Hiring a Private Car in Sri Lanka

It was just last week that my husband mentioned about Sri Lanka during one of our latest research project for this blog. I got curious about the island country, which is officially named as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, so I researched for a possible blog topic featuring the said place. Today, you are so lucky to learn a few important things about the country. The topic of this blog post is about hiring a private car in Sri Lanka and I am really excited to share this with you.

Popular Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka

There are probably hundreds of popular reasons to visit Sri Lanka nowadays. However, we need to scale down to the most popular ones to get hints on why many people flock to the said country and to encourage ourselves to start the journey just like others.

1. The island country shows abundance in terms of wildlife resources that tame tourists to stay in for a while, or even for so long. There are many wild animals to watch in national parks such as buffalo, elephants, leopards and more.

2. There are scenic places in Sri Lanka that will make you roam around the island country in sheer excitement. If you will include a morning hike in your itinerary, you will be in tune with nature and enjoy the trek with others. You will surely enjoy the amazing views that you will see along the way.

3. There are amazing hotels and resorts for first time travelers and frequent visitors that you can book online.

4. Think about the mouth-watering dishes served in restaurants of the island country and you will be curious to give it a try. You'll probably plan your next journey that includes Sri Lanka in your list of new places to visit soon.

Why Hire a Private Car With a Driver in Sri Lanka?

Knowing the possibility of visiting Sri Lanka, you will need to prepare everything before going there so you will have a memorable trip. One of the most important part of your trip is the decision to hire a private car with a driver so that you can maximize your time in wandering around the said place. Here are things that you should remember in doing so.

1. The main goal is to reach your destination safely without spending a lot of money. This can be done by paying for a private car with a driver through a travel agent. This is one of the most common techniques of many guests to save time, money and resources while going around beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

2. Don't forget to choose a reputable or trusted travel agent to help you in having a reliable driver of a rented private car in Sri Lanka. You'll expect a well-planned travel to different places without disregarding safety and affordability.

3. By hiring a private car with a driver via a travel agent, you will have security in your trip and enjoy personal service as you hop from one place to another.

4. Although it is cheaper to rely on public transport services, there are awesome things that you will let go if you will prefer that option. The public transport network of Sri Lanka is a bit chaotic and you can't expect a more organized trip because of that. What will you do if a bus arrives late? It will surely affect your itinerary and your entire travel experience so it is better to avoid the said scenario. If you will hire a private car with a multi-lingual chauffeur, you will surely have a superb experience in your trip.

5. There is a huge improvement in the road network in Sri Lanka so you don't have to worry in traveling from one place to another. Take note of the lesser traffic on weekends so you can plan your trip properly.

Know More About The Travel Cost

The most common payment for this service is Rs. 45 per kilometer and that includes vehicle and driver fee. There are cases when the travel agent requires you to pay upfront 10% of the quoted price so it is better to coordinate with your travel agent. Since you will also be billed of additional trips, you will have to consider it in your transportation allowance for the trip around the island country.

Make sure to research about hiring the tuk or the three-wheeled vehicle for short distances so you will not be charged higher as the usual rate. If the meter machine isn't working, it should not be used while you ride in the tuk so you will not pay unreasonable amount of money.

Always remember that hiring a private car with a driver through a travel agent is the easiest way to tour around Sri Lanka. You will need to meet your driver beforehand, though, to make sure that there will be no language barrier.

Lastly, think about having enough space for your luggage that buses don't have and the great possibility of having an efficient trip all throughout Sri Lanka. Don't forget to make your next trip a memorable one.