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Tips To Have a Beautiful Skin With Manuka Honey White Mask Soap

Tammy, a public relations specialist and founder of Honey Berry brand in Thailand, sent a package to me upon my request so that I can first try the first makeup and sunscreen cleansing soap mask from Thailand named Manuka Honey White before I write a review of the product and feature it here at Karen Ezine. She happily obliged to my suggestion and even patiently helped me get the product smoothly at the Post Office by sending me occasional tracking status reports.

I'm so interested to feature this product because Tammy and I have a common story - we belong to the late bloomers club - the ugly ducklings who tried hard to become swans. I'm not saying that I'm a "swan" these days but at least I know that I look better now than before. It hurts so much to be nicknamed ugly and too thin - probably one of the reasons why X left me? Probably. Ah, let me know if you want me to blog about it. Game. I admit, I look too horrible then. Tammy's story inspired me to be more confident and apply the lessons that I learned about skincare. Thanks to her, the CEO of Honey Berry brand in Thailand, that I became more determined to keep up.

 Manuka Honey White

"Manuka Honey White" by Honey Berry (Thailand) recommended innovative "Manuka Honey White" facial cleanser in skin structure levels. A multitude of skin problems with innovative Micellar cleansing water blended in soap, Nano-particles to absorb sunscreen, and impurities on the face that are the causes of acne and wrinkles without damaging the skin and does not even irritate the skin. The skin with acne will not be irritated because the soap comes with anti-acne formula and intensive extracts that can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause acne and also nourish and heal acne inflammatory skin as a gentle skincare product. It also provides smooth, clear, acne-free, soft touch skin conditions.

The unique features of makeup and sunscreen cleansing are not just like that. Simply, the skin cleansing technology of the skin ensures that your skin is clean and bright. No residue, which is the cause of acne and wrinkles. This soap comes with the extract of honey from the Premium Manuka honey, which the research of many nations recognized as the best honey in the world hence it contains more antioxidants than general honey, which directly affects the skin and helps to heal acne inflammatory skin and also reduce the wrinkles. As well as stimulate your skin to brighten your skin. The extract and formula are imported directly from a world-class laboratory in New Zealand, where honey is selected from organic farms and harvested during the best duration of the year, only 7
days a year, to become a Manuka Honey White Mask Soap. We designed the mask soap following a Mesotherapy treatment. 

In general, Mesotherapy will come with multivitamin to boost the skin immediate lively. It will open the gaps between skin structures and push those multi-vitamin formula to the facial skin. Manuka Honey White soap, we use the same principle by coming with multi-vitamin more than 100 vitamins and use advanced technology to deliver the intensive extract into your skin and remove the dirt out from your skin. You will make sure that the high antioxidants of well-known Manuka honey and hundreds of premium multi-vitamins are pushed deep to the skin structure. All extracts are very concentrated. The skin is stimulated to shine out from the inside indeed.

Just for the first time, you could feel your skin becomes clear, softer than you've ever felt before even rough skin. The product also helps relieve dark spots and freckles and also provides clear and acne free includes eliminate wrinkles under eyes to moisten up. Makes your skin bright and shine naturally.

Buy now at leading pharmacies store in your country or order online at Facebook @honeyberrysoap or LINE @honeyberry Or order by phone call +6662-459-4261.

User Trials Results in Thailand

Based on the results stated above, it is really amazing to know that Manuka Honey White is a perfect product for maintaining a healthy skin. It also reduces wrinkles, something that we really like to experience these days. 

5 Ways to Boost Your Look Using Facial Cream Efficiently

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people use their skincare and say their skincare products are efficient… but not for you; furthermore, you may find yourself in a bad situation such as lots of pimples come up after using that good product that was told by your friends it worked for them. The products that promotes itself that helps treat acne, helps to brighten up skin, whiten freckles, and wrinkles well on any social media and it made you imagine if one day you used it, it would help you get a gorgeous and flawlessly skin, Perfect, isn’t it? Marketing professionals achieve their goal to take the customer at this stage; in contrast, when you use it, you might find that it is not as much efficient as the advertisement mentioned or you expected, or you might get acne, pimple, on the face after using it as a complimentary. 

Another case is it is efficient in the beginning, but in the next few months, it did not see any further skin improvement. These problems, we believe, whether you are a woman or a man, teenage or middle age or got acne or not. If you have applied any skincare products, we are confidence you must have encountered the problem mentioned above in your life.

Are you fed up with this type of skin cycle? Have you ever figured out how to solve these problems you are facing? Even though we know that the results will vary depending on the skin type of the individual. But believe that you can make these problems better in a less expensive way. Today, cosmetics and sunscreen makeup remover cleansing soap from "Manuka Honey White" would like to give you tips to help your skincare products to be more efficient again and effect faster and help to balance the strength of the skin at the skin structure level to be ready to receive all kinds of nourishment. Let's see what it is.

