Don't Speak Good. Speak Well! The Nosebleed Edition Book

These days, speaking and writing the English language well is very essential. It will help you get the best jobs in town. It will help you enrich your career, too. It's essential if you have passion in writing and public speaking. Since it's a universal language, you'll always find it helpful to master speaking and writing English well especially if you're climbing the ladder of success.

There are people who aren't really good in speaking English, but learned to do so because they chose to study it by heart. Personally, it's not my native language so my efforts in studying it is obvious. It's also helpful to find training materials online. However, it's even better to buy a book about speaking and writing the English language well. What do you think?

It's so nice to speak English perfectly, but there are times that it's not really possible. Based on my observation, it's important to speak it always no matter where you are. To make it perfect, constant practice is key. It's also true that developing a habit of watching movies with English language is useful.

For those who only learned such language in school, it's not easy to do. There's a need for more practice speaking English to speak it well. Luckily, we have tons of way to learn to speak English well. There are countless training materials out there. We are just looking for the most effective one, given that we are so busy with a lot of things.

One of the best ways to learn to speak English well is to read and study the best-selling book, Don't Speak Good. Speak Well! The Nosebleed Edition. I have secured a copy of the book and it's really helpful especially in my quest to perfect my English grammar, conversational English skills and pronunciation.

Here are the things that you will love about the book.

1. It's a pocket-size edition. This is a piece of work that will be your companion at work and in attending school activities so you can study the English language. It's not heavy so I can put it in my bag all the time. Such a convenient way to study speaking and writing in English language.

2. It's easy to use. Since the book is so well-written, you'll have a handy guide to bring wherever you may go. It's concise and direct with many examples that you can study. Obviously, you can master the English language through this book. You can always start with the basic strategies.

3. It's complete for your study. The book is composed of 115 pages and three parts. The first part is about Rules of Grammar. From Parts to Speech to Active and Passive Voice, you'll have it all. It's a concise way of having a quick review of English grammar. The second part is Expressions and Conversation Strategies. You'll learn how to show empathy through your words and to listen with interest verbally and non-verbally.

4. It's affordable. The book is not expensive. For less than P600.00 or even lower than that, you'll have a copy of the book. You can't find a handy and affordable piece anywhere that are complete with information needed to learn in speaking English properly.

I'm so happy that I have a copy of this book. My favorite part of the book is the Rules of Grammar. I can't just perfect it so I need to study more of it. I'm a writer so it's really important to make it a habit to be grammar-conscious. Aside from that, I want to get high grades in examinations given during job application.

I'm also inspired with the Sounds of English since I have a regional accent. Every time I speak English, it's always noticeable. Even if I try to speak properly, there are times that you can still hear me speaking with my regional accent. Not cool! So I really need this book.

If you want to know more about the book, you can check their Facebook Page. I've also featured this on my YouTube Channel so you'll feel the passion of learning the art of speaking and writing in English.

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What are your aspirations in speaking English well? Let me know in the comments below or in my Facebook Page so we can talk about it.