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A Short Visit at Bon Chon Chicken in High Street Bonifacio Global City

The popularity of Bon Chon Chicken in the Philippines is notable and it has been one of the most popular places to meet people. It has a lot of branches around the metro and I can always remember the days I spent with my friends there while eating their deliciously cooked chicken thigh and wings and as well as delectable side dishes.

But there was one time that one of its branches was my dining place before picture taking. My favorite is the one located at High Street in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig since it's very convenient for us. It is settled right at the corner of high street, just across Maybank BGC branch, where I can find numerous spots for photo background purposes.

It is also located near our office when I was still working for TaskUs. It's easy for me to change clothes and go directly to work after the photo shoot.

There is also a branch inside Market! Market! near the other entrance of the mall and it is the usual place that I meet my friends for brunch and even for late lunch.

If you're curious about Bon Chon Chicken here in the Philippines, you can check their website for more details. I haven't scheduled a review post yet about the restaurant so this is just a feature post about it. If I'll go back to the metro again, I'll definitely have time to review their food and drinks so my friends in the south of the country who haven't tried eating there will have an idea about the dining place.

Serve Your Guests in Style With Chic Wine Bar Design

There are countless times that we think it is remarkably chic to have a well-designed wine bar. Many people will love the idea of lounging in such an awesome part of your home with your loved ones and even your guests.

So what are the characteristics of a well-designed wine bar? Let me introduce fabulous ideas as a source of your interior design inspiration. Who knows you'll have a really gorgeous set that you end up sharing with important people?

Let's get started.

Focus on the Materials

If you have seen your wine bottles in disarray lately, it is obviously time to upgrade your wine bar furniture. But before doing, find inspiration that will keep you going. Sometimes it is a wise idea to base your choices on the materials used to design a unit. For instance, choose a furniture that is made of leather that it matched with silver detail. Even though it is more appropriate for a bachelor's pad, it can be designed with a twist so your guests at home will find it gorgeous. For many people, the combination of wood and brass is also stunning.

Little Things That Count

Have you thought of incorporating small, sleek and stylish pieces for your wine bar? It may not hurt to have a small circle table near the cabinet of well-arranged bottles to be used as a decor. The color should be bright enough to neutralize the boring hues around the bar area. By the way, a revolving end table as an additional piece is a good idea.

Think About Space For Storage

There are many reasons to choose a wine bar furniture that have both style and function. It isn't enough to make the area chic and trendy, it should be completely spacious for you to serve wine in style. If you feel like using vintage pieces, make sure that it can provide you the space that you'll need and the style that is absolutely remarkable. The nice touch of double doors design is also highly recommended as long as the outcome wouldn't look too crowded. Obviously, a minimalist style fits this technique in styling your wine bar to perfection.

Nowadays, you can find amazing furniture pieces for the wine bar that will suit your taste. All you have to do is shop wisely. Research first before going to the store to buy one or check the Internet for useful ideas.  

Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes

Two days before I traveled here, my husband and I dined at Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes in Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines.

We ordered Pasta Lasagna, Ripe Mango Smoothie, Dark Choco Smoothie and a slice of Strawberry Crunch. For less than P700.00, we enjoyed delectable snacks at Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes.

As my second time to dine at the restaurant and pastry house, it was really awesome. I came back for the Pasta Lasagna and the Ripe Mango Smoothie. The taste of the well-cooked lasagna is exceptionally delicious.

I also like the concept of the dining place. Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes has an amazing dining concept that is perfect for those who like well-designed restaurants. The color combination is truly remarkable.

Manila Temple Philippines in Quezon City

I've been hoping to be back here at Manila Temple Philippines in Quezon City. This is the place where I got married just like thousands of my church-mates and friends who chose this place for an eternal marriage ceremony.

If you have traveled to White Plains in Quezon City and noticed this heavenly place, you're aware now that this is the Manila Philippines Temple . I know that I have friends who are not aware that I frequently visit this place because I am a latter-day saint (LDS), otherwise known as a Mormon.

Just a quick reminder and as an answer to the silent questions of my friends, the central figure of our church is Jesus Christ, so the church is named after Him. We also have four standard books such as the bible (King James Version), The Doctrine of Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Mormon that is another testament of Jesus Christ. We gather in the meeting place that is built in each area that we live and worship every Sunday with corresponding Sunday School after the sacrament meeting.

