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Herbench Styling To Live Life With Flavor

For every ordinary girl with extraordinary aspirations, styling is an adventure. As such, looking for gorgeous and affordable clothes isn't a difficult task. It's even more exciting. 

Here, I styled my stripe Herbench shirt with a dark pink hue. It was perfect to highlight the Herbench black pants to erase the monotony of styling jeans. Other than that, I got a pair of black Topshop shoes, a really chic black halter top blazer and a black knitted hat  for the look. I chose to wear products that are locally sourced to support our own brand and mix it with fabulous accessories.

Do you like the clothing pieces from Bench? Let's talk about it in the comment section below. You can also visit my Facebook Page for an opportunity to talk about the fashion items and some ways to love life with flavor. 

Top Eight Reasons To Watch Korean Drama The Legend of The Blue Sea

Do you watch Korean television series? Or are you a Lee Min Ho fan? An avid Jun Ji Hyun follower, perhaps? I know. I know. You've probably heard about the awesome K-dramas that most people you know watch nowadays. I hope it's not too late, and for those who haven't watch this Korean television series yet, welcome to The Legend of the Blue Sea.

I'm very choosy when it comes to Asian TV series but I didn't hesitate to start watching The Legend of the Blue Sea when I saw the beautiful mermaid who was held by the hand of a really, really handsome man. There must be an interesting tale about the amazing scene.

Soompi, Box Asian and other websites have posted some of the spectacular photos of the famed Korean drama Legend of the Blue Sea so I was inspired to share my own thoughts about the television series.

1. Lead star Jun Ji Hyun is absolutely immaculate for her role as Shim Chung

For the legions of fans of Jun Ji Hyun, she's the ultimate star that can attract millions of followers from across the globe to watch and watch again her latest television show. As a mermaid, she's absolutely perfect. She has remarkable figure and her skin is so radiant. Did you watch the episode where she was asked about her beauty regimen? That was hilarious. Right?

2. Lee Min Ho is the best choice to play role as a genius conman who fell in love with a mermaid

Nothing is more fascinating than watching Lee Min Ho fall in love in a TV series. He has played different roles before in our favorite Korean dramas. However, he has shown more of his acting prowess in the Legend of the Blue Sea as Heo Joon Jae. Have you noticed about his way of showing emotions? He must have used his awesome facial features to portray each scene without any hint of monotony.

3. Comedy

I think it's overwhelming for actors to play roles that require comedy even in a really serious flow of the story. However, Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho was able to show us the real world when two different people fall in love. There are candid moments shown in each episode that will make you remember that love knows no limit. Shim is a mermaid and she's willing to show her real emotions to the point of illuminating her innocence. I really like the scene wherein she was mad at the library, trying to show her jealous nature. She's really the ultimate sassy girl. The writer really made us all so happy by finally showing in the latter episodes the conman's realization that he was the same man who was mentioned by the mermaid as a good person who took care of her.

4. Interesting New styling word : fashion people [FAPE]

Hey fashion people! You've been mentioned in the K-drama to honor passion for fashion, obviously. In the beauty department, I've been thinking about the waterproof makeup used to highlight the beauty of the mermaid. Honestly, I feel inspired about the outfit the conman and his lover wore at the mall, including the things they bought there which the latter eventually returned to the store after she learned that the former's work is defrauding people.

5. Fantastic cinematography

For the cinematography of the series, everything is perfect. I've heard that some scenes were filmed in Palau and Spain so I didn't hesitate to stare at each scene wherein it was featured. I'm mesmerized with the undeniable beauty of both the land and sea with a pretty mermaid and a handsome civil servant in it. I don't need to travel right away just to see these gorgeous places. Also, I noticed that my favorite Boracay Island was mentioned in an episode. Have you heard about this?

6. Heart-wrenching plot of the story

By presenting the story of the past to introduce the present, I was really amazed of how the plot was showcased for the viewers. It made us understand each and every decision of the people involved in the present time. The creators made us feel like we are in a dream by showing marvelous scenes in the past and then tie it up to back up the events in the future lives of the main characters. Obviously, I feel so dreamy with the scene where tons of lanterns light up the sea.

7. The choice of objects to introduce the twist of the story is remarkable

The bracelet that was found at an ancient shipwreck is fabulous. It's like a token of a never-ending love. The pearls that represent the mermaid's tears are awesome, especially that it helped to spice up the scenes. Remember how the mermaid cry while watching TV to collect pearls for money? It was actually hilarious even if it was played so seriously.

8. It's about instilling the value of family relationship

The lead actor has been looking for the whereabouts of his mother who suddenly left him when he was young. When they have finally found each other again, with the help of the pretty mermaid, we feel like it's a happy ending. But, what will happen in his family in the next episodes?