1. Dirt make your skin weak, try Makeup Remover. It is an answer for acne-free

Because clean skin that is ready for nourishing is the first step of having a healthy skin. Whenever your skin is strong and healthy, using of any skincare products becomes more  effective than using it when there is dirt on skin or your skin weak. Clean skin must not just only looks clean from the outside, but it must be thoroughly clean. Believe it or not, there are many people that after washing their face, there are stains, creases, sunscreens, pollution, makeup stains left on their face because the cleansing products are not washed out. Because there is no cleansing technology that absorbs dirt residue on the skin well enough. Makeup Remover is a product designed to help cleanse the skin. Wipe up stains, sweat, stains, creams, makeup stains, grease, and protein stains. If these stains left on
the skin, these stains are the ones that make your skin dull and not clear. And may be become the cause of acne. Makeup removers are the right products for everyone.

Normally dry skin is recommended for use as a cream or lotion type. The oily skin is recommended to use water or gel type to reduce excess blockages and removers on the skin. Nowadays, people with very dry skin get too much oil on skin from the makeup remover product that was not washed out properly. This cause severe acne or allergies. So Make Up Cleansing is the answer to these kind of issues. See also that you can easily avoid acne skin problems by not neglecting the use of Makeup Remover before washing the face then followed by soap or foam. It was completed the cleaning process. Get ready for the next step moisturizing. If you do not like the double cleansing as needs to first remove by using Makeup Remover, followed by soap or foam face wash. Let's look for a
make-up remover with soap within that has its ability to wash your make up and sunscreen with the advanced technology that can erase the dirt, makeup and sunscreen. Just like this, your skin will be clean, clear, away from acne and wrinkle problem.

2. If the cream you use is not working anymore. Let's try masking.

Every day, your skin is exposed to pollution, dust, smoke, light, neon, and heat. These pollutants are the ones that destroy collagen in your skin. This does not include stress from studying and working includes family problems, which might results in total hormones defects. Your skin might be dull skin and not bright and lead to wrinkle. Physical and mental pollution can damage the skin. You cannot escape this; even you trap yourself  in a dark room. You cannot escape the skin problem. Increasing age every day is one of the degrading skin. You know you cannot run away from aging, so we have to look for a way to cope up with the skin problem and bring the skin's brightness and youthful back
every day. It's not easy but not too difficult to do it. Just find a good nourishing mask. Or take our soap to nourish and mix with other ingredients such as vitamin C powder or smashed tomato, then leave for 2 minutes, it will make your skin more clear and moist. Look for the soap that designed for masking will save your daily skin care. Try Manuka Honey White Soap Mask that is designed for masking.

3. Are you skin Dull? Why don’t you try scrubbing it?

Even using good skincare, but your face is still dull, not clear, maybe because of the increasing of your age every day that stimulate the skin cells to slow down the skin circulation. Or maybe because washing your face is not clean enough and accidentally left behind dirt like sunblock and make up and this caused skin dull as well. Try scrubbing your face once a week by mix the mask soap with blended cucumber and rub it on your face. The soft texture and the benefits of cucumber are gentler for your skin care than the sharp material, which can cause irritation and acne. Now you know that, right? Just select the material that will be smeared with the surface. Do not just think about anything you can use. You only have one face. And if you lose, that means you have to pay for the treatment to get your skin as it was at great prices. If unfortunately, you may not get any beautiful skin back. Every time you select a product to use, be sure that product really good. Every time you scrub, you need to know that it might cause your skin dryer, so you need to choose moisturizing soap that is designed for masking and scrubbing. Manuka Honey White Soap Mask is designed for daily scrubbing.

4. Get some facial massage to boost shining skin

Facial massage stimulates radiance to the skin. It is the basic of beauty treatment you know that. But if you got Botox or filler injection, facial massage may not be suitable for you because it may cause the injected substance to deteriorate and spread to other areas. But still your skin needs nourishment for shine? The answer is yes. Therefore, while you are washing the face, try a gentle massage around the face. In addition to being able to pull the dirt out of the pores well, it also stimulates the skin's radiance as well. But you have to be sure that it is really concentrated soap to get to that level of massage result.

Because if you use the foam or conventional soap to your face for a longer time, even just only 1 minute, your skin may be dry, peeling out and irritated because it interfere with the skin too much. Every kind of soap has a concentration of extract not equal to each other. You should choose a good product when applied to the surface. You can mix soap foam with baby oil and massage the face as well. This will make sure that you don’t get oil excessively on skin surface that may cause of acne. Try Manuka Honey White soap that is designed like Mesotherapy Treatment. The soap bar is full of rich and premium extracts that will nourish to your skin while massaging.

