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Easy To Style Geek Chic Look For Office Party

We need to show off geek chic look for our office party last December. A month before the event, I've already purchased the fabric and materials needed for the simple design that I created for my attire. However, I've changed my mind when the party is going to happen in just a few days. I lost track of time since I need to complete some tasks before the holiday season. So I only have a few hours to prepare for the party.

Shop in your closet.

I realized that I was able to style geek chic look in just a few minutes by shopping in my closet. Meaning, I don't have time to shop for new items so I just look for interesting pieces in my closet.

Keep a little black dress for easy access when styling for important events.

I found a really chic second-hand Zara dress that's made of leather. It's a well-structured piece so it's perfect for the party. For a wise shopper like me, I don't want to waste cash for new items when I have some hidden gems in my closet.

I have a Victoria's Secret flannel and a pair of Payless booties to complete the look so I only need a pair of eyeglasses. Thankfully, my friend Jit bought pink eyeglasses so I already completed my outfit before the party started.

My close friend Jules brought his camera to the event so we had fun taking photos. It was memorable.

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