopping under 500" and I used the symbols
[ and ) to improve the look and feel of my title. Strategically, you can use other symbols too, such as +, " and more. True enough, this video can be seen in recommended videos along with those old videos that are already popular. The goal is to get a share of their views.

2. Thumbnails

If you will check my thumbnail, it is better compared to my past video thumbnails. The background is white, I incorporated colors opposite to YouTube colors and used huge font size. It looks better now.

3. Lighting, Audio and Video Quality

I only use inexpensive camera for filming. However, I bought a better lighting equipment - it isn't enough but at least I can start creating better videos now.

4. Consistency

To be consistent, it is essential to post at least 1 video every week. The focus is really quality that will enhance viewer experience.

5. Comments, Likes, and Shares for Recommendation

Share your video in other platforms such as Instagram bio, Twitter, blogs and more in order to get more views, likes and shares. If YouTube will notice the signals indicating that you have likes, shares and comments, they'll rank your videos higher.

These things are really essential because a lot of successful YouTubers discuss all of the items I've mentioned earlier.

As for me, I want to take massive action right away: I followed their advice and discovered huge improvement of my work. And I also read this extensive guide about How to Start a Vlog: The Definitve Guide (2018). Definitely, you can learn valuable ideas from this one.

Take care!

Shih Tzu Karlee Pet Diary

Hello! How are you? Mom is having another blog, Where Is Stylish Karen, but it's not like that I'm taking over this one. 🐾 I'm just here to share a picture of mine. This was taken when we're having half-day of fun and excitement. I was allowed to run with my humans + I got to pose near Mom's bag. 💓🐶

Easy Ways of Applying Human Hair Extensions to Look Even More Beautiful

The arrival of technology enables you to definitely make number of styles in your hair without likely to salon constantly. You will find useful methods to save lots of money without compromising your general look. If you're searching to find the best methods to style hair throughout an event, it will likely be good for you to understand there are extensions, wigs and wigs that may add drama for your look throughout an event. Aside from skincare products, there's also hair products and goods that may be useful for you. A persons extensions would be the newest method to enhance hair.

They're very famous within the beauty world today. Before you decide to perform the real hair extensions, it will likely be good for you to be aware what it's and just how it ought to be done. The clip in extensions are the simplest way to create hair to whatever occasion you have to deal with. It's also the least expensive and also the easiest to keep that's the reason many people are trying to find for this on the market today. The entire process of making real hair extensions can be quite simple.

You need to simply purchase the clip in extensions or even the sticking ones from the reliable salon (if you're purchasing the sticking ones purchase the adhesive too) or brand. Bear in mind you will purchase the extensions that match your requirements and not per brand.

Like a next thing in use of the extensions, you have to shampoo wash hair and towel-dry it so the extensions are attached effectively towards the hair. Partition or section the part of your mind/hair in which you want the extension to become put. In situation several layer of extension must be applied, work in the bottom layer and gradually come up with the crown.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the partitions is determined by the width from the hair vendors you've bought. You need to simply place the adhesive (following a instructions given using the adhesive) and put it on to the hair and press it after some pressure to the hair. Allow setting here we are at adhesion to become perfect and neat. Possess the clipping procedure ongoing for layers you've preferred to use following a aforementioned instructions until all the extensions are appropriately applied. Always work from nape from the neck with the crown after which later the edges.

The clip-on extensions would be the easiest ones to connect for your hair, which means you just cannot lose it even if you're likely to wash your hair naturally or brush it regularly.

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation

I'll share with you one of my favorite makeup products, the Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation. This is a very popular product with all the positive reviews from its users. Personally, I would like to recommended this foundation because it is really a long lasting foundation with buildable coverage quality.

Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Foundation
In this photo, I was wearing the Loreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte foundation and I really liked it.

Aside from that, the texture is lightweight so you wouldn't feel greasy after a few hours of wearing it. This foundation provides a soft, shine-free and fresh look. Lastly, it is also OK for my oily skin. 💛

Karlee Pet Is Our New Dog

Hello everyone! How are you? I was busy with home renovation that I wasn't able to regularly post on this blog. I have time to write now, so I'll share with you about out new love.

Welcome, Karlee Pet! She's our new dog. She will be with us from now on, with Enzo, of course.