We are so excited to watch the remaining episodes of The Legend of the Blue Sea. If you want to share some thoughts about the K-drama, write your comments below or in my Facebook page. Let's talk about the mermaid and the conman.

Images | Soompi | Box Asian

Lucky Me Instant Special Sotanghon Chicken Flavor with Vegetables

After eating instant noodles, I had a terrible stomachache last week that I told myself to avoid instant food products. However, I still crave for noodle soup so I decided to buy vegetables to mix with the instant noodle products that I have purchased during the first week of January.

It's so easy to prepare Lucky Me Instant Special Sotanghon Chicken Flavor with Vegetables. All you have to do is prepare one pack of Lucky Me Instant Special Sotanghon Chicken Flavor and vegetables. I prepared this one using a rice cooker since I want to finish cooking as quickly as possible.

I used pechay and carrots for my sotanghon soup. I added chopped onions, ginger and herbs. I also added one Pork Broth cube and egg to add a distinct flavor to my sotanghon soup. 

I only eat instant noodles twice or even thrice a month to avoid health problems. Also, I made sure that I drink a lot of water after eating my Lucky Me Instant Special Sotanghon Chicken Flavor with Vegetables soup.

For The Love of Music in the Mall

I'm really excited to share one of my rare experiences while shopping last year. I had a chance to watch these people wear amazing uniforms and share their music. I had a chance to take some photos since I'm really happy that time. I remember the sol republic tracks v8 that my friend told me earlier. It was all about music that it really amazed me. I have to connect it with what I saw at the mall. Now, I can even remember everything, even the participants who asked me to take their photos.

For the love of music, I stayed for a while in the hallway to watch these performers. Although there were other shoppers in the vicinity, and there are a lot of them, I really don't mind at all. They had fun, too. It was a memorable Monday afternoon for me.

Have you seen something exciting lately? Let's talk about it in the comments section below.

Modest Fashion Ideas That Every BPO Office Girl Should Know

There are many ways to prepare for modest fashion styling. However, it's necessary to choose your favorite style options based on your personal style. Aside from that, we are always in a hurry every morning so it's really helpful to have a guide on preparing modest styling.

Before you choose your own style options, be sure to ask your human resource staff about the office dress policy so you can shop for clothes accordingly. I'm so lucky to have a relaxed dress policy in the BPO office where I work so I can wear any appropriate clothes even the usual fashion uniforms of other bloggers worldwide. So here are my suggestions for you to consider.

1. Focus more on achieving a fabulous not-so-black look.

It's easy to channel your classy feeling and one of the ways to do so is to wear black. If you don't like to wear all black, you can wear a really chic black long-sleeve blouse to look more geeky while in the office. The unique ornaments of my blouse provided an elegant effect to the look. Even though I look like a villain every time I wear this black top, I still love it.

2. Wear long skirts in style.

For every girl who loves to wear something elegant, it's hard to show off the look without style and comfort in mind. I suggest a more dramatic style by wearing a maxi skirt and a top with vivid color. Finish the look with a white vest and a pair of light-colored wedges. Keep it balanced by wearing a simple makeup, something that will make your maxi skirt more attractive than any of your accessories.

3. Choose a structured skirt that will match most of your blouses in your closet.

Every time you shop for new clothes, make sure to think about what you already have in your closet. If you want to have structured skirts, choose dark-colored pieces so you can pair it with your light-colored blouses. If it's printed, make sure that you can wear it with your plain long-sleeve blouses.

4. Shop more elegant dresses for weekend gatherings.

The art of wearing modest fashion clothing pieces is doable by shopping more knee-length dresses that's perfect for weekend events. You can start shopping for dark-hued frocks, and then elevate your style game by collecting dresses with delicate style. So you'll start from buying simple ones to keeping a number of chic designs. Think about your personal style, your favorite designs and the items that will highlight your body and hide the imperfections. It's a trick that seasoned stylists do to create an awesome look.

5. Try wearing wedges to elevate your look.

One of the best ways to make a pair of leggings look fabulous when teamed with a massive top is to wear wedges. It will not only transform the look into a more sophisticated take on casual styling, it will also give you an enviable aura. The BPO office setting is usually a place to stay grounded but fearless at the same time. You'll have that much-needed edge if you'll wear something special. It's the pair of wedges that will do the trick for you.

6. Always win the denim game.

We usually go to the office wearing denim jeans and even take on the new trend of pairing it with denim jacket. It's not actually a new trend, but a fresher way to win the denim game. Since you'll be wearing structured pieces, try to soften your look by wearing simple footwear.