5. Don't forget to wash make-up brushes and make-up accessories

Did you know that makeup brushes, puffs, sponges that you apply to your face have more hidden bacteria than you can imagine? As well as the computer keyboard, it is. One study says the keyboard is as dirty as a toilet flush. Now you might understand why we should wash the make up brush. You may think that the brushes are not that dirty. It's impossible. Try imagining that every day you face a lot of pollution, dust, sweat, heat, bacteria, so many dirt floating onto your face. Then we use our make up brush and get the dirt out of our face. Make up accessories become a source of bacillus that causes acne itself. Now you can understand that the brush that does not wash is like a house of bacteria. Then we touched our face with it every day. Let's find a removable make-up remover to wash a brush. Then followed by a soap or foaming cleanser. Then you will find that you might have less acne. If you are a lazy one, let's find products that are both make-up remover and a built-in soap. It is both convenient and prevents acne as well. Manuka Honey White Soap Mask is designed to remove the makeup, so you can use as makeup brush cleanser as well.

6. If you are lazy one, we praise your laziness with this soap.

We know that you don’t like the complicated procedure and you don’t have time to spend scrubbing, masking and massaging daily. Manuka Honey white Soap Mask will give you a gorgeous way to be beauty. Just use soft foam and rub or massage on to your skin.

Our soap is clean and pure; also not make your face prematurely. The product provides bright and clear face also free of acne and wrinkles. Soap that be both cosmetic remover soap, mask, scrub, massage and nourishment plus brush cleanser. If you not try it today, considered a missed opportunity to enhance the beauty of the skin at the skin structure level.

Of course there are many wonderful things that come along with age but there are also many things we wish we could avoid all together. While wrinkles tell a wonderful story of how we've aged and the lives we've lived, between laugh lines and crows feet, they also give away our age instantly. Luckily for us there are hundreds of fabulous wrinkle cream products on the market. So many, it can actually make choosing the right one incredibly difficult. Check out this article for a little extra help making your choice https://www.reviews.com/wrinkle-cream/ but keep in mind, everyone's skin, budgets, and preferences are different! Do your research before making your choice!

For more information, please contact:

Tammy, PR Executive
Email: woraluk_homprasert@hotmail.com
Tel. +6662 459 4261 

Siquijor Island Philippines Travel

The moment my friend Iris invited us to join their family for a trip to Siquijor, I readily give a commitment to go for it, even if I have a lot of writing tasks to do. I vowed to myself that I won't let this opportunity go away, knowing the hectic schedule that I have these days.

If you're a fond of traveling in the countryside and have heard about the enchanting reputation of Siquijor Island, you will be thrilled to plan for a quick tour around the place.

During my younger days, I heard scary stories about the island. An old friend of mine told me that witches live in the said place, and that there is a huge black cross there for those who believe in using black candles to cast spells. There are other tales of enchantment that I've heard before and it really made me curious about the place. While browsing to read articles and blog posts about Siquijor Island Philippines, I also discovered similar stories shared by a lot of writers and travelers nowadays.

We dropped by Legends Resort to check their newly-built haven for travelers.
My first step into the beautiful island, reminds me of the things I've heard about the place, and I was immediately dismayed because I listened to stories that aren't real. I haven't seen anything similar to what was described to me when I listened to old tales about Siquijor Island, Philippines. The place is so captivating, so serene and there is no trace of darkness out there.

The people are also very accommodating. Upon arrival, we were greeted with tricycle drivers who offered to transport us from the port to our chosen guest house for the tour.  

This is actually a private resort. The tour guide told us that it is alright to roam around the area at that time.

We had a kind host for the trip, the relatives of Iris's family, and it gave us a place to rest for the night. The guest house is located just near the seashore. I can imagine the fine white sand, welcoming us to caress it.

The weather is so hot so I have to salute the warm breeze before leaving the port.

We had a deal with a driver who will help us tour around the island. The payment is P2,500.00 and the fee includes the van, driver and guide for a one-day tour around the island. It was all worth it because we had a chance to drop by every amazing place in one of the most popular travel destinations in the country.

Before going on a day-tour around the island, we had a photo opportunity.

The expenses for the tour per person is also very affordable. Aisie and I have only P3,000.00 for the trip and we we're able to consume it, just enough for the travel escapade. 

I asked one of the caretakers of Legends Resort, one of the places that we visited during the tour, about the overnight rate of the guest house and she told me that it is only P2,900.00 for up to 8 persons. The food is also very affordable there. Our lunch is only less than P200.00 for me and Aisie. We ate lunch near the famous 5 star resort, the Coco Grove Beach and Dive Resort in Siquijor, Island.