Karlee Pet is really amazing. As a toy dog breed, a proud Shih Tzu, she's very playful and sweet. She's 8 months old and traveled from Manila to join us here in the province. Thanks for dropping by. Take care! 💜🐶

How To Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

We know that having a chic hairstyle is essential in achieving a fashionable look. There are times that you even prefer changing your look through the style of your hair. In this post, let's talk about how to make hair extensions look natural.

Extensions are the most useful stored secret, together with eye lash extensions and micro bladed eyebrows. However with any natural splendor enhancer, you need to make certain hair extensions look natural. Extensions should increase your look and be the greatest stored secret. With the proper set of extensions nobody knows you're putting on extensions-even when they think hair! Glam Seamless extensions are 100% seamless-even our seamless invisible clip ins can't be felt inside your mind if a person runs their fingers using your hair! That's the reason for extensions, make sure they are look and feel natural. How do we make extensions look natural.

Most of us have seen someone whose extensions didn't look real-so we never would like to get caught with extensions that don't look natural! Begin using these 5 ideas to guarantee human hair extensions will appear real and natural! As lengthy while you adopt these measures you don't have to worry or no one notices your extensions simply because they will appear real. Follow these 5 crucial steps.

Have sufficient extensions

You need to make certain you've enough extensions to fit your own hair density. Which means, for those who have thick hair you may need a large amount of extensions to complement all that hair you've. For those who have thinner/finer hair you'll need less hair. For those who have short hair additionally, you will need a ton of extensions too. You'll need many layers to hide your short layers. The very first dead giveaway if a person if putting on extensions if if they don't have enough extensions in. This really is super important if you would like hair extensions to appear real! Make certain you receive extra hair so you've enough hair installed and you're at ease with hair. The most crucial part is going to be getting enough hair placed on hair. As lengthy as you've enough hair you'll be fine.

Make use of the right kind of extension for the hair

For those who have super thin or fine hair, putting on traditional clip in extensions most likely won't be good for you. They'll be too bulky, weigh lower hair and most likely not look great. Should you only put on extensions for special events, the Glam Seamless invisi-clips is going to be good for you because they are seamless thin clip wefts that appear to be like tape ins. However, for those who have super fine hair and wish semi-permanent extensions, then something similar to invisi-tapes is going to be good for you. Getting the best kind of extension is the best for making your extensions blend and appear natural.

Obtain a Color Match

Usually with extensions you are able to go 2-3 shades more dark or lighter out of your hair color and also the extensions will blend and appear natural. However, for those who have a distinctive color or else you are purchasing extensions online you will need to possess the right color match. You aren't matching extensions for your root, you're matching these to your ends. Most uses 1-3 colors for that perfect color blend. When the extension color doesn't match, this may be a dead giveaway that you're putting on extensions. If you would like individuals extensions to appear real and you're buying hair online always obtain a free color match before choosing. At Glam Seamless we color match a large number of hair colors every day to make certain everyones hair will match. You'll want the best color(s) with regards to putting on extensions. Also note, for those who have an attractive unique hair color that no hair extension company carries, it is usually better to buy the lightest blonde color #60 and color it to fit your own hair. This really is the easiest method to help make your extensions look real for those who have a distinctive color. Coloring your extensions is extremely easy, only use one safe shampoo to help keep the colour kept in.

Use a number of different hair extension lengths

Individuals with thin shoulder length hair are the type who pull off putting on extensions and which makes them look real with minimal effort. Why? Simply because they need one length and some hair to boost their head of hair. However, for those who have layers or lengthy hair you might need two different hair lengths. One longer length to provide you with an extended look and something shorter hair extension length to combine together with your layers. Using two lengths is a terrific way to help make your extensions look real and suit your own natural layers.

Use top quality real hair

This can be a MUST if you are planning to put on extensions! Cheaper or fake extensions appear a good buy until following the first wash once they pad and frizz up and you're there with frizzy extensions that don't suit your own hair texture whatsoever! With regards to extensions purchase top quality hair-this could save you a lot of MONEY lower the street. How? You does not need to replace your extensions frequently since they're real real hair which will wash and elegance much like your own hair. If you would like you extensions to appear real you've for the greatest real hair extensions available on the market. Even if they're a bit more costly purchasing to top quality hair can make your extensions look real and you'll not need to bother about when they will matt or frizz following a couple of washes! If you would like your extensions to appear real, obtain the best quality extensions available which means you are confident they'll last!

