The Art of Dealing With Insensitive People

One way or another, we meet people as we go along with life. Since no one is an island, we should mingle with others and socialize with them. We just don't exist for ourselves. But there are instances that you won't approve the actions shown by other people. You'll feel offended even at the thought of tolerating them for the sake of peace and camaraderie.

What if you can't take it anymore? Will you keep silent? Or choose to show your angst?

I want to share these questions because every time there is a misunderstanding, these things will matter to the endpoint of our relationship with others. We want peace and happiness so our choices should be tailored to achieve these things.

However, this is not an easy task. After all, you're dealing with people that have different backgrounds in life.

So we should learn to deal with difficult people. There are individuals who are insensitive that they don't even know what they're doing.

Let me share with you the art of dealing with people.

Patience is key. This is very important in an environment that is full of insensitive people. Just think of it as a battleground and your weapon is patience. Add humility in your jar of a happy lifestyle and you'll find it more encouraging. If insensitive people exist, we can't do nothing about it anyway.

Always remember that we have control of our feelings and it is safe to choose tolerance all the time. Once you will start to listen to the suggestions of your prideful heart, things will go astray.

Take time to listen first before reacting to any negative statement. Maybe, the person who mentioned it to hurt you is well-known for being an insensitive person. You're already a winner if you will choose to be humble all the time. There's nothing that you can get for acknowledging the evil deeds of others. Always be on the bright side of life.

Lastly, take note of the things that happened between you and the insensitive person. Even though you chose to tolerate the action during the first time it happened, you will need to prevent any repeat offense against you. If it will ever happen again, avoid the person and stay happy. Stay calm, gorgeous! Love.