10 Delightful Restaurants Near BGC for Young Professionals

One of the most unforgettable places that I've explored is Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, Philippines. I've stayed in one of the neighborhood apartments near Iglesia ni Kristo, just down the lane that is popularly known as Staff House. Sounds familiar? Yes. It's one of the favorite residential area of many young professionals that work near BGC and Makati City.

To support my travel adventure, I've applied to one of the job offerings that I saw through Job Street that time. Fortunately, I was hired last April 27, 2015 and worked for TaskUs as an email support representative. Essentially, I've explored the place and visited many dining places located near it. My friends and I usually visit all of these favorite restaurants after work or even after training sessions. To inspire you, I've prepared this blog post about the 10 restaurants near BGC for young professionals.

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Millennials, get ready for reminiscing the awesome dining places near Bonifacio Global City.

1. Aracama Filipino Cuisine

Just located near our office at twenty four seven, Aracama is truly an amazing restaurant. When it comes to showcasing delicious regional Filipino cuisine, this chic dining place gives it all. One of the most unforgettable moments that I have here is to stay on its spacious grounds, enjoy an event organized by Sun Life Philippines and savor their delicious snacks. 

2. Mercato Centrale

This shouldn't be included here because I should create another post for this one, but I can't really treat it not as delightful as those regular dining places located near BGC. We usually flock to this place when it is open during Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and it is open to the public at around 6 pm to 3 am. Mercato Centrale in BGC is perfect for night shift workers who want to enjoy delectable dishes, snack and drinks near the office.

3. Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes

The sole purpose that I visit this place is their tasty lasagna and it always give me the reason to smile. It has other delightful offerings, too. Good food and coffee? Banapple Kitchen have it all for you. I'm also in love with their mango shake. The place is well-decorated and the store concept is remarkable. Banapple Kitchen is truly admirable.  

4. Cabalen Restaurant

When I was a kid, we used to enjoy fiesta celebration and it is so inspiring to me wherever I go. I love good food and I want it all. To celebrate such feeling, I usually visit Cabalen Restaurant and enjoy dining in a fiesta setting. I just can eat all that I can.It is located at Market! Market! Fiesta so it is very accessible and convenient for everyone. Cabalen Restaurant is a popular eat all you can dining place so you really have to try dining at this place.

5. Ayan's Italian Diner

Many young professionals in the area where I live talk about this place. My friend Jit first invited me to dine here. I've tried their bestseller, the Carbonara, and I really love it. I've heard some of my friends just set time to visit this restaurant after work. The hype isn't imaginary. Ayan's Italian Diner is just a small restaurant located at Sampaguita Street, Makati City. However, you will have a taste of delicious Italian food, local dishes with a twist and tasty snacks at an affordable price. No kidding! Before I left BGC for a countryside tour, I usually have my breakfast here with my husband. It's totally amazing.

6. Tatang's Boneless Lechon at SM Aura Supermarket Area

If I walk the streets of BGC in the afternoon to go home, I usually drop by SM Aura for window shopping. My way is the supermarket because it is convenient to go outside and go home. But before doing so, I usually drop by the small food court area and order Lechon Sisig for early dinner. It is so delicious that I invited my friends to dine here. SM Aura is a wonderful place and it has good food for everyone.

7. Max's Restaurant at Market! Market!

I've been looking for a popular dining place that serve delicious food for lunch and Max's Restaurant is my primary choice. They have well-cooked chicken and side dishes that you'll love to munch during break time.

8. Seafood Island at Market! Market! Fiesta

Have you tried boodle fight dining set up? Seafood Island is the best place to try it because their food presentation is customized for that setting. I'm a seafood lover so I really enjoyed dining here. My friends dine here in groups so it is absolutely fun, memorable and affordable for everyone. Here, food and adventure go hand in hand because you've got to choose your style of food preparation that is not ordinary. 

9. TGI Fridays at BGC High Street

For special occasions, we flock here to celebrate the ups and downs of life. It is a bit expensive but we love the food and the place - perfect for dressing up and dine here in style. TGI Fridays is a place to enjoy life after work.

10. Kenny Rogers Roasters at Market! Market! Mall

During weekends, looking for an amazing place to dine is a challenge, especially if you have tried almost all places in the area. But when I categorize the search into affordable and healthy food option, Kenny Rogers Roasters Roasters is a number one choice.

There are other delightful restaurants near BGC in Taguig, but these are the popular ones in terms of affordability, accessibility and quality of food preparation. Obviously, these are for young professionals who want to enjoy good food and great company with friends and loved ones. Work isn't boring because of these places since we know we have somewhere to go after completing our daily tasks in the office.