The Loaded Bolds By Color Sensational Maybelline Lipstick

The Loaded Bolds by Color Sensational Maybelline Lipstick has been reviewed by a lot of beauty experts and beauty bloggers last year. Since I've been looking for lipstick products in bold and vibrant colors and I found my favorite pieces, I've decided to feature The Loaded Bolds Maybelline lipsticks.

My Choices

I chose the Fearless Purple and Fierce Pink for my everyday use. I'll just choose one product to wear each day, especially if I'm not in the mood to wear the classy red lipstick.

Reasons of Choosing the Colors

1. I want to try vixen in purple look, especially during boring days. If you want to add a little drama to your look you can just use the Fearless Purple lipstick.

2. I want to bring out the fire in fuchsia, especially if I feel like I'm not in the mood. During these days, I try to balance the day by wearing a hot pink lipstick with a twist of red such as the Fierce Fuchsia.

Top Three Benefits of Using the Product

1. The Loaded Bolds by Maybelline deliver one-stroke intensity. Each swipe is so bright and colorful that you'll only have to apply a few strokes to complete the application.

2. The Loaded Bolds by Maybelline leave a creamy finish. Each product is perfect for those who don't moisturize their lips on a regular basis. Sometimes my lips look dull and sickly so I use a product with a moisturizing effect.

3. Each color of The Loaded Bolds Maybelline Lipstick is highly pigmented. When I was doing the video for my Karen Ezine YouTube Channel, I have to erase the swatches so many times before the final cut and I discovered that the product is long lasting. I have to use soap and a reliable makeup remover to have clean results.

How To Use/Apply the Lipstick

First, prep your lips. I usually use a lip balm which is also a Maybelline product. It is light pink and has a little dewy effect, just perfect before applying a lipstick.

Second, apply the lipstick in the center of your upper lip. I've learned from my research that a quick swipe can be done just by following the contours of your mouth.

Third, finish it by swiping the product across the lower lip. Be careful not to smudge your makeup and have a clean look.

I'm a fan of Maybelline makeup products, especially their lipsticks. If you're a lipstick lover, share your favorite products in the comments below. Let's talk. You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Take care!