Visit a professional hairstylist

This is actually the most sage advice we can provide you with-visit a hairstylist with regards to having your extensions to appear real and natural. Sure, extensions nowadays are virtually DIY right? They might be, but hairstylists can reduce and blend individuals extensions the very best! Should you invest in a top quality group of extensions you may as well bring them to some hairstylist who'll cut, color, and apply individuals extensions. Hairstylists have the methods, and they'll blend the extensions to ensure they are look 100% natural! Extensions usually need cut to fit your own hair. When you are your extensions contact hair stylist and also have her apply and cut the extensions. The final factor you would like is to not have your extensions blended. This makes a big difference!

That's it-getting extensions to appear natural is quite simple. Also have enough hair, possess the right color, and also have them cut and blended with a professional! When you are a top quality group of extensions you'll have individuals extensions well more than a year and you'll not need to purchase more extensions for more than a year and they'll look natural for proper care of them!

Kaia Gerber Stylishly Headlines Levi's 501 Day Celebration

Kaia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, is a popular talent in the fashion industry. She has shown innate talent in modeling these days.

Earlier today, Kaia was spotted wearing a black boob tube top and denim pants while attending the Levi's 501 Day Party in Los Angeles. She emphasized her look with a denim vest, a pair of black heels and chic accessories. To complete her look, she showed off a simple hairstyle to match her trendy makeup.

Kaia Gerber | Image Daily Mail

The 16-year-old model dazzled in her pair of Levis 501 jeans, fashionable top and black stiletto heeled shoes. It was a glam look that every fashion lover can copy for street styling.

Using Human Lace Front Wigs To Showcase a New and Stylish Look

What Are Human Lace Front Wigs?

The wig renaissance is here! Wigs are everywhere in the last few years and their popularity shows no signs of abating. Wigs are becoming commonplace for people around the world and for all sorts of events and occasions--ranging from celebrities walking the red carpet to models on their all-expenses-paid vacations, all the way to everyday people going about their daily errands, taking trips to the beach, or enjoying the night life scene with their friends.

Of all the wigs being sold today, human lace front wigs are definitely the most popular. Human hair wigs aren’t exactly new, but the human lace front wigs that have taken the world by storm are leaps and bounds above what wigs used to be years ago. But what are human lace front wigs, anyway? Let’s take a closer look at what lace front wigs are in order to better understand them.

The Features of a Lace Front Wig

Lace front wigs have a very unique and very defining feature: They have an invisible hairline thanks to the use of lace netting in the front of the wig which allows the person wearing the wig to blend it in with their natural hairline. The resulting effect is that the wig appears to actually be coming out of the person’s scalp, rather than having a very obvious and thick fake hairline, which you can see in wigs that don’t have a lace front.Some lace front wigs have netting only towards the front of the piece, while others have more extensive lace that allows for greater control over your wig style.

Why People Love Lace Front Wigs

Lace front wigs don’t have to be made with human hair, as many are made with artificial fibers. However, human hair wigs are definitely the best choice when you want your wig to look as real as possible. And let’s be frank: that is one of the reason why these types of wigs are so popular. People want their wigs to look as real as possible, and lace fronts are able to fulfill that desire.

Another reason why lace front wigs are so popular is that they allow for a greater number of styles when compared to wigs without a lace front. Lace front wigs do not require bangs or other types of front parts to hide the falseness of the hairline. You can put your hair up in a ponytail with lace fronts, or create a dramatic side part--you can do just about any normal hairstyle with a lace front, as long as you are careful to lay down your edges and cover them up if necessary.

Where to Find Them

There are many different ways to purchase human lace front wigs in today’s market. The most popular way is through online websites, which can stock hundreds of different lace front wigs at various price points and in many different styles. Your best bet is to find a shop--online or otherwise--that specializes in human hair wigs with lace fronts.

