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Kate Bosworth Looks Effortlessly Chic In a Flower Printed Dress

We know the Kate Bosworth is a well-known fashion girl. She has donned countless clothing pieces that made her so popular in the world of styling. Earlier today, the 34-year-old actress showed off her feminine look as she attended an event to promote her new project.

Kate was spotted wearing a lovely floral frock at the prestigious activity where she promotes her new National Geographic Channel TV mini series. The Giambattista Valli haute dress is the perfect style item to make her look glamorous and stunning for the event at Los Angeles.

Images | The Daily Mail

The lovely actress teamed the chic dress with a pair of black heels, a dark red lipstick and a gorgeous hairstyle. Since the floral dress is well-designed, she finished off the look with a flattering makeup and a sparkling ring.

Time for Myself and Blogging

I know that you've been waiting for my posts these days. I rarely share my thoughts and opinion here. I got sick and was forced to decide so I can continue my career in the corporate world. I need to take a short break.

Luckily, I still have work to do when I come back here. Blogging is really a real hobby for me. My friends find it weird if I don't post often so I made sure I'm doing it today. After having some studies about guitar center okc and creating my online shop, I also read a few articles about fashion. You know that I usually do it everyday.

I feel better after trying all kinds of medicines for my cough. I had a hard time adjusting to my new job so stress from the daily grind changed me. No wonder I have to prioritize taking care of myself now. I want to accomplish a lot nowadays and to catch up with everything.

Dining at C & L Sea View Hotel in Dipolog City

I haven't shown you the photos of my experience in dining at C & L Sea View Hotel in Dipolog City. The place is so popular in downtown Dipolog knowing that it's located just across Lee Plaza - all you have to do is to walk a few steps!

To give you an idea of the food they're serving, which are mostly Filipino dishes with a mix of Asian cuisine, I'll share the photos here.

We liked the taste of the food since it isn't too spicy. Personally, I don't like salty food. It should be cooked with the right amount of taste so I can savor it. Here, my favorite is the Sotanghon because it's just perfect. I ended up bringing the leftover after dining there.

It's also very affordable. For less than twelve diners, we ordered just perfectly because all of us really enjoyed it and we only paid less than P1,500.00. We had rice to match the dishes and drinks. Overall, it was an amazing dining experience. I'll definitely go back there.