Going Classy With White T-Shirt Styling For Modest Look

It's not only all black that makes the fashion world so classy. Let's bring in the beauty of white, too. Well, it's both that make us aim for class and comfort at the same time. So for now, let's get back to the basics, shall we?

From basic white t-shirt and black leggings to the ease of adding pop of color to the look, I tried to find simple looks for this styling hobby. You'll see that this Uniqlo white t-shirt is a perfect canvass to the colorful side of a little vest that I bought at Market! Market! Department Store last January. The pairs of heeled shoes did the trick to elevate the style.

To achieve a classy look, I opted for a minimalist take on this one. No pretensions, just pure passion for fashion based on what I already have in my closet.
It's alright to start setting your wardrobe from basic items to make sure that you'll have timeless pieces.
Since the look is so simple, I chose to wear a really red lipstick and a simple makeup. It's not even noticeable.

Here are the things to remember in styling a basic white t-shirt. First, choose a round neck design. It's easy to style and so flattering. Second, focus on contrasting silhouettes to create balance. Here, I teamed both fit t-shirt with a pair of plain black pants because it looks good on me. It's up to you. Just choose the items that you're comfortable wearing everyday. Lastly, you can experiment on different looks such as matching the white t-shirt with shorts, skirts and jeans. As for me, I chose pieces that will contribute to my goal of sharing modest styling ideas.