E! Presents Extensive Royal Wedding Coverage On May 19th Beginning at 5 PM

The Real Princess Diaries: From Diana to Meghan Wedding Special Featuring Queer Eye's Karamo Brown, Allure Magazine Editor-In-Chief Michelle Lee, and more. Premiers May 9 at 10 PM, 
E! Live From the Royal Wedding Five Hour Wall-To-Wall Coverage on May 19th Beginning at 5 PM

Singapore – May 4, 2018 – As the Royals and A-list stars converge on Windsor, England to celebrate the upcoming fairy tale nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, E! builds on its continued coverage of the Royal Family culminating with the event of the year. The network’s coverage begins on 9 May at 9 pm with The Real Princess Diaries: From Diana to Meghan wedding special, breaking down the future of the modern day Princess through the lives of three trailblazing women: Diana, Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan Markle. Then on 19 May at 5 pm reporting live, direct from Windsor Castle, E! Live From The Royal Wedding featuring pop culture expert Giuliana Rancic, celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski, royal expert E! News Chief Correspondent Melanie Bromley, and E! UK TV host Sarah-Jane Crawford provides viewers with unparalleled and unpredictable, five-hour, cross-platform coverage from multiple vantage points. Rounding out the festivities, the network will air E! Royal Wedding Rundown, an hour-long recap special of the historic event, on 21 May. The special and day of live coverage will be produced by Wilshire Studios.

The Real Princess Diaries: From Diana to Meghan special features a roster of royal, pop culture, and style experts including Karamo Brown (Queer Eye), Michelle Lee (Editor-In-Chief, Allure Magazine), Melanie Bromley, Zanna Roberts Rassi (Senior Fashion Editor, Marie Claire Magazine), Heather Cocks & Jessica Morgan (The Fug Girls, “gofugyourself”), and more. The special will look at how these modern day royals are redefining what that means through their lifestyles, fashion, philanthropy, and socially. Viewers will also get a chance to look back at how Diana set the standard for future generations, how Kate has carried that torch, and how Meghan will further redefine what the world thinks of the British royal family. These royal insiders will revisit the lavish weddings of Diana and Kate, and make predictions of what’s to come for Meghan’s big day.

E! News will also have dedicated Royal Wedding coverage the entire week leading up to the ceremony as E!’s resident royal expert Melanie Bromley does comprehensive reporting live in London and Windsor, England with up-to-the-minute updates on Prince Harry and Meghan, along with final preparations for the high-profile nuptials. Plus, E! News’ coverage will dive deep into these refreshingly modern pop-cultural darlings and their captivating, storybook-like romance, and bring fans all of the details from the star-studded celebrations.

E! News’ fan-favorite Instagram Stories will also feature a special edition of Royal Wedding coverage on [INSERT DATE], delivering E!’s fresh, comedic and fast-paced take on the biggest moments from the wedding festivities. Fans can follow every moment as the day unfolds and get exclusive behind- the-scenes content on E! News digital and @enews across social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) as well as @e_news on Snapchat.

Complete Schedule:

9 May, Wednesday at 10PM (MY) | 9PM (SG/PH) | 8PM (JKT) E!’s royal wedding special The Real Princess Diaries: From Diana to Meghan will discuss the evolution of royal life and the future of the modern day Princess through the lives of three trailblazing women: Diana, Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan Markle.

19 May, Saturday at 5PM (SG/MY/PH) | 4PM (JKT/THAI) E! Live From the Royal Wedding – the network’s unparalleled and unpredictable five-hour wedding coverage – hosted by pop culture expert Giuliana Rancic, celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski, royal expert E! News Chief Correspondent Melanie Bromley, and E! UK TV host Sarah-Jane Crawford.

21 May, Monday at 9PM (MY) | 8PM (SG/PH) | 7PM (JKT) E! Royal Wedding Rundown, the hour-long recap special will air following E!’s live coverage of the historic event. Digital & Social E! News’ fan-favorite Instagram Stories will feature a special edition of Royal Wedding coverage on Saturday, May 19th, delivering E!’s fresh, comedic and fast-paced take on the biggest moments from the wedding festivities. Fans can get exclusive behind-the-scenes content on E! News digital and @enews across social platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) as well as @e_news on Snapchat.

MEACO Hotel in Dipolog City

Meaco Hotel in Dipolog City is located near my favorite restaurants and shopping areas downtown. No wonder I always want to stay there when I have to write for my novel and take a rest for the weekend. In this post, let me share with you some photos of the hotel.