We also had a photo opportunity at the entrance of Coco Grove Beach and Dive Resort after lunch.

We also dropped by Cambugahay Falls to have a glimpse of the awesome place. We had to walk up and down a steep stairway for the trek. It was so tiresome but I had so much fun.

We had a picture-taking activity near the highway after exploring Cambugahay Falls.
As you know, I love creating "art imitates life, life imitates art" photographs so I was so happy to try a Harry Potter themed poise at Siquijor Island, Philippines. The broomstick may not be Nimbus 2000, the famous one in Harry Potter films, but I really tried to feel like it is real in a second for the photographer to capture its essence. Here, I look like a real witch.

We also dropped by The Secret Garden Resort to have a quick dip into the seawater. I brought a pair of swimwear with me so I had a chance to join the quick swimming activity. We noticed that foreigners stare at our morena look. My skin is truly morena so I understand why they're doing it. They wanted a tan look so they stay longer under the sun, while I was hoping I won't have darker skin after swimming for an hour. It's so ironic.

I'm planning to go back in this place with my husband. I'd like to explore more of the island's amazing landscape. I also promised to buy something at the Balete Drive when I go back here. I'll also eat more bread at Lilibeth's Pan Bisaya Larena, Siquijor Branch because it's so delicious. Since the place was featured in travel magazines. many people order bread there by dialing 0926-2019-485. You can also check this link for discounted travel deals while preparing for a trip to the beautiful island.

One For The Money: 10 Helpful Ways To Manage Family Income

These days, it is usual to hear the words "poorita" and "pulubi" as a way to acknowledge financial distress. It is so surprising that many people embrace it as a fun way to accept defeat in terms of financial security and preparedness. It is part of the limiting belief that it is hard to be wealthy and truly happy nowadays.

As I grow older, I always hear other people telling their kids to just dream little things because of poverty. It really scares me to the extent that I try to dream bigger than I can imagine. Honestly, I'm more than afraid of my inability to control my spending habit compared to any other scary things in the world. It is sad to be broke and penniless. The future is bleak and everything is gloomy. Simply put, poverty is a bondage.

So what is the specific thing that you should prioritize in order to be free from financial challenges?

It's financial literacy that helped me achieve peace of mind. It's the same thing that will help you and your family to live a happy and meaningful life.

Do you still remember when you have to borrow money a week before payday? Isn't it a concrete example of being financially unstable? There is a way to eradicate such kind of life that forces you to forget being truly happy because you are strapped with serious money problems.
Since you are gainfully employed, you'll expect to receive money as a compensation of your hard work, and you are certainly aware that you are going to spend what you have received. One of the forceful secrets to keep yourself wealthy is to avoid spending that which you don't have.
Aside from the said wise counsel of financial experts, let us talk about the 10 helpful ways to manage financial income. You'll be in for a treat today!

Are you ready?

Let's begin.

1. It is important to learn how to manage money before it manages you. 

It is obviously scary for money to take over our ability to decide for ourselves. For instance, you have decided to borrow money so that you can travel to a popular city next week. By the time that you receive your salary, you need to pay a lot of bills and the debt that you incurred to cover your travel expenses. Then, someone offered you a discounted pair of shoes that you have been dreaming to own. Because of the debt that you need to pay, you're unable to buy the shoes. As a result, your buying power is lessened. You could have saved money for your travel expenses than to borrow cash to make it happen.
Always remember that financial peace of mind is not determined by how much we earn, but it is dependent upon how much we spend. - Elder Marvin J. Ashton
Husband and wife should help each other to manage family finances. It is a partnership that shouldn't be taken for granted. The attitude should be openness and trust so that contentions can be avoided. No one should allow financial instability as a reason for families to break apart. The mutual responsibility of parents to support the family should be upheld at all times.

Based on the example given above, it is easier for parents to be careful in spending money. As such, it is highly recommended to have a reliable financial plan before doing anything that can affect the family income.

2. You have to prepare and implement a budget for your monthly expenses.

The main goal of a personal and family budget is to know the available money each month and the amount to be spent to acquire all needs. You should avoid debt and the resulting finance charges. The exceptions of this tip are home buying, paying for education and making other important investments. For vacation and shopping purposes, pay with cash. Personally, I have accounts for shopping, travel and other lifestyle related necessities. In each envelope, I save P300.00 every month and deposit it to my savings account every quarter. I try to build the fund to pay for purchasing my favorite clothing pieces, to buy plane tickets ahead of my planned trips, and to support my blogging needs.

Always remember that credit cards are for convenience and identification so don't use it carelessly. Purchase used items until you have saved enough money to buy quality new products. Aside from that, you should also remember that buying poor-quality items almost always ends up being very expensive.