If you are also curious as to my distinct style, that is so modest, that is because I chose to follow a standard of clothing that we teach to our young women across the globe.

The Manila Philippines Temple, which is located at 13 Temple Drive, Greenmeadows Subdivision, Quezon City, 1110 Metro Manila, is one of the operating temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There is also another temple in Cebu, Philippines and also soon in Urdaneta, Philippines. I've decided to write a short post about my latest visit here since the groundbreaking of this holy place in the metro was 35 years ago on August 25, 1982.

Outfit of the Day

I am still following the modest standard of clothing up to now so I decided to don a knee-length skirt that I teamed with a Uniqlo stripe shirt and a pair of black boots. To complete the look, I chose to accessorize it with a small lavender scarf that will match my lavender socks.

My original plan is to wear a pair of heeled shoes to match the knee-length skirt and stripe shirt but I thought it wasn't perfect for traveling to Quezon City, Philippines. Essentially, I preferred comfort over style this time around.

The shirt is originally a long-sleeve piece but I cut the sleeves since I want to feel comfortable during travel. It is obviously a struggle to wear formal clothing when it is hot outside so I have to find ways to do it.

From Guadalupe, we preferred to ride a bus to Ortigas and drop by the mall to eat breakfast. Then, we hopped on a cab to reach the temple before noontime. It was a quick travel because there is heavy traffic at that time. We arrived home before early dinner by riding the Temple Shuttle to Ortigas and then by bus to Guadalupe. It's just one jeepney ride to reach the apartment after that.

My husband and I also bought church-related books and supplies after visiting the temple. The weather isn't really good since it's too hot outside with no signs of rain. I even have to wait for a little shade so we can take photos. Despite everything, I was happy that we were able to travel this time. The temple has given me peace of mind for so long that I always see it as heaven on earth.

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Uptown Girl Drops By at Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City Taguig Philippines

I have always dreamed to be a full-time blogger and travel around the country at least once a month. I haven't tried it for years because I work full-time in the corporate world. Now that I had a chance to do it, I started planning to be back in the freelance world.

One of the ways to prepare for the sudden shift from a full-time office girl to a freelance writer is to visit the places that really attracted my attention. I tried to visit the places that has been part of my favorites while living in Manila.

Uptown Mall is one of the places that I want to visit before my flight to Mindanao so I did a quick tour last week. I've been here for a while but I didn't have a chance to roam around because of my hectic work schedule. I didn't know that it is an expansive shopping and lifestyle haven.

Outfit of the Day

I'm just a modest street girl, sometimes an Uptown girl, so I decided to wear the same uniform that I had for years. The pair of light-hued jeans really matched with my dark-colored top and black vest. I chose a pair of black shoes with block heels for a change. I have no flat shoes for the mall tour because all my belongings were already sent to Mindanao before my flight.

My friend said she works in one of annex buildings of the mall so I was really hoping I could see her by chance. It was just a quick visit so I was not able to tell her that I am dropping by the said place and I don't want to disturb her working hours.

Canon Is Out, iPad is In for Taking Photos Outside the Mall

It is not really allowed to just take pictures outside the mall using high end cameras. You will need to ask permission at the administration office. It is alright to use your cellular phone camera and I was even allowed to use my iPad. 

During our visit, there was an earthquake in Batangas so I experienced it inside the mall. It is not obvious to me, even if I am just seated in a bench. I only felt the slow movement of the building but it wasn't so noticeable.

I'm planning to be back here next time. There are familiar restaurants that I first known when I worked for Postmates through TaskUs. I'll definitely try dining in all those restaurants when I am at the metro again.

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Hiring a Private Car in Sri Lanka

It was just last week that my husband mentioned about Sri Lanka during one of our latest research project for this blog. I got curious about the island country, which is officially named as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, so I researched for a possible blog topic featuring the said place. Today, you are so lucky to learn a few important things about the country. The topic of this blog post is about hiring a private car in Sri Lanka and I am really excited to share this with you.

Popular Reasons To Visit Sri Lanka

There are probably hundreds of popular reasons to visit Sri Lanka nowadays. However, we need to scale down to the most popular ones to get hints on why many people flock to the said country and to encourage ourselves to start the journey just like others.