This is the hotel facade - the entrance that you can see just beside Novo Jeans. It is a few blocks away from the Sunset Boulevard so you would surely love this place if you want to explore the city.

This is a photo of my room. For only P 900.00, I had a chance to stay here for 24 hours. The room is so spacious and well-designed for guests. From here, I can see the city streets and the pathway to my favorite barbecue house.

This is the hotel lobby. This is located at the second floor. It is also spacious, perfect for eating snacks and taking notes. 

I was able to stay in the hotel twice. The second one isn't good because I have to call a hotel staff every time I open the door. The door knob is defective. However, the employees are helpful and kind so I still had a comfortable visit the second time around.

GV Hotels in Dipolog City for an Affordable Overnight Stay

We know that traveling has some challenges along the way. It is a normal scenario to see wanderers who needed to stay in a hotel for a night to continue their trip the next day. As for me, I was so fortunate to find an affordable place to stay in Dipolog City when I needed to wait for the morning to continue my tour.

About My Trip

There are many places to visit during my tour here in Mindanao. In between these things, I need also to accompany my friends to perform community service programs. Since I was too tired after a long day of traveling, I decided to find a place to stay that I can afford based on my budget.

GV Hotels in Dipolog City

The hotel is located at Quezon Avenue, Miputak, Dipolog City - near the Security Bank and Lee Plaza Dipolog along the highway. Here are important details that you should know before booking the place.

Standard Accommodation

[air-conditioned but without heater]

  • Economy Single - 1 person | Regular Rate 1,000.00 | Promo Rate 500.00
  • Economy Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1, 250.00 | Promo Rate 625.00
  • Economy Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,250.00 | Promo Rate 625.00
  • Regular Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,350.00 | Promo Rate 675.00
  • Regular Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,350.00 | Promo Rate 675.00
  • Economy Family 3 persons | Regular Rate 1,800.00 | Promo Rate 900.00
Deluxe Accommodation

[air-conditioned with heater]

  • Deluxe Single 1 person | Regular Rate 1,100.00 | Promo Rate 550.00
  • Deluxe Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,500.00 | Promo Rate 750.00
  • Deluxe Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,500.00 | Promo Rate 750.00
  • Deluxe Family 3 persons | Regular Rate 2,000 | Promo Rate 1,000.00
  • VIP with Ref 4 persons | Regular Rate 2,600.00 | Promo Rate 1,300.00
  • Extra Bed P250.00 | Extra Person P250.00

The room amenities include parking, hot and cold shower, WiFi, wake-up call, CCTV, standby gen-set, and Cable TV.

Contact Information

Telephone: [065]908-0684
Mobile: 09177083252
Email Address: info@gvhotelgroup.com

I tried to check their website but it is no longer available. If you really need an affordable place to stay in the city, you can go directly to the hotel and choose your room for your accommodation.

Review and Rating

Since I just want to have an overnight stay in the hotel, I chose the most affordable room and the rate is only P500.00. The room is small and little bit old. Meaning, the place is not well-maintained. It wasn't really clean-looking, maybe because the building looks really old. However, it is still complete with basic knickknacks  such as bed, television, table and comfort room. At around 2 AM, I experienced a scary thing since I felt like a lot of unseen beings are sleeping on my feet. I told them to leave me alone so that I can sleep peacefully and prayed for protection from evil spirits. If I'm going to rate this place, I'll give 3.5/5 stars.

Scoop in Dipolog City for Ice Cream

We know that eating ice cream is one of the most popular ways to combat stress nowadays. It has different flavors that will give you the sweetness that you need. No wonder it is always part of the menu whenever you'll see a well-designed food house.

Earlier this month, I had a chance to drop by Scoop in Dipolog City to have brunch. I've decided to order Mango Ice Cream and Beef Steak with rice. 

You'll love the simplicity of the place and their delicious offerings. The taste of their Beef Steak is good. It's one of my favorite dishes so I made sure I ordered it right away. Aside from that, the Mango Ice Cream is really delectable.

The restaurant is located beside Altissimo Cafe so it is very accessible. Since the price is so affordable, even students can afford dining at this place.