There are many motivational speakers and mentors who encourage each one of us to save and invest a specific amount of money every month. As such, liquid savings available for emergencies such us sickness or unemployment should be enough to cover at least three months of all important family needs.

Here is a sample budget sheet for you. 

A budget helps you plan and evaluate your expenses. You need to have a budget for specified period such as weekly, bi-weekly and monthly based on your pay schedule. You'll need to balance income with expenses and spend less than you earn.

If you believe that giving keeps the flow of wealth to your advantage, you can follow the items listed in the expenditures column by heart. Don't forget to prioritize savings and investments so that you'll no longer have to worry in case unexpected circumstances occur. In addition, don't forget to pay your insurance premium regularly.

3. Involve yourself in an insurance program for protection.

There are many kinds of insurance products and it is important to appropriately involve yourself in each one. Aside from having a life insurance program, you should have a sufficient insurance for medical, automobile, and homeowner's insurance. It is proven so many times that expenses relating to illness, accident and even death may be so huge that a lot of people have become financially constrained because of it. If you have kids, it is highly recommended to include them in insurance programs while they're young and the payment is lesser.

4.  Be sure to participate in food storage and emergency preparedness program.

There is a system to make sure that you have enough food supply at home. If you have extra cash, you can store food in your pantry such as canned goods, biscuits, candies, water, chocolate drinks and more. These items will last longer so you will have something to eat and drink if there is calamity. It is also one way to avoid panic buying.

If there is no calamity and you still have the aforementioned items in your pantry after three months, you can systematically consume the food and drink products and start accumulating new items to replace it. The cycle goes on and on. In that way, there will be no food shortage in your home.
If you have family storage, don't forget to prepare a 72-hour kit for each of the family member. It is a backpack full of food and drinks that will support your needs during a calamity within three days. Usually, relief goods and help from others arrive only in the third day if there is natural calamity such as flood or earthquake. In your kit, include fresh clothes, fresh batteries for flashlights, a power bank, and important documents in order to have an orderly living even during trying times.
Always remember that you shouldn't incur debts just to have a food storage. If you have limited space at home, learn some techniques on how to maintain a vegetable garden and start planting vegetables so that you will have something to harvest in the future. It is helpful to the family in many ways, especially in the food budget.

5. Learn self-discipline and self-restraint when it comes to money matters.

Discipline is a very important element to achieve financial freedom. The bondage of debt, worry and ignorance can be eliminated through your ability to curb spending impulses. For both husband and wife, money management skills should be developed together in a spirit of never-ending love and partnership.

6. Teach family members early the necessity of working and earning money.

The old school way of rearing children is teaching them correct principles and let them govern themselves. For example, a young child must be taught the concept of working and receiving compensation after work. It is also proper to teach trading techniques or business as a basic way to earn money. As a parent, you can assign simple household chores to your child regularly and show him or her the perks and privileges of hard work by giving compensation every month for doing the task and having planned leisure activities such as visiting an amusement park. It is good for you and the child to do it.

7. Always make education a continuing process in your life.

The nature of education is a continuing process because things change from time to time. If you're capable of completing a formal education, a bachelor's degree or education as possible, make it a priority. After that, take informal training classes and apprentice programs related to your chosen career.

In case you have talents or skills that are not related to your educational background such as painting, singing, dancing or writing, you can also attend classes that are created to develop it. Take advantage of the short courses offered by the government to enhance your knowledge and skills in a given trade or profession.

Having a continuous education is a form of investment because you can use the additional knowledge that you acquired in case of sudden unemployment and when opportunity knocks your door. It is very valuable to you and your family.

8. It is essential to a encourage family member to contribute to the total family welfare.

The specific goals of the family can be achieved by helping each other. For example, each one can contribute if there is a project such as allowing a child to attend dance classes and the family income is not sufficient to pay for it. This is possible if the whole family have a regular meeting at home. Each one should be aware of the family goals, financial status and their individual responsibility within the family.

9. Take advantage of the opportunities to earn money online.

There are legitimate work-from-home jobs that can help you increase your income. Just read the articles written by experts about online jobs in order to have a guide in doing so. If you have free time, you can participate in training classes to be able to work for international clients as a virtual assistant. For those who preferred to sign up a program to offer insurance products, you can use the Internet to inspire other people to have lifetime protection by involving themselves in an insurance program.

10. Teach children to make money decisions based on their capacity  to understand.

The concept of accumulating money for positive reasons should be taught while a child is still young. In order to inculcate the value of hard work and teach the essence of implementing a personal and family budget, it is advisable to be very specific. For example, you should say "save your money" for buying birthday presents and other items than just telling them "to save money" without specific explanation.

