Going All Black for Sunday School

I wasn't able to post for the last two weeks, I apologize for that. I had an awesome vacation, that's why. It seemed that such a plan is necessary since I've been busy working for a year after my last trip away from the metro. By the way, how are you? I'm really grateful that you, my readers, stayed with me through the years.

During vacation, I just visited my favorite places. I also cooked delicious meals for my mother. I was able to bond with my dog. I also researched about musiciansfriend.com audio mixer through my iPad since I can't open my laptop. Obviously, I took a lot of pictures every now and then and you will find it on my social media accounts.

I also made sure that I attended Sunday School and other church services while having a two-week vacation. Since I only have two dresses for the trip, I chose to wear all black for the first Sunday of my travel. It's easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. There's no need to iron it for use so it's easy to pack in my traveling bag.