Have you tried dining at this beautiful place? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

New Beginning and New Chapter For Life

There are times that I wonder what made me go through these days despite the challenges that I encounter every day. Maybe, just maybe, I did believe that one day everything will be alright as long as I remain valiant in this mortal life.

Truly, I wasn't able to blog for a long time. I did a quick personal evaluation and slowly planned for the next chapter of my life. I did a list of all things that really matter to me. I look back and discarded all the things that will not be helpful towards achieving what I really want in life.

If you're going through the same thing, just carry on. Take an inspiration from this post. You may rest for a little while, but don't give up. I really love blogging that I'll do everything to find the inspiration that I needed to keep going.

Last month, we has a successful activity with the young women for their New Beginning. I can relate it with my life - I need to embrace the new chapter ahead of me. There's no way to back out. I just chose to walk in the right path, serve Him with all my heart, might, mind and strength and at the same time working for the things that I really aspire for.

The path that I chose isn't the ordinary, but I know it is close to my heart.

Lastly, I'll "stand for truth and righteousness" all the time even if it's not easy. After all, there is always opposition in life. Challenges lie ahead. And it takes a kind heart and focused mind to be a victor.

Hongkong Experienced Haute Couture on The Ocean With Jessica Minh Anh at Costa Neoromantica Sundeck

Jessica Minh Anh rose to fame after phenomenally turning England’s iconic London’s Tower Bridge, French pride the Eiffel Tower, and America’s new symbol of hope and freedom One World Trade Center into a catwalk.

For so many years, I've been following my favorite style lovers across the globe. Since there are a lot of people who are so passionate about fashion, it is not difficult to do so. One of my favorite fashion icon is Jessica Minh Anh. Her story is really inspiring, thrilling and electrifying knowing well-produced fashion shows she has showcased in popular parts of the world.

At 12:30pm yesterday, supermodel Jessica Minh Anh officially added Hong Kong into her famous catwalk series at the world’s most iconic venues. Featuring the city’s picturesque skyline, J Winter Fashion Show 2018 premiered 6 haute couture and pret-a-couture collections from Europe, Asia, South America, and America on the sky-high sundeck of Costa neoRomantica cruise ship. More than perfectly marrying fashion with the old and new Hong Kong, Jessica successfully celebrated the rise of a new generation of female creators.

Against the cinematic backdrop, Jessica Minh Anh appeared as a vision in an impressive royal red dress with gold embroidered geometric symbols. Reflecting sunlight in her every move, her elegance was dramatized by flowy chiffon and silk. Jessica’s iconic look was complimented by a unique hair structure resembling a multiple-sail boat. Following the exotic beauty was a stunning model line-up, all dressed in Ani Alvarez Calderon’s latest designs. The Peruvian artist used decorative border, multi-coloured cords, fringes made of textiles, and velvet ribbons to emulate Inca Empire and the spiritual world. Pakistani representative Syeda Amera returned to Jessica Minh Anh’s catwalk with structured jackets, flared pants, and fridge beaded dresses. Her expressive collection mixed gold embellishments with Swarovski crystals and ruby jewels against a deep colour palette of sunset red, forest green, and royal blue.

I'm a fan of Jessica's beautiful clothes that are considered high fashion and the peerless way of showcasing her way of promoting remarkable places.

Adding femininity to the grand showcase, American designer Mimi Tran introduced a ravishing haute couture collection that mirrored endless variations of modern beauty. From immaculate detailing, texture, and luminosity, to dimensional patterns with depth, the designs portray majesty and complexity of an independent woman. Staying true to the brand’s aesthetic, Mimi featured artisanal hand beading and utilize the colour palette to full effervescent effect.

A master at portraying the perfect silhouette, Patricia Nascimento’s new collection was a mix of sensuality and boldness. Distinctive cuts, strategic transparency, and embellished crystals on fine fabrics defined her signature looks. After describing Jessica Minh Anh as “a visionary who can change the world” on the historic Hoover Dam catwalk, the Brazilian talent has certainly inserted another level of refinement onto her powerful and exceptional designs. The multi-colour mermaid collection exuded individuality and richness.

Next, Monaco-based label Nordic Angels presented a classic and timeless collection with clean cuts, avant-garde silhouettes, and contemporary patterns that would prevail through generations. Attaining an impeccable fit, the designs included red roses embroiled on transparent fabrics, structured dresses and suits with deep necklines, and a red-carpet touch.