If a child matures, he or she will understand that having personal savings and investments is a noble act. Based on experience, my relatives hate each other because of inheritance. Obviously, there is lack of financial education within the family. If you don't want to experience the same thing, teach a young child to care for a parent or a relative whether or not they can get money or anything in return. Your children will not think in that way if they're already aware that building wealth is an individual responsibility and with the careful and loving supervision of their parents.

It also proper to teach a family member about the influence of unavoidable events on the financial status of the family. These factors involve unexpected employment, inflation, accident, disability and natural calamity.
It is true that unavoidable circumstances will periodically prevent us to reach our chosen destination, even in financial matters, but the positive effects of financial literacy can pave the way for us to go back on course and be truly happy.
In addition, it is also exciting to prepare for retirement as early as possible. It is truly inspiring to see many people who already retired before reaching 40 years old. They're able to invest money to prepare for that. They've wisely applied what they learned from others pertaining to financial literacy. To incorporate your goal to retire early as a working professional, you can find a mentor or a person who can guide you to achieve it. After all, copying the techniques of a person who is already successful is a wise move.

As proper money management is important in today's world if we are to live happily, I had shared the aforementioned recommendations for improve personal and family financial management. 

If you are able to follow all the said points that I shared in this post to manage family income, the real meaning of the words "poorita" and "pulubi" will become a thing of the past and just a way to incorporate fun in the way you communicate with other people. It is also possible to make each family member contribute to family wealth by being resourceful, self-reliant and industrious. Indeed, a family that saves together stays together.

The Importance of Financial Literacy For Every Young Professional

Ten years ago, I started working as a writer for an international website in Makati City. The pay was incredibly higher compared to the usual work offered in the business district of the metro. As my salary depends upon my productivity, I prefer to accomplish a lot of writing tasks so that I'll receive a higher pay. Indeed, I experienced being in the top five list of productive employees almost every month and was even promoted as a senior writer.

Because of the awesome job opportunities, I had a lot of extra cash in my wallet. As a result, I always enjoy shopping since I love fashionable clothes. As long as I have extra money, I visit my favorite shopping districts to buy different items. Aside from that, I travel around the country if I have free time.

Obviously, I don't have savings account at that time. I was busy spending hard-earned money without thinking about financial preparedness.

Did I enjoy life at that time?


Did I worry when unexpected expenses occur?


Simply put, I wasn't truly happy at that time.

My mother asked me to help her support my brother's expenses at school. It really affected my spending habit because it seems that I'm already out of cash even before payday. It happened for almost a year and it really made me sad.

One Monday afternoon, I dropped by National Bookstore at Makati Avenue area to search for self-help books. I started reading Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad and even finished reading The Midas Touch in just one sitting. As time goes by, reading self-help books became a habit.

One knowledge leads to another, especially when I started attending seminars about financial literacy. My friend Fe, who is a lawyer now, invited me and my husband to attend in a seminar that has something to do with selling insurance products. I didn't hesitate to participate in the said program since I want to support my husband who signed up later to be part of the team. 

I have no regrets in using my free time to discover new things in this life. If I didn't attend seminars about investing money and other financial management lessons, I wouldn't learn the importance of financial literacy. Being able to set up monetary goals for the future is a remarkable experience.

Why is it so essential to be financially prepared? 

First, we don't know what will happen in the future. There are risks present in this life such as sudden death, accidents, calamities and other unavoidable circumstances. We don't even know if we experience the need to pay for hospital bills in case a rare illness is discovered by the doctor. Last week, this exact situation happened to my friend and she personally told me that being financially prepared is a duty of every individual. It can save a precious life. There are many expenses that we need to consider such as the payment of taxes, tuition for continuous education programs, home maintenance and more.

Second, we find it hard to keep up with time if we don't have prepared for the future. Have you noticed the increasing number of people who have enjoyed traveling nowadays? What about the ability of other people to buy their favorite clothing items? The popularity of health and wellness is so enticing to experience the trend. You're in the midst of an economic development that wasn't available before. It is truly inspiring. However, you will surely feel bad if you can't afford these lifestyle perks every now and then. It is not too late to change your perspective now. Use your talent to find opportunities to have extra income and save money to brighten your days.

Third, financial literacy is one way to experience freedom in this life. We just don't realize it but there are so many things that may take away our freedom these days. One of these hurdles is the bondage of bad debt. 

If you owe money, you need to slash your income every month to pay it. Why not eliminate your debt in a systematic manner? Every month, try to pay off debts that affected your income until such time that you're only paying the things that you really need.

If you're a young professional, try to observe the people around you. There are individuals that will borrow money from you because they've already depleted their allowances because of impulse buying and other negative spending habits. This is something that shouldn't exist in the workplace anymore. 