1. The island country shows abundance in terms of wildlife resources that tame tourists to stay in for a while, or even for so long. There are many wild animals to watch in national parks such as buffalo, elephants, leopards and more.

2. There are scenic places in Sri Lanka that will make you roam around the island country in sheer excitement. If you will include a morning hike in your itinerary, you will be in tune with nature and enjoy the trek with others. You will surely enjoy the amazing views that you will see along the way.

3. There are amazing hotels and resorts for first time travelers and frequent visitors that you can book online.

4. Think about the mouth-watering dishes served in restaurants of the island country and you will be curious to give it a try. You'll probably plan your next journey that includes Sri Lanka in your list of new places to visit soon.

Why Hire a Private Car With a Driver in Sri Lanka?

Knowing the possibility of visiting Sri Lanka, you will need to prepare everything before going there so you will have a memorable trip. One of the most important part of your trip is the decision to hire a private car with a driver so that you can maximize your time in wandering around the said place. Here are things that you should remember in doing so.

1. The main goal is to reach your destination safely without spending a lot of money. This can be done by paying for a private car with a driver through a travel agent. This is one of the most common techniques of many guests to save time, money and resources while going around beautiful places in Sri Lanka.

2. Don't forget to choose a reputable or trusted travel agent to help you in having a reliable driver of a rented private car in Sri Lanka. You'll expect a well-planned travel to different places without disregarding safety and affordability.

3. By hiring a private car with a driver via a travel agent, you will have security in your trip and enjoy personal service as you hop from one place to another.

4. Although it is cheaper to rely on public transport services, there are awesome things that you will let go if you will prefer that option. The public transport network of Sri Lanka is a bit chaotic and you can't expect a more organized trip because of that. What will you do if a bus arrives late? It will surely affect your itinerary and your entire travel experience so it is better to avoid the said scenario. If you will hire a private car with a multi-lingual chauffeur, you will surely have a superb experience in your trip.

5. There is a huge improvement in the road network in Sri Lanka so you don't have to worry in traveling from one place to another. Take note of the lesser traffic on weekends so you can plan your trip properly.

Know More About The Travel Cost

The most common payment for this service is Rs. 45 per kilometer and that includes vehicle and driver fee. There are cases when the travel agent requires you to pay upfront 10% of the quoted price so it is better to coordinate with your travel agent. Since you will also be billed of additional trips, you will have to consider it in your transportation allowance for the trip around the island country.

Make sure to research about hiring the tuk or the three-wheeled vehicle for short distances so you will not be charged higher as the usual rate. If the meter machine isn't working, it should not be used while you ride in the tuk so you will not pay unreasonable amount of money.

Always remember that hiring a private car with a driver through a travel agent is the easiest way to tour around Sri Lanka. You will need to meet your driver beforehand, though, to make sure that there will be no language barrier.

Lastly, think about having enough space for your luggage that buses don't have and the great possibility of having an efficient trip all throughout Sri Lanka. Don't forget to make your next trip a memorable one.

Strolling Around at Greenbelt Mall in Makati City Philippines

Travel is one way to check the popular places of a certain area, recreating memories to keep for a long time and keeping friendship alive.

It is also one way to familiarize a favorite place one last time - before I move on to another place to wander in this life.

A few days before my scheduled flight to Mindanao, my friend and I embarked on a really simple way to enjoy walking around the metro. We walked through the secluded park of Greenbelt Mall in Makati City just like other people who visited the place. It wasn't a time for me to go shopping because I already prepared everything I need before my plan to leave the city. So I just want to stroll in the park with my friend. 

Greenbelt Mall in Makati City

Greenbelt Mall is actually composed of five contemporary buildings and is nestled at four popular areas such as Makati Avenue, Paseo de Roxas, Arnaiz Road and Legazpi Street. Each building is numbered from one to five and has distinctive design as compared to others. Simply put, each building has a unique style and architectural design. 

The mall is open daily and the shops are open at 10:00 AM. The closing time is 10:00 PM. There is a small catholic chapel at the central part of the mall that is surrounded by five buildings. It is really a serene place for an afternoon walk, except those hours that they schedule concerts for shoppers, just like the last time I was there with my friend.