Closing the show with ultimate glamour, Indonesian powerhouse XIAOFEN COUTURE created a fairy-tale moment with mostly soft colours, fine materials, big bows, and trained dresses. Advanced craftsmanship and great attention to details were seen in elaborate gowns, which were structured yet artistically dreamy. Saving the best for last, the finale blue-violet dress, which embodied Jessica Minh Anh’s beauty and sophistication, is a quintessential example of advanced beadwork, original patterns, and intricacy. Symbolizing an East-meet-West enchanting presence, the supermodel ended the show with unattainable desire and supremacy.

The high-profile J Winter Fashion Show 2018 welcomed guests on board of the luxurious Costa neoRomantica cruise ship with a red-carpet entrance and a VIP after-party with Italian delicacy and live music. Hong Kong’s finest Make Up For Ever, Daz Salon, Buccellati, Nirav Modi, Cristina Sabatini, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Pure Group, Ovolo Group, HK Branding, Camlux Hotel, Expo King, GOGOVAN, Roytal Tailor, and EAST Hong Kong were among the show supporters.

Of all the clothes donned at the fashion show, my favorite is the blue-violet dress that was showcased in the runway during the finale. It was intricate, unique and regal-looking and it really highlighted Jessica's beauty.

With an incredible track record of 3 iconic catwalks per year in 3 continents, Jessica Minh Anh redefined the unstoppable energy and creativity of a new generation of leaders. In her own words, Jessica described her motivation and hard work as “the air I breath, the only road I see, my way of life”. With her history-making achievements at national symbols from the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge to Hoover Dam and Gemasolar plant, it’s no doubt Jessica is an asset not only to the fashion industry, but many others. As she continues to expand her multi-faceted career and meet with country ambassadors, ministers, and CEOs of multinational corporation, one may wonder where she will head to next?

Chic Hairstyles and FreeTress Wigs

Welcome back to my blog! This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. At this point of time, I'll talk about hairstyles again. I've been obsessed with unique hairstyles lately, especially after checking my Instagram account. I've checked gorgeous hairstyles while checking the feeds of fellow bloggers. Aside from that, I researched freetress to know more about it and I found fabulous hairstyle as inspiration.

Here are my favorite tresses styling. Let me know in the comments section your thoughts about these chic hairstyles.

Cocoa Curl

This is really interesting! The color is dark and attractive. I love purple so it explains why this is my first choice. I had a similar hairstyle back then and I really love it even if the curls are not so prominent like this one. The style is perfect for those who want to try bolder colors. 

Pin Twist Braid

Another unique hairstyle is the Pin Twist Braid. This is not too long and the color is subtle pink or red. I can wear this with a little black dress or even a white maxi dress. I love the complexity of the wig.

2x Braid

If you want a longer and colorful hairstyle, this is highly recommended. The color looks amazing and the cut is so chic. I'm attracted with the fine braids here.

These hairstyles are very enticing, especially if I want to look different sometimes. As inspiration, freetress gave me ideas to wear wig in style and to amp up my #beauty game. This #Divatress #ad reminds me of the glorious days when I've decided to showcase a different hairstyle. It helped me become more confident everyday.

Weekend Staycation at Travelbee Heritage Inn in Dapitan City

Are you planning to visit Dapitan City? If so, you're probably wondering where to stay in the city. Let me share with you one place that will amaze you while on the road.

There's no need to spend a lot of money just to find a perfect place to stay in Dapitan City. You can stay in a budget hotel, an inn that is so accessible for you.

In my new blog, I featured an amazing inn for backpackers who visit Dapitan City. It's my third time to visit the place.

Travelbee Heritage Inn is one of the most recommended accommodations in the said place. I've posted a video on my YouTube Channel about this one.

The inn is very affordable. If you just want a place to stay for the night, you can choose the Economy Hive for only P600.00. However, the room has no television. If you want a better room, upgrade to the Standard Hive that is only P680.00. You can also choose the bigger room for only P1,280.00. They've recently updated the rate so just expect for a little additional fee once you're in the hotel.