Today, I'm no longer the same person who spend money like it's water. I've heard this line from the Korean drama, Heirs, which is top-billed by Lee Min Ho, the one when his character first met Park Shin Hye's character in the US. I learned a lot from the said story because the leading lady is really poor. She learned to adjust and withstand the tests of time.

These days, I only spend money for travel and shopping when I have already saved enough for it. Because of my unforgettable experiences when I had more debts than extra money, I learned to be prudent, self-reliant and resourceful. I became hungry with more knowledge on how to become financially literate and encourage others to do so.

I hope I was able to inspire you to start aiming for a brighter future.

How To Save Money For Travel and Fashion Expenses

The increasing number of people who embraced a modern way to enjoy an amazing lifestyle is notable. We can see inspiring posts on Facebook about road trips here and abroad. We find remarkable fashionable photos on Instagram shared by individuals who became totally stylish these days.

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The hype of having a fabulous lifestyle truly inspires us all but it is always accompanied with utmost responsibility. Why is that so? We need money to visit our favorite travel destinations. We also need cash to purchase fashionable clothing pieces. No wonder careful planning and preparation is necessary.

Travel Far and Beyond Without Worry

Travel is a very popular leisure activity. It is one way to discover new things. It entails numerous benefits to people who aren't afraid to visit new places. If you're an ardent traveler, you'll uncover new things about yourself, discover hidden talents, and find new strength. After all, every trip is different. In each journey, you will experience different barriers along the way. The ability to quickly solve problems is important. Equipped with memorable experiences and the strong desire to achieve another dream travel escapade, you will become braver and wiser. Your self-confidence will greatly manifest in every step that you'll take. In that way, you will become a better version of yourself. Indeed, travel is a perfect way to enjoy life.

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However, traveling away from home requires you to spend money. What else can you do than spend your hard-earned cash just to step on an unexplored territory? Let us talk about this hot topic that baffles a lot of travelers and backpackers these days. I've rounded several ways to travel far and beyond without worrying about the expenses involved in it.

1. Prepare a reliable travel plan

There are times that I travel without planning ahead of time, especially if I'm very excited to do it. It also happens when friends suddenly invite me to visit a popular place. For me, this is an unavoidable circumstance.

Things are different now. Before I travel, I set aside a certain amount for it. I also prepare an envelope where I place P300.00 every month for travel allowance. I usually do it after I paid my bills and insurance premium every payday. The difference is really notable since I can now pay for tickets in advance instead of purchasing it a few hours before my trip. If I buy tickets a few weeks before departure time, I can save cash because the price is usually lower compared to last-minute purchases. In case of trips that don't require plane tickets, I can still have spare cash for fare expenses and even hotel accommodation.

I also contact the people that I know in a certain place that I want to visit, especially those who initially offered free accommodation in exchange of the same thing when they travel to the place where I live. It is a mutual agreement that helps me save money.

2. Take advantage of discounted hotel accommodation and plane ticket promo for your trip

As usual, I check discounted plane tickets and hotel accommodation in advance so I will no longer worry about the said necessities. I also consult other travel bloggers for tips on how to save on lodging, tour guide fee and fare around the area where I want to explore on my own.

3. Read the travel experiences of other people and learn from them

For those who are frequent travelers, it is highly recommended to read travel blogs and magazines. The pictures are usually enticing for you to embark your own journey. Aside from that, you can read tips on how you can save money while enjoying a vacation. Many bloggers provide an estimate of their expenses so you can have ideas to set a budget. It is easier to prepare for a trip with sample computation of the expenses than just relying on guesswork.

4. Secure a travel insurance

Travel insurance is a contract that will protect you by having coverage in case of medical expenses, cancellation of trip, accident, lost of luggage and other related expenses of a local or international traveler. Obviously, there are risks involved in visiting places here or abroad so securing a travel insurance is advisable for backpackers.

It is true that we often neglect the opportunity to secure a travel insurance. If you're guilty of this, just think twice. If you want to be prepared all the time, you can even find an insurance product that has coverage of travel accidents and other related expenses.

5. Work on a sideline job to earn extra cash for travel expenses

Personally, I write articles for my clients from across the globe so I can save money for travel expenses. I also maintain my blogs so I can collaborate with brand marketing representatives for promotion of products and services. In that way, I can save extra cash for travel allowance. Some clients even offer free hotel accommodation in exchange of blog posts. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you have to build a solid online portfolio as a writer or engage in other means to collaborate with the stakeholders in the travel industry.

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How To Be Fashionably Responsible

One of the most exciting ways to enjoy life is being fashionable all the time. Since looking good and feeling better are the common ways to achieve success, you will always prioritize it in your life. The people who work in an industry that requires anyone to have a pleasing personality need to be knowledgeable in styling. Even before that, when you're preparing for a job interview, you need to look presentable by having appropriate makeup and wearing comfortable clothing items.