Outfit of the Day

I already sent my things through cargo or waybill so I only have a few clothes left for me. For this day out, I donned a black A-line skirt and a blue and black blouse. I simply finished off the outfit with a pair of black Figlia shoes and a simple makeup.

I used to visit this place with my husband. My favorite building is Greenbelt 5 because of the affordable movie tickets that they offer to their guests. I've watched The Hunger Games film at the said movie and shopping haven. It is also located near the lush garden that is perfect for picture-taking.

I am fond of the fish pond, too. The pathway leading to it is surrounded with orchids that really caught my attention. There are cats around the area and I even saw them taken cared of by a group of people. There are a lot of people walking from one pathway to another during weekends so I make sure that we visit during weekdays.   

There are many restaurants around Greenbelt in Makati City. Since I am a seafood lover, I prefer dining at The Red Crab Alimango House located at Greenbelt 3. I usually dine at the said place with my friends in the office.

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Cabalen at Market! Market!

The first week of July is very busy for me. Straight from a scheduled photo shoot, my husband and I arrived to dine at Cabalen that is located in Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City Taguig, Philippines. It is a well-known eat all you can restaurant in the metro that food lovers usually visit from time to time.

It was my idea to have lunch in the said eat all you can restaurant because I really like their place at Cabalen in Glorietta Makati City. Based on my previous post, I can see in the photos familiar dishes and that means I really have my favorite choices at Cabalen.

Cabalen at Fiesta Market! Market!

One of the reasons I chose Cabalen at Fiesta Market! Market! is accessibility. It is located near our place and so convenient for me to dine there after picture taking for the blog. There are times that I just want to enjoy a fiesta setting during lunch so I visit this place from time to time.

Outfit of the Day

My outfit for the dining experience is so simple - I preferred wearing a gingham vest, a white Uniqlo t-shirt and a structured skirt.

For my footwear, I just donned a pair of black shoes so I will be comfortable for the lunch out. My hair is braided and styled on one side since it is part of the look that I had for the fashion shoot.

The Dining Place

Cabalen is located near Gerry's Grill just before the main entrance of the mall at Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City Taguig. It is clean and well-maintained so you don't have to worry about its ambiance.

I suggest that you check their discounted seats for dinner from time to time. I really wanted to try it if I am not busy but I wasn't able to avail one. When I saw that they offered discounted eat all you can meals, I was busy preparing for work.

Budget For Lunch Out at Cabalen Market! Market!

Our budget for the dining experience is more than P600.00 and it is more than enough to eat all you want at the restaurant. My husband and I love fiesta dining so it was perfect. Sometimes you will need to pay additional P60.00 for the drinks so you have to watch out for that. 

Food Review of Cabalen Restaurant at Fiesta Market! Market!

I would be honest with you - I am thrilled to eat fried fish at Cabalen. It is just a simple way to enjoy seafood without spending more time preparing it. I love seafood dishes so those are my first choices when I eat at an eat all you can restaurant.

Aside from that, I love their kare kare because it is well-cooked since the taste is just perfect. Even if I'm after the vegetables, I really love the whole of it. There are other well-prepared food products at the Cabalen, including desserts and native snacks. By the way, ice cream is not served here. I am not sure if they're not really serving it since we had ice cream at Cabalen Glorietta branch.

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Tahanan Ni Aling Meding Hotel in San Pablo City Laguna

The sudden shift from fashion to more on travel posts is a result of my decision to focus on visiting my favorite places around the country. Although I have plans to travel abroad, I still have to roam around this beautiful country and enjoy each and every place that I visit here before going there. It is like enjoying the beauty of the place that I hold dear for so many years - the Philippines.

Fortunately, I really don't just stay in the metro. I'm both familiar in traveling from the north to the south of the country and can speak and understand a handful of dialects just to survive each journey. It gives me confidence in wandering around the beautiful places that I have only seen in the map as tiny lines and dots.

Purpose of the Travel

I'm so eager to check San Pablo City in Laguna because of a blogger friend named Jona of Jona Shares who is from the said place. She used to share with me tales about the place, especially about the lakes. It heightened my curiosity so I silently planned for a short visit there. Luckily, it happened within this year. Also, my husband agreed to travel with me. In April, I have finally set foot on one of the famous lakes in San Pablo and marveled at the beauty of the said place. Being able to visit the City of the Seven Lakes is a blessing.