Travelbee Heritage Inn is so clean and peaceful. I was able to sleep very well during my stay there. I'll definitely go back there when I want to visit the twin city of Dipolog.

Ways to Add Extra Volume to Your Hair

Flat lifeless locks are a real possibility that just about everyone has to manage. Regardless of whether you have fine strands or thick tresses, insufficient volume transpires with the very best of us. Before you decide to schedule a vacation to the local blowdry bar, have a look at these attempted and true volumizing methods. With some practice along with a couple of styling products, you will be on the right path to mastering a beauty salon-worthy blowout. Keep scrolling to understand how.

While using correct shampoo and conditioner, it can produce a realm of a positive change with regards to adding volume for your hair extensions. For larger, more luscious locks make sure to search for shampoos and conditioners that enhance hair's volume. These items won't weigh hair lower when the time comes to blow dry and elegance. John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner are our go-to products within this department.

Gorgeous Remy Hair in Dark Auburn

Despite the fact that visiting the local blow dry bar sounds infinitely simpler, we recommend polishing your blow-drying skills. This really is ultimately the most crucial part of your volume-achieving escapades! Start by spraying volumizing hairspray directly on your roots. Next, switch hair over and rough-work upside lower together with your hair dryer. When your hair will get to become more moist than wet, stand support and grab your round brush. Continue blow-drying hair from root to tip, concentrating totally on lifting hair in the roots.

Rollers, whether they're hot rollers or Velcro, do wonders with regards to adding volume for your hair. When your locks are totally dry, start taking parts of hair and moving them to your rollers. I would recommend using a minimum of one-inch rollers (the larger the rollers the greater your hair!). Leave the rollers set for about ten minutes. We usually leave rollers all the while we all do our makeup, and take away them when finished.

Dirty hair isn't always bad. Second day hair weave has a tendency to style simpler and hold curl (or volume) better still than clean hair. The secret to adding volume to second day locks are dry shampoo. Besides dry shampoo hide any undesirable oil but additionally helps you to raise your roots back to voluminous perfection. They aren't kidding once they state that dry shampoo is really a girl's closest friend.

Ways to Get the Perfect Engagement Ring You Would Like

Would you hear wedding bells sounding and currently have the right wedding gown selected out? Do you might also need one little snag? That means you’re still waiting to obtain the ideal diamond yellow gold oval engagement rings.

A number of you might be pleased with any ring you're given as lengthy when you are engaged towards the passion for your existence. A number of you may decide a diamond ring to complement the kind you've imagined about because you were a young child. In either case here's ways to get the one which you want.

A beautiful engagement ring

Because of so many styles to select from, picking the right diamond engagement ring is really a hard process. Due to this, chances are that you simply partner asks your nearest and dearest for help. Knowing which diamond engagement ring you would like, or perhaps come with an inkling of the kind of style your lover should select, enable your buddies and family know.

Regardless of whether you create a bold statement by doing this, or simply leave subtle hints throughout the house, a great method of getting the rose gold morganite ring that you would like.
If you go searching for the greater subtle option we'd suggest departing the ring you would like up on your pc screen or circled inside a magazine. If you are planning for any bolder option you are able to leave the photo from the ring like a bookmark for him to uncover as he next would go to read, or perhaps his wallet. It doesn’t matter that you simply choose, many of these ideas are certain to get his attention.

Should you ever possess a conversation in which you discuss marriage, that you simply inevitably will, we recommend mentioning whether you need to choose your ring together or otherwise. Selecting a diamond ring together is among the how to make certain you finish track of a diamond ring that you'll love.

To begin with, don’t panic! Simply because you weren't because of the ring that you simply envisioned putting on throughout your existence, it doesn’t simply that you won’t adore it later on. You can definitely, following a couple of times of considering it, you'd still prefer to modify your ring this really is list of positive actions.

First of all, inform your fiancé. We all know that this is often hard while you don't wish to insult your fiancé’s selection of ring, but don't forget that in the finish during the day your fiancé won’t wish to spend lots of money on the ring that you simply don’t love same goes with appreciate you telling him too.

Next, you need to make certain that you simply keep the fiancé informed. Possibly suggest that you could design the ring together. This way he'll seem like his opinion continues to be valued if he's thinking about assisting you find other discount moissanite engagement rings.