Looking Back To Where It Started

I've decided to share something about my college days. I had a chance to study at the College of Law in Mindanao State University, Marawi City.

If it's beautiful, you'll never forget it. That's how I describe the place where I have the most fond memories kept in my heart. I'll share another part of the, though. To sway it, I'd like to share with you that I had seen this beautiful scenery before and it's under siege now.

I won't talk about the negative side of things. There are other ways to address it, especially taking advantage of the love that our Father in Heaven has given us. Let's pray for safety and for His endless mercy. Such a lovely place is also very legendary, many people would start telling you tales that all of its corners can attest its validity. Well, students from across the southern part of the country and even those from the metro flock here for quality education. The best thing that I had here? It's the resilience of being a government scholar. Here, life is different. You'll have all kinds of test, even the literal and the figurative meaning of it. Have I told you that we eat in plastic bags [not in plates sometimes] because we want to save water? We want to save time, too. It's always raining. I wasn't able to practice being a fashion apprentice because there's no way I can keep my clothes so tidy all the time. Imagine the lifestyle that I had as a student. I love everything of it, though. And I'll never forget it.