Outfit of the Day

I just came back from Mindanao so I've decided to be practical in choosing my outfit for our travel to San Pablo City in Laguna. I chose a blue lace dress for the trip and I teamed it up with a simple pair of pink and light brown sandals. To look modest, I donned a pink inner shirt that will match with the footwear. Obviously, I wanted to have my own version of a Bohemian look so I can travel lightly.

Why did I chose this outfit?

I really felt comfortable when we had this trip last April. The dress is lightweight and so easy to style. I really don't need to layer that much so I was able to save on clothes for the travel. I've chose this long frock to cover my legs because I wanted to avoid wearing stockings so that I will be comfortable hopping from one vehicle to another. This is the dress that I donned at the Christmas Party celebration in the office two years ago so I only used this twice.

Tahanan Ni Aling Meding Hotel

Our purpose in visiting San Pablo City is to check on one of the lakes so we looked for a hotel that is located near one of it. Fortunately, I was able to find Tahanan Ni Aling Meding Hotel two days before our trip. This is located really near the lake so it was a perfect choice.

If you want to book early and save money, you can book a room at Tahanan Ni Aling Meding Hotel here. The telephone numbers are:

(049) 562 5855
(049) 562 5851
Manila Line 02 520 6089
USA Line 925 478 6038
Mobile Globe 0917 592 2830
Mobile Smart 0939 938 7362
Their email address is admin@tahanan.info
Website is www.tahahanhotel.com

It is easy to find the hotel so you don't have to worry if you will choose walk-in booking. Indeed, the place is magnificent in structure and it is even located next to one of our church's chapels in San Pablo City. The address of the hotel is Dagatan Boulevard (Sampaloc Lake), San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines.

We arrived at the place around noontime and by walk-in preference, so we booked one room for us. The room assigned to us is located at the third floor of the huge mansion so it is easy to look at the lovely Sampaloc Lake that stretched so proudly in the area. The Deluxe Room is not so huge but it is worth the price that we paid that is less than P3,000.00. It has basic facilities such as wifi, cable television, hot and cold shower, small refrigerator, telephone and air condition unit.

Our hotel room booking includes breakfast so we don't have to eat outside the hotel the next morning. If you're curious as to the menu for breakfast, just think of the usual food served at home such as well-cooked eggs, hotdogs or longganisa and a cup of hot chocolate drink. The hotel presents itself as your second home so you will feel like you're having breakfast in your own place.

For me, one of the most beautiful parts of the hotel is the fabulous lobby. It is well-decorated and has lots of chairs for relaxation while looking at the lake. If you go outside a little bit, you will feel the fresh air. I got a chance to just sit down there while waiting for my husband who is busy swimming at the pool. The hotel sits atop a hill so it feels like you're high at a mountain top and lounging in the sofa of a beautiful second home for travelers. Who wouldn't want that feeling?

Sampaloc Lake in San Pablo City Laguna

Right in front of Tahanan Ni Aling Meding Hotel gate is a massive lake named Sampaloc Lake. It is one of the famed seven lakes of San Pablo City in Laguna that can be accessed by tourists. Personally, I'm amazed of its remarkable beauty, immense grandeur and breathtaking presence.

Before traveling there, I also researched about the legend of the largest lake in San Pablo. It was the story of a fairy who disguised herself as a poor old woman to test the hospitality of a childless, rich couple that owned a massive tamarind or sampaloc tree. The couple didn't give the poor old woman or the fairy tamarind or sampaloc to satisfy her hunger so the latter touched the tamarind tree and it became a huge body of water after a terrible storm. This is not the love story kind of legend shared to me by Jona, which is the tale of the other lakes, but I really like the story of Sampaloc Lake.

The silence offered by the lake is a glorious companion, especially if you secretly came to its aid for soul searching. I've connected myself to it through marveling at its beauty and spreading gratitude to the One who created it, so I can tell her my innermost thoughts. After all, nature heals all kinds of pain. I got the best treatment at that time. Its tranquility is what captured my heart and I might come back for another round of nature loving.

How To Get There

From Manila, you can ride a bus to San Pablo City in Laguna. I suggest that you travel early so you will have a comfortable bus ride in going there. Since it was our first time in going there, we just informed the bus conductor to drop us at SM San Pablo City.

