How To Save Money For Travel and Fashion Expenses

The increasing number of people who embraced a modern way to enjoy an amazing lifestyle is notable. We can see inspiring posts on Facebook about road trips here and abroad. We find remarkable fashionable photos on Instagram shared by individuals who became totally stylish these days.

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The hype of having a fabulous lifestyle truly inspires us all but it is always accompanied with utmost responsibility. Why is that so? We need money to visit our favorite travel destinations. We also need cash to purchase fashionable clothing pieces. No wonder careful planning and preparation is necessary.

Travel Far and Beyond Without Worry

Travel is a very popular leisure activity. It is one way to discover new things. It entails numerous benefits to people who aren't afraid to visit new places. If you're an ardent traveler, you'll uncover new things about yourself, discover hidden talents, and find new strength. After all, every trip is different. In each journey, you will experience different barriers along the way. The ability to quickly solve problems is important. Equipped with memorable experiences and the strong desire to achieve another dream travel escapade, you will become braver and wiser. Your self-confidence will greatly manifest in every step that you'll take. In that way, you will become a better version of yourself. Indeed, travel is a perfect way to enjoy life.

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However, traveling away from home requires you to spend money. What else can you do than spend your hard-earned cash just to step on an unexplored territory? Let us talk about this hot topic that baffles a lot of travelers and backpackers these days. I've rounded several ways to travel far and beyond without worrying about the expenses involved in it.

1. Prepare a reliable travel plan

There are times that I travel without planning ahead of time, especially if I'm very excited to do it. It also happens when friends suddenly invite me to visit a popular place. For me, this is an unavoidable circumstance.

Things are different now. Before I travel, I set aside a certain amount for it. I also prepare an envelope where I place P300.00 every month for travel allowance. I usually do it after I paid my bills and insurance premium every payday. The difference is really notable since I can now pay for tickets in advance instead of purchasing it a few hours before my trip. If I buy tickets a few weeks before departure time, I can save cash because the price is usually lower compared to last-minute purchases. In case of trips that don't require plane tickets, I can still have spare cash for fare expenses and even hotel accommodation.

I also contact the people that I know in a certain place that I want to visit, especially those who initially offered free accommodation in exchange of the same thing when they travel to the place where I live. It is a mutual agreement that helps me save money.

2. Take advantage of discounted hotel accommodation and plane ticket promo for your trip

As usual, I check discounted plane tickets and hotel accommodation in advance so I will no longer worry about the said necessities. I also consult other travel bloggers for tips on how to save on lodging, tour guide fee and fare around the area where I want to explore on my own.

3. Read the travel experiences of other people and learn from them

For those who are frequent travelers, it is highly recommended to read travel blogs and magazines. The pictures are usually enticing for you to embark your own journey. Aside from that, you can read tips on how you can save money while enjoying a vacation. Many bloggers provide an estimate of their expenses so you can have ideas to set a budget. It is easier to prepare for a trip with sample computation of the expenses than just relying on guesswork.

4. Secure a travel insurance

Travel insurance is a contract that will protect you by having coverage in case of medical expenses, cancellation of trip, accident, lost of luggage and other related expenses of a local or international traveler. Obviously, there are risks involved in visiting places here or abroad so securing a travel insurance is advisable for backpackers.

It is true that we often neglect the opportunity to secure a travel insurance. If you're guilty of this, just think twice. If you want to be prepared all the time, you can even find an insurance product that has coverage of travel accidents and other related expenses.

5. Work on a sideline job to earn extra cash for travel expenses

Personally, I write articles for my clients from across the globe so I can save money for travel expenses. I also maintain my blogs so I can collaborate with brand marketing representatives for promotion of products and services. In that way, I can save extra cash for travel allowance. Some clients even offer free hotel accommodation in exchange of blog posts. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you have to build a solid online portfolio as a writer or engage in other means to collaborate with the stakeholders in the travel industry.

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How To Be Fashionably Responsible

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy life is being fashionable all the time. Since looking good and feeling better are the common ways to achieve success, you will always prioritize it in your life. The people who work in an industry that requires anyone to have a pleasing personality need to be knowledgeable in styling. Even before that, when you're preparing for a job interview, you need to look presentable by having appropriate makeup and wearing comfortable clothing items.

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Even though we need to prioritize being stylish, we need to consider a lot of things. For instance, there is a need to prepare enough money for clothing expenses. Sometimes it is even better to buy skincare and makeup products to have a complete personal beauty and fashion maintenance. So how do we make sure that this is attainable in a regular manner? Let us take a look of the tips and tricks to save money on beauty and fashion expenses.

1. Save money for shopping purposes

How do you prepare money for shopping? I'm not really shopaholic, but I tend to shop really hard at times. In other words, I really shop at least once a month. For me, it's alright because I only do it at my favorite thrift stores in the metro. If I travel outside the metro, I check my favorite second-hand stores to find chic pieces. During special occasions such as birthday, Christmas Day and New Year, I buy new items for my wardrobe collection and beauty essentials.

Just like my technique to keep a travel fund, I keep another envelope for shopping purposes. Inside the said envelope, I keep P300.00 every month. This is very thrilling because I know that I have something to spend for purchasing clothes after a few months of saving money.

Here's another awesome idea that I learned from attending blogger events. These days, you can enlist yourself as a financial advisor so you can offer insurance products to other people during your free time. If you're able to bring in people to buy insurance products, you will surely earn commissions. As a result, you can live brighter by having extra cash for your fashion and travel expenses.

2. Use your closet as toolbox

Many fashionable people share that it is wise to shop your closet. You should arrange it in accordance with your clothing preference. But before doing so, take time to identify your personal style so you can segregate your wardrobe into three kinds such as basic items, luxurious pieces and vintage collection. By doing so, you can have an idea what you need to buy in your next shopping escapade.

3. Shop wisely

It is really wonderful to shop smart to build your wardrobe. If you love to shop online, beware of the marketing tactics telling you to immediately buy a clothing item because "it is the only one left" for you. It is highly recommended to consult your list and prioritize buying the pieces that you really need to add in your closet. Aside from that, bring only the money that you prepared for shopping and leave your cash and credit or debit card at home.

Don't fall in love with the clothing pieces and fashion accessories that you can't afford. If you're really aiming to buy a specific product, try to find discount codes first before filling up your cart with a lot of items. In that way, you can control impulse buying and end up purchasing what you really need for a makeover.

4. Get inspiration from your favorite style icons

In most cases, preparing for work is not easy if you failed to prepare for it beforehand. Look for inspiration in the right places and create a fashion guide based on your personal style. For example, check the posts of your favorite style bloggers and collect sample photos of their styling activities. Based on their outfit preferences that you really favor, buy similar clothing items so that it will be easier for you to create your own styling options.

For all of us, having a splendid lifestyle is really something to achieve nowadays. It is also wise to start saving while you're still young and able to earn money. I've learned that younger people can save a lot of money on investments and insurance expenses compared to those who are older than them.

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Based on the above-mentioned tips, there are three qualities necessary to enjoy a meaningful lifestyle and these are being resourceful, becoming self-sufficient and to be industrious. As we enjoy the fruits of our labor by traveling and being stylish, we can live life to the fullest.