San Jose, Dipolog City

Nature is one of the reasons I travel far from the metro and it always excites me to be near it. I meant the real thrill in the countryside when all you can see is the rice field, the birds flying here and there and the deep blue sky. So when I was invited to speak in a funeral service, I thought it is time to touch base with natural beauty that I missed so much.

We planned our trip to San Jose, Dipolog City so we can serve our sister who just passed away. We had a whole day of service and I've learned a lot from it. The trip isn't that smooth as we have to find the way to San Jose. The rain even greeted us later on, when we're on our way out of the place.

Thinking about the days I had to enjoy nature, this was the closest to it, and one of the most inspiring. I usually travel with only one goal and that is to write a travel post. But this time around, I got the chance to serve and mingle with others. The family of the deceased seemed to notice our willingness to serve that I can see them smile with gratitude. Although we weren't able to catch up with the service, we still visit the burial site and gave our condolences.

There was a small area that lovely flowers bloom without ceasing. It's really beautiful. I wonder what's beyond the place that it meant something else for me. I imagine a hidden kingdom that we can't see because the place is really mystifying, knowing that it is very far from the national road.

I've also noticed the animals roaming around the place. It isn't really a forest because I can see small houses scattered in the area. There are people living nearby. So I can see dogs wandering around. 

On our way home, I can't help but smile upon seeing little huts amidst beautiful flower gardens. I wonder how I can get hold of seedlings so I can plant the flowers at home. I'm so in love with some wildflowers that bloom in the said place. That was really awesome.

After our trip to San Jose, Dipolog City, we dropped by a friend's home to have late lunch. Every trip has a story about good food and great company so I wound't miss sharing it here.

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