After that, we hired a tricycle to bring us to Sampaloc Lake where we can find Tahanan Ni Aling Meding Hotel. It was a smooth and fast travel so we arrived at the place just before lunch time. There are affordable restaurants nearby so you will have multiple choices for dining purposes.

Suggested Activities Near Sampaloc Lake

I think it is boring to just stay at the hotel so I've listed at least three things to do in the city.

1. Walk around Sampaloc Lake and take pictures for remembrance

2. Enjoy packed lunch at the area just like others

3. Watch sunrise or sunset by sitting down at one of the benches

These things are so simple yet it will help you appreciate life and the beauty of nature. For being busy at work, these are the activities that I rarely do but treasure so much in my life. It is not only a great way to eliminate and forget stressful moments, but it is also a way of resting from day to day activities.

Budget For The Trip

We only spent less than P5,000 for this trip. It is a tight budget but we were able to maximize it for the overnight stay in the said place. As suggestion, you can just eat dinner in one of the trendy restaurants near the hotel, just in front of the lake, and enjoy the famous Batangas Lomi that is so delicious and affordable for you.

Our travel to San Pablo City in Laguna is memorable for me. I've learned a lot of things, especially in trying to completely prepare for the trip. There were lapses in my preparation so we have to spend more for it. I wasn't able to research more about the latest price of the overnight stay at Tahanan ni Aling Meding Hotel so we have to add a little extra to the payment. It affected our budget so I had to eat twice at a nearby restaurant to save money. So it is really better to plan your trip early and contact the hotel representatives to ask about change of prices and other necessary details.

Our original plan is to try at least four affordable dining places but it didn't happen because we have to alter our budget. We did the right thing in adjusting our budget, though, because we were able to save extra cash for grocery shopping.

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Featuring The Prominence of Stylish Sweatsuits

There's an interesting outerwear that I'm going to share with you today. It is called a tracksuit, otherwise known as a sweatsuit, that is perfect for those who love outdoor activities. This is a popular outfit nowadays in line with the prominence of health and wellness industry.

So what is a sweatsuit or tracksuit? We have been seeing amazing photos of fashion darlings wearing the said attire so we really want to know more about this. If you're curious about this item, let's talk about it in this post.

According to Wikipedia, a tracksuit is a styling piece that consists of two parts such as a jacket with a zipper on the front and trousers. There are modern versions of this outfit that are just in plain colors and in simple design.

Originally, this is the outerwear used for sports-related activities. But with the remarkable styling ingenuity of fashion lovers nowadays, it transitioned from a sports attire to a style uniform that is shown in the street. Imagine trendy and casual look with a little bit of sporty twist?

Judging upon the definition of a tracksuit or sweatsuit, you will realize that it is the perfect example of an athleisure look. It is also a popular fashion term that hasn't reached the radar yet of those who remain loyal to basic styling techniques. After all, many people don't prefer wearing a tracksuit in public especially during the time when it is not yet acceptable as a fashion uniform.

What are the examples of tracksuits that we can wear in public nowadays?

Think about wearing yoga pants, well-designed leggings and other comfortable pieces fit for sports activities. In that sense, this can be added to your list of sporty-casual trend and athleisure styling ideas.

If you are not convinced yet, let me share with you the way celebrities wear tracksuits to daily activities such as strolling in the park, enjoying brunch with friends and even running errands in between important tasks that are related to work or school.

Let me share with you Gigi Hadid's impressive athleisure look. The 22-year-old model was recently spotted wearing a simple version of a sweatsuit. Wearing a blue two-piece athleisure attire, she looked absolutely gorgeous. She teamed it with a pair of chic footwear and sunglasses. To complete the look, she put on a dark-hued lipstick and carried a white purse.

Images | www.DailyMail.co.uk

Aside from Gigi Hadid, there's another famed model who loves to show off her athleisure styling prowess. Kendall Jenner did a more appealing take of the style by wearing a bright orange Heron Preston sweatsuit. She completed the outfit with a pair of black shoes, sunglasses, and a really simple hairstyle.

I'm also planning to copy this look so I can have a chance to enjoy wearing sporty-casual clothing pieces. If you love this clothing item, let me know in the comments below.