Siquijor Island Philippines Travel

The moment my friend Iris invited us to join their family for a trip to Siquijor, I readily give a commitment to go for it, even if I have a lot of writing tasks to do. I vowed to myself that I won't let this opportunity go away, knowing the hectic schedule that I have these days.

If you're a fond of traveling in the countryside and have heard about the enchanting reputation of Siquijor Island, you will be thrilled to plan for a quick tour around the place.

During my younger days, I heard scary stories about the island. An old friend of mine told me that witches live in the said place, and that there is a huge black cross there for those who believe in using black candles to cast spells. There are other tales of enchantment that I've heard before and it really made me curious about the place. While browsing to read articles and blog posts about Siquijor Island Philippines, I also discovered similar stories shared by a lot of writers and travelers nowadays.

We dropped by Legends Resort to check their newly-built haven for travelers.
My first step into the beautiful island, reminds me of the things I've heard about the place, and I was immediately dismayed because I listened to stories that aren't real. I haven't seen anything similar to what was described to me when I listened to old tales about Siquijor Island, Philippines. The place is so captivating, so serene and there is no trace of darkness out there.

The people are also very accommodating. Upon arrival, we were greeted with tricycle drivers who offered to transport us from the port to our chosen guest house for the tour.  

This is actually a private resort. The tour guide told us that it is alright to roam around the area at that time.

We had a kind host for the trip, the relatives of Iris's family, and it gave us a place to rest for the night. The guest house is located just near the seashore. I can imagine the fine white sand, welcoming us to caress it.

The weather is so hot so I have to salute the warm breeze before leaving the port.

We had a deal with a driver who will help us tour around the island. The payment is P2,500.00 and the fee includes the van, driver and guide for a one-day tour around the island. It was all worth it because we had a chance to drop by every amazing place in one of the most popular travel destinations in the country.

Before going on a day-tour around the island, we had a photo opportunity.

The expenses for the tour per person is also very affordable. Aisie and I have only P3,000.00 for the trip and we we're able to consume it, just enough for the travel escapade. 

I asked one of the caretakers of Legends Resort, one of the places that we visited during the tour, about the overnight rate of the guest house and she told me that it is only P2,900.00 for up to 8 persons. The food is also very affordable there. Our lunch is only less than P200.00 for me and Aisie. We ate lunch near the famous 5 star resort, the Coco Grove Beach and Dive Resort in Siquijor, Island.

We also had a photo opportunity at the entrance of Coco Grove Beach and Dive Resort after lunch.

We also dropped by Cambugahay Falls to have a glimpse of the awesome place. We had to walk up and down a steep stairway for the trek. It was so tiresome but I had so much fun.

We had a picture-taking activity near the highway after exploring Cambugahay Falls.
As you know, I love creating "art imitates life, life imitates art" photographs so I was so happy to try a Harry Potter themed poise at Siquijor Island, Philippines. The broomstick may not be Nimbus 2000, the famous one in Harry Potter films, but I really tried to feel like it is real in a second for the photographer to capture its essence. Here, I look like a real witch.

We also dropped by The Secret Garden Resort to have a quick dip into the seawater. I brought a pair of swimwear with me so I had a chance to join the quick swimming activity. We noticed that foreigners stare at our morena look. My skin is truly morena so I understand why they're doing it. They wanted a tan look so they stay longer under the sun, while I was hoping I won't have darker skin after swimming for an hour. It's so ironic.

I'm planning to go back in this place with my husband. I'd like to explore more of the island's amazing landscape. I also promised to buy something at the Balete Drive when I go back here. I'll also eat more bread at Lilibeth's Pan Bisaya Larena, Siquijor Branch because it's so delicious. Since the place was featured in travel magazines. many people order bread there by dialing 0926-2019-485. You can also check this link for discounted travel deals while preparing for a trip to the beautiful island.