Featuring The Prominence of Stylish Sweatsuits

There's an interesting outerwear that I'm going to share with you today. It is called a tracksuit, otherwise known as a sweatsuit, that is perfect for those who love outdoor activities. This is a popular outfit nowadays in line with the prominence of health and wellness industry.

So what is a sweatsuit or tracksuit? We have been seeing amazing photos of fashion darlings wearing the said attire so we really want to know more about this. If you're curious about this item, let's talk about it in this post.

According to Wikipedia, a tracksuit is a styling piece that consists of two parts such as a jacket with a zipper on the front and trousers. There are modern versions of this outfit that are just in plain colors and in simple design.

Originally, this is the outerwear used for sports-related activities. But with the remarkable styling ingenuity of fashion lovers nowadays, it transitioned from a sports attire to a style uniform that is shown in the street. Imagine trendy and casual look with a little bit of sporty twist?

Judging upon the definition of a tracksuit or sweatsuit, you will realize that it is the perfect example of an athleisure look. It is also a popular fashion term that hasn't reached the radar yet of those who remain loyal to basic styling techniques. After all, many people don't prefer wearing a tracksuit in public especially during the time when it is not yet acceptable as a fashion uniform.

What are the examples of tracksuits that we can wear in public nowadays?

Think about wearing yoga pants, well-designed leggings and other comfortable pieces fit for sports activities. In that sense, this can be added to your list of sporty-casual trend and athleisure styling ideas.

If you are not convinced yet, let me share with you the way celebrities wear tracksuits to daily activities such as strolling in the park, enjoying brunch with friends and even running errands in between important tasks that are related to work or school.

Let me share with you Gigi Hadid's impressive athleisure look. The 22-year-old model was recently spotted wearing a simple version of a sweatsuit. Wearing a blue two-piece athleisure attire, she looked absolutely gorgeous. She teamed it with a pair of chic footwear and sunglasses. To complete the look, she put on a dark-hued lipstick and carried a white purse.

Images | www.DailyMail.co.uk

Aside from Gigi Hadid, there's another famed model who loves to show off her athleisure styling prowess. Kendall Jenner did a more appealing take of the style by wearing a bright orange Heron Preston sweatsuit. She completed the outfit with a pair of black shoes, sunglasses, and a really simple hairstyle.

I'm also planning to copy this look so I can have a chance to enjoy wearing sporty-casual clothing pieces. If you love this clothing item, let me know in the comments below.