Korean Drama Hwarang Favorite Scenes

The upcoming Korean drama that will be shown in local television next month is very exciting. I've read a lot of positive comments from fellow fans of the show that is entitled Hwarang. Although there are negative comments about it, we can't ignore the charm of the characters that made this project attract fans from the Philippines. This is the same Korean television series mentioned by Anne Curtis when she was interviewed about her favorite Korean TV shows. Are you ready? Let's talk about the beautiful knights.

Hwarang, a famed Korean Drama, is becoming more popular these days as it will be shown via ABS CBN this coming November 2017. The said TV series, dubbed as The Poet Warrior Youth, was originally shown in KBS2 from December 19, 2016 to February 21, 2017 and top-billed by Park seo-joon, Go A-ra and Park Hyung-sik. As an avid fan of the show, I'd like to share my favorite scenes of Hwarang, especially the parts that are really spectacular and fascinating. I'll focus more on the lessons shown of each scene, the emotions involved and how it could possibly resonates with the viewers. With screen-grabs of each scene, I wouldn't want to tell-all in order to give way to those who haven't seen the entire drama yet.

But before talking about my favorite scenes, let me share with you the top three characters that made the story shine. Moo-myung, the nameless boy who was called Dog Bird. He became so enamored with Aro who is a half-breed, having a half-lowly and half-royal status. She's the sister of a very close friend named Sun-woo. Later on, he used the same name to be able to protect Aro. The most interesting character is played by Park Hyung-sik, who is the faceless king of Silla hiding under the name of Ji-dwi, and later on became a strong leader of his people. 

1. The Sword Dance is the first thing that comes into mind if I remember Hwarang while reading about my favorite Korean dramas. If you'll see the scenes where they practice the dance for an upcoming presentation in front of the queen, it's really hilarious and entertaining. To the tune of Even If I Die, It's You, the Sword Dance is really awesome.

2. The scene wherein Moo-myung or Sun-woo told Aro that "If you'll die, I'll die, too." There was a scene when Aro got hit by an arrow released by Sookmyung, the sister of the faceless king. It is a common scenario of a heroine in danger and the hero comes along to save her, but it gave a strong support to the story-line that the two will eventually fall in love no matter what. Aro often shows off her doubts that Sun-woo is really her brother, tells her close friend that she has mixed feelings towards her sibling, and later on will know that she's right that the Sun-woo he knows is not really her brother. 

If you also noticed the way her character is portrayed, that she's subdued in most cases, maybe it's because the focus of the story is really the friendship and strength of the beautiful knights. She was able to help make them shine though, especially when she was hired to take care of their medical needs inside the Hwarang residence.

3. The moment when the beautiful knights have chosen a king for the future is really breathtaking. It is obvious that the known king, formerly called Ji-dwi, isn't confident that his comrades will not support him.

4. The scene wherein one of the beautiful knights died is heartbreaking. He left a letter stating and quoting what he learned as a Hwarang that "Even a rough path becomes a path." He mentioned that his half-breed brother is only protecting him as a sacred bone. When all of them gathered in front of his coffin, their leader even mentioned, "Never lose a friend."

5. If you will see the scene where the faceless king saves Aro, you'll be extremely emotional. It was a life and death situation for Aro since the queen regent ordered that everyone who sees the face of the king will die. 

6. The grand entrance of Hwarang to save their comrades who escaped from their enemies is spectacular. I find it very captivating, especially when Su-ho and Ban-ryu became close friends, since they're shown as enemies at the start of the story.

7. The scene wherein Su-ho is staring at the queen regent is mesmerizing. We know that she's a womanizer, a playboy who is so popular among girls in town, but we couldn't believe that he will eventually fall in love with Ji-dwi's mother. The queen regent love his loyalty to the royal family during the time he was asked to guard her. 

8. During the preparation for the show, an event to make the people happy in front of the queen regent, Ban Ryu was caught in the dilemma of staying loyal to his comrades or following the wishes of his adoptive father. He can't disobey his adoptive father because his biological father will also bear the consequences, but he can't betray the other beautiful knights and the woman he loves who wanted him to perform at the show, so that was really hard for him. 

9. Ban Ryu's presence is astonishing. Why? His character is so mysterious, strong and independent. After all, he was only acting to please his adoptive father, who wanted him to be the next ruler of Silla in any way possible. He taught us the importance of being responsible and loyal by strategically helping his fellow beautiful knights to retrieve the stolen goods that were stored in his adoptive father's home. Ban Ryu chose love in the end and it is really fascinating for all of us.

I know that many of you are really excited to watch the show on TV here in the country and reminisce your favorite scenes of the Korean drama. After all, Hwarang is all about camaraderie, true love and patriotism. Even though there are flaws that we can notice here and there, the show is still memorable for me. I can even smile at the remarkable scenes involving the beautiful warriors. How about you, fellow fans out there?