I visited Shangrila Hotel in Makati City to attend Sinag Year 3 Awarding last December 2016
Even though we need to prioritize being stylish, we need to consider a lot of things. For instance, there is a need to prepare enough money for clothing expenses. Sometimes it is even better to buy skincare and makeup products to have a complete personal beauty and fashion maintenance. So how do we make sure that this is attainable in a regular manner? Let us take a look of the tips and tricks to save money on beauty and fashion expenses.

1. Save money for shopping purposes

How do you prepare money for shopping? I'm not really shopaholic, but I tend to shop really hard at times. In other words, I really shop at least once a month. For me, it's alright because I only do it at my favorite thrift stores in the metro. If I travel outside the metro, I check my favorite second-hand stores to find chic pieces. During special occasions such as birthday, Christmas Day and New Year, I buy new items for my wardrobe collection and beauty essentials.

Just like my technique to keep a travel fund, I keep another envelope for shopping purposes. Inside the said envelope, I keep P300.00 every month. This is very thrilling because I know that I have something to spend for purchasing clothes after a few months of saving money.

Here's another awesome idea that I learned from attending blogger events. These days, you can enlist yourself as a financial advisor so you can offer insurance products to other people during your free time. If you're able to bring in people to buy insurance products, you will surely earn commissions. As a result, you can live brighter by having extra cash for your fashion and travel expenses.

2. Use your closet as toolbox

Many fashionable people share that it is wise to shop your closet. You should arrange it in accordance with your clothing preference. But before doing so, take time to identify your personal style so you can segregate your wardrobe into three kinds such as basic items, luxurious pieces and vintage collection. By doing so, you can have an idea what you need to buy in your next shopping escapade.

3. Shop wisely

It is really wonderful to shop smart to build your wardrobe. If you love to shop online, beware of the marketing tactics telling you to immediately buy a clothing item because "it is the only one left" for you. It is highly recommended to consult your list and prioritize buying the pieces that you really need to add in your closet. Aside from that, bring only the money that you prepared for shopping and leave your cash and credit or debit card at home.

Don't fall in love with the clothing pieces and fashion accessories that you can't afford. If you're really aiming to buy a specific product, try to find discount codes first before filling up your cart with a lot of items. In that way, you can control impulse buying and end up purchasing what you really need for a makeover.

4. Get inspiration from your favorite style icons

In most cases, preparing for work is not easy if you failed to prepare for it beforehand. Look for inspiration in the right places and create a fashion guide based on your personal style. For example, check the posts of your favorite style bloggers and collect sample photos of their styling activities. Based on their outfit preferences that you really favor, buy similar clothing items so that it will be easier for you to create your own styling options.

For all of us, having a splendid lifestyle is really something to achieve nowadays. It is also wise to start saving while you're still young and able to earn money. I've learned that younger people can save a lot of money on investments and insurance expenses compared to those who are older than them.

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Based on the above-mentioned tips, there are three qualities necessary to enjoy a meaningful lifestyle and these are being resourceful, becoming self-sufficient and to be industrious. As we enjoy the fruits of our labor by traveling and being stylish, we can live life to the fullest.

How To Revamp Your Denim Skirt Styling

What is your simple styling option for a denim skirt? Mine is just a shirt with collar and a lightweight denim skirt so I can easily move around during my tour. The shirt is Burberry and the skirt don't have a known brand, but it's really awesome. I just donned my favorite pair of red heels for an instant boost to my simple look.

The word revamp, as used in this article, means giving a new and improved form or appearance to a work of art or any styling project. In this styling episode, I preferred a girly yet edgy look because it's all that I have in my closet when it comes to denim styling. As you know, "style what you have and save money while looking fashionable," is my mantra. After all, there are tons of denim materials that you can choose to recreate such look.

We've been looking at the latest photos of our favorite fashion magazines and we discover amazing styling options for denim fashion. It's perfect to inspire you to wear the trend. Even though denim is a little bit expensive, you can score chic pieces at second-hand stores if you're resourceful.

Outfit: Shirt, Burberry London shirt with zipper, Denim Skirt, Red Heels

If you are in a hurry and you're about to leave for a travel escapade, you can include in your packed wardrobe pieces a lightweight denim skirt so that it would be convenient for you. It is equally stylish and functional as the usual denim clothing item. Every backpacker wants to have a lightweight luggage for a comfortable trip so this is a remarkable option. 

Just like any denim pants, you can easily pair a lightweight denim skirt with a blouse of your choice. You don't have to iron it because the nature of the fabric is soft and manageable.

So if you're planning to revamp your denim styling, don't forget to be creative and try other materials of the same kind in order to have a fabulous look. After all, you can always be happy if you take advantage of stylish and functional clothing pieces.