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Kan-anan at Sunset Boulevard in Dapitan City

There are days when I just want to wander around and spend time with my mother. Let alone the days I spend time reading my favorite days, I still used to have free time for myself. That's important to have time to reflect and redirect my life.

One day, my mother and I decided to visit Dapitan City so we can tour around for the whole day. It was a trip that we didn't plan - just an inspiration from the beautiful places I see at Instagram. We chose Dapitan City because it is so accessible and we haven't tried eating in a more carefree way.

Luckily, we still see the restaurant that we have visited a year ago, the popular Kan-anan at Sunset, Boulevard in Dipolog City. I love grilled food so it's really the place for me. The dining place is so affordable. For less than P400.00, my mom and I got a chance to have a sumptuous brunch. All I have tried these is their grilled fish and I'll come back for more.

I've been there so many times and my close friend was so amazed that I know some people there. Maybe, it's because the dining area is so affordable and accessible for me. Also, it's located near Gloria de Dapitan.

Gone With The Wind For A While

I had a self-evaluation for the past two weeks, a time to reflect about the things that I've done so far and the things that I need to do. It was a long process because I have to consider the impact of every decision that I made lately. While doing this meaningful work, I listened to my favorite songs - mostly from the 80's and 90's that will make me remember about sophisticated musical instruments such as dj speakers check it out at GuitarCenter and other amazing tidbits about music.

I realized that I have a lot of things to change in the way I handle the challenges in life. I'm too fearless that makes it too boring. Maybe, I should tone down. I need to be less confident. It's not smart to look too fierce when life is really scary. Even a strong woman must slow down a bit.

From now on, I'll cherish every moment of my life. No shortcuts. We don't know what will happen next. If there are things that I don't understand, I shouldn't feel so learned that I don't need to ask anyone. I'll humbly ask questions to anyone, even to the ignorant. Sometimes ordinary people lead you to a much-needed enlightenment once in a while.

I had a long battle in this life. It wasn't all glamorous. The scars may not be visible, but the constant struggles remain noticeable. How will you face a life that's unique? Make your own choices. Just like what I did. I don't want other people to do the choosing for me. Obviously, you're aware that you should be the author of your own existence.

Going All Black for Sunday School

I wasn't able to post for the last two weeks, I apologize for that. I had an awesome vacation, that's why. It seemed that such a plan is necessary since I've been busy working for a year after my last trip away from the metro. By the way, how are you? I'm really grateful that you, my readers, stayed with me through the years.

During vacation, I just visited my favorite places. I also cooked delicious meals for my mother. I was able to bond with my dog. I also researched about musiciansfriend.com audio mixer through my iPad since I can't open my laptop. Obviously, I took a lot of pictures every now and then and you will find it on my social media accounts.

I also made sure that I attended Sunday School and other church services while having a two-week vacation. Since I only have two dresses for the trip, I chose to wear all black for the first Sunday of my travel. It's easy to wear, comfortable and stylish. There's no need to iron it for use so it's easy to pack in my traveling bag.