The Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

There many people who love taking care of dogs. For dog lovers, life is amazing. Whether you're a student, a housekeeper or a young professional, these advantages of having a pet dog are totally inspiring.

1. It can greatly improve your health. I'm very lazy when it comes to going outside every morning. Since I work late at night, I also wake up late. My dog, Enzo, will still patiently wait for me every morning so that we can go outside for a walk. How can I refuse my dog for a morning walk? It increases my stamina to start the day so it is beneficial for me and my furry baby.

2. Dogs decreases stress levels. I always see my dog smiling at me. At times when I really feel bad, I'll just forget about what happened and play with him. It makes me forget that I was angry and just move on for the next task. Honestly, having a pet dog changed my behavior during stressful days. I became well-adjusted and my attitude is really awesome.

3. You will have a healthier heart. These days, studies have shown that petting a dog lowers a person’s heart rate. I always move around because of my dog, laughing and playing with him. It makes me active and healthy all the time.

4. Having a pet dog eradicates depression. I used to be a depressed person because of the things that happened in my life. When I adopted Enzo and Ice, things changed for me. I no longer allow outside factors to control my life. I only focus with my goals and ignore the barriers along the way. I laugh out loud and stay positive.

5. Dogs are good companions. I always consider Enzo as my ally, my guard and my friend. He is a very smart dog. I trained him to be one. He accompanied me during those times that I have to be alone, especially when Ice died two years ago. He even saved me from a venomous snake, giving us a warning that it already breached our place.

6. Dogs make you feel safer. It is true that my dog is huge. He is usually bigger than he is now, I just think that he shouldn't be overweight to maintain his health. I know he committed himself to protect me at all cost. Before I go outside the house, I always repeat the decree for my beloved pet, "Take care of the house and everything in it. I love you, Enzo."

With these inspiring benefits of having a pet dog, I hope you learned something. Since 2017 is almost saying goodbye, me and my dog wishes you a Happy New Year. Cheers!