Modest Fashion Ideas That Every BPO Office Girl Should Know

There are many ways to prepare for modest fashion styling. However, it's necessary to choose your favorite style options based on your personal style. Aside from that, we are always in a hurry every morning so it's really helpful to have a guide on preparing modest styling.

Before you choose your own style options, be sure to ask your human resource staff about the office dress policy so you can shop for clothes accordingly. I'm so lucky to have a relaxed dress policy in the BPO office where I work so I can wear any appropriate clothes even the usual fashion uniforms of other bloggers worldwide. So here are my suggestions for you to consider.

1. Focus more on achieving a fabulous not-so-black look.

It's easy to channel your classy feeling and one of the ways to do so is to wear black. If you don't like to wear all black, you can wear a really chic black long-sleeve blouse to look more geeky while in the office. The unique ornaments of my blouse provided an elegant effect to the look. Even though I look like a villain every time I wear this black top, I still love it.

2. Wear long skirts in style.

For every girl who loves to wear something elegant, it's hard to show off the look without style and comfort in mind. I suggest a more dramatic style by wearing a maxi skirt and a top with vivid color. Finish the look with a white vest and a pair of light-colored wedges. Keep it balanced by wearing a simple makeup, something that will make your maxi skirt more attractive than any of your accessories.

3. Choose a structured skirt that will match most of your blouses in your closet.

Every time you shop for new clothes, make sure to think about what you already have in your closet. If you want to have structured skirts, choose dark-colored pieces so you can pair it with your light-colored blouses. If it's printed, make sure that you can wear it with your plain long-sleeve blouses.

4. Shop more elegant dresses for weekend gatherings.

The art of wearing modest fashion clothing pieces is doable by shopping more knee-length dresses that's perfect for weekend events. You can start shopping for dark-hued frocks, and then elevate your style game by collecting dresses with delicate style. So you'll start from buying simple ones to keeping a number of chic designs. Think about your personal style, your favorite designs and the items that will highlight your body and hide the imperfections. It's a trick that seasoned stylists do to create an awesome look.

5. Try wearing wedges to elevate your look.

One of the best ways to make a pair of leggings look fabulous when teamed with a massive top is to wear wedges. It will not only transform the look into a more sophisticated take on casual styling, it will also give you an enviable aura. The BPO office setting is usually a place to stay grounded but fearless at the same time. You'll have that much-needed edge if you'll wear something special. It's the pair of wedges that will do the trick for you.

6. Always win the denim game.

We usually go to the office wearing denim jeans and even take on the new trend of pairing it with denim jacket. It's not actually a new trend, but a fresher way to win the denim game. Since you'll be wearing structured pieces, try to soften your look by wearing simple footwear.

7. Master the art of mix and match.

There's nothing wrong if you have only a few items in your closet. What matters most is you have the key pieces to create style options. Don't forget to invest on a really good pair of jeans and black trousers. If you have light-colored dresses, you can pair it with a black coat and a comfortable pair of heeled shoes. Have a quick inventory of your cardigans and make sure to match it with your blouses.

Do you have suggestions for BPO office fashion uniforms? Let's talk about it in the comments below.