Trip To Manukan Zamboanga del Norte

I was about to take a nap when my friend Iris told me to join them for a quick trip to Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte. I hesitated at first since I'm really sleepy. I need a quick nap to freshen up. However, I was thinking of the possibility of not going there again. So even if I was too tired to get, I said yes to the invitation.

We just entered the building that is actually a huge chicken emblem if seen outside it. There are many artifacts that art lovers would really appreciate. The paintings are awesome and it will remind you of the rich culture that the place has engraved in the hearts of the people for many years.

The entrance fee to enter the remarkable artwork is only P20.00 at the time we visited it. We had tons of photos there. I was able to record a video and when you search my other blog name Miss Karen Lopez, you'll see it via Google.

I had so much fun. Thanks to Dennis and Iris, I had a chance to see it. Have you visited the place this year? Let me know. Take care!