Winner of Apprentice Asia Graces Sun Life's Live Brighter Campaign

What it's like to be with successful people when you're in the process of reaching your dreams? These days, the era of identifying millennials to show off their true nature is tremendously popular. They're very active in pursuing passion projects that are really disrupting for better results. The shining generation are full of dreamers with the spirit of achieving success by taking advantage of what's already within them. I'm talking here about innate talents that have been ignited to reach one's goals by using all available resources these days. That's what makes me believe in the live brighter campaign of Sun Life here in the Philippines.

It's even more enticing if you get to know the people who have moved mountains to be successful and are able to inspire all of us. Obviously, I was so lucky to attend an event graced by the first ever winner of the hit reality show "Apprentice Asia," Jonathan Yabut, wherein it's a happening that gathers bloggers and financial advisors so we could listen to his story of how he rose from humble beginnings to become a successful businessman and an in-demand motivational speaker.

 Jonathan's story is very inspiring as he told us the real reason why he won the prestigious competition. He said that "I won because I was the most prepared contestant," and it really made me believe that preparation is key to achieve success.

Yabut, who served as Chief of Staff for AirAsia for a year after winning the reality television show hosted by Malaysian business mogul Tony Fernandes, now manages his very own JY Consultancy & Ventures, which operates in Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. It's an exciting venture because he's on his way to be at par with my favorite motivational speakers such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and more. Since I'm collecting self-help books, I'm also planning to buy his published pieces.

In front of eager bloggers and financial advisors, Jonathan shared about the key principles that catapulted him to fame and success. He also emphasized the importance of serving a social purpose. After all, millennials love to give back to the community since it's an inspiration to keep improving one's work.

Aside from that, I'm so excited to keep the secret recipe to success and apply it on my daily tasks so I can be successful. With Sun Life's continuous efforts to spread awareness about financial literacy, I'll also be inspired to add my investment portfolio whenever I'm ready. I have only one so it's really beneficial to keep it growing.

Aside from Jonathan Yabut, Sun Life Financial advisor JP Cruz also spoke, providing bloggers an peek at his own career, as well as his personal journey. Personally, I learned a lot from him after he told us about how he reached rock bottom in both his finances and his love life, and what he did to overcome the struggle. As a present successful Sun Life advisor, Cruz interestingly mentioned similar thought to what Yabut emphasized: that is to have a deeper reason for the work one pursues. For Cruz, he was able to do it by helping people achieve a lifetime of financial security. Definitely, this will inspire more millenials to join the bandwagon of brighter future and well-balanced lifestyle.

"There's so much inspiration to be had in this Live Brighter Session, between Jonathan's and JP's stories. I'm sure that the bloggers who joined us in the venue and even those who tuned in via Facebook Live found motivation to continue pursuing their dreams and finding a purpose to serve," Sun Life Financial Advisor Recruitment Manager Fin Bernardo said. "We hope that this also opens to them opportunities that they can enjoy if they become a financial advisor. It's a career that's definitely meaningful, and at the same time financially rewarding." 

"Live Brighter Sessions" are set to be held in Cebu and Davao. For more details, follow @sunlife on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Interested to become a Sun Life advisor? Visit Sun Life Advisor to learn more.