7. Master the art of mix and match.

There's nothing wrong if you have only a few items in your closet. What matters most is you have the key pieces to create style options. Don't forget to invest on a really good pair of jeans and black trousers. If you have light-colored dresses, you can pair it with a black coat and a comfortable pair of heeled shoes. Have a quick inventory of your cardigans and make sure to match it with your blouses.

Do you have suggestions for BPO office fashion uniforms? Let's talk about it in the comments below.

Filipino Designer Sari Lazaro Joins Jessica Minh Anh On The Iconic 100-Metre Floating Catwalk In Paris

The world of fashion is so lucky to have Jessica Minh Anh on the forefront because of her spectacularly rare catwalk shows. And we are so fortunate that haute couture takes over the Siene River on January 27, 2017.

Famously known for producing impressive and unique fashion shows on the Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon Skywalk, London's Tower Bridge, and PETRONAS Twin Towers¹ Skybridge, Jessica Minh Anh has become an undeniable force in redefining modern fashion standards while representing a new generation of multi-talented creators. On 26 January 2017, the model and entrepreneur is back in the fashion capital with her highly successful annual "catwalk on water. She will transform the Seine's giant glass boat into a 100-meter floating runway. Joining Jessica Minh Anh on this unique excursion is Filipino representative Sari Lazaro alongside other innovative designers from Europe, Asia, and America.

To create an illusion of models walking on water, Jessica will have guests seated facing the multi-faced glass window and watch models catwalking in front of them while the boat is cruising. As a result, architectural wonders such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the 37 bridges will become the evolving backdrop for the iconic catwalk. This will be the 5th time Jessica Minh Anh has worked with France's oldest river boat company Bateaux Mouches. Talking about their successful collaboration, the company's Operation Director Marco Goncalvez said "Jessica Minh Anh is special in many ways, one of which is her ability of turning her unique vision into flawless productions in a very short period of time while making it all look effortless. We are honored to be a constant part of her world's domination.

Joining the greatly anticipated J Winter Fashion Show 2017, Filipino designer Sari Lazaro will bring her bespoke creations revealed in the female silhouette with shimmering details. Using delicate lace and luxurious fabrics which envisions a royal wedding in an enchanted garden, Sari is set to stir up romance with sophistication. About her decision to select the Filipino representative, Jessica Minh Anh said ³I¹m impressed by Sari Lazaro¹s beading and embroidery techniques. Her classic designs mixed with contemporary draping certainly bringing in some intriguing surprises.² Other participating designers include luxury womenswear New York designer Johanna DiNardo, Indonesian talents Maria Ruth Fernanda and Fetty Rusli, and Malaysian fashion house Emmanuel Haute Couture.

To compliment Jessica Minh Anh's extraordinary catwalk concept, American luxury cosmetics and skincare brand Elizabeth Arden will create a radiant makeup look with strong eyes and bold lips for the stunning models. "Jessica Minh Anh perfectly embodies the values of Elizabeth Arden: An exotic beauty with an alluring charm and an amazing entrepreneurial spirit. She is electrifying the fashion world, as Ms. Arden has done with the world of beauty. We are very excited to be a part of the phenomenon" said Renaldo Payet, Marketing Manager France of Elizabeth Arden.

J Winter Fashion Show 2017 will mark Jessica Minh Anh's 16th iconic fashion productions since the young graduate took over London's Tower Bridge in 2011. Entrusted with grand projects including the One World Trade Center production and the world¹s first solar powered catwalk, Jessica Minh Anh, joined by Filipino designer Sari Lazaro, is ready to treat the world with an impressive catwalk where art, architecture, culture, and fashion are at the forefront. 

Easy To Style Geek Chic Look For Office Party

We need to show off geek chic look for our office party last December. A month before the event, I've already purchased the fabric and materials needed for the simple design that I created for my attire. However, I've changed my mind when the party is going to happen in just a few days. I lost track of time since I need to complete some tasks before the holiday season. So I only have a few hours to prepare for the party.

Shop in your closet.

I realized that I was able to style geek chic look in just a few minutes by shopping in my closet. Meaning, I don't have time to shop for new items so I just look for interesting pieces in my closet.

Keep a little black dress for easy access when styling for important events.

I found a really chic second-hand Zara dress that's made of leather. It's a well-structured piece so it's perfect for the party. For a wise shopper like me, I don't want to waste cash for new items when I have some hidden gems in my closet.

I have a Victoria's Secret flannel and a pair of Payless booties to complete the look so I only need a pair of eyeglasses. Thankfully, my friend Jit bought pink eyeglasses so I already completed my outfit before the party started.

My close friend Jules brought his camera to the event so we had fun taking photos. It was memorable.

How To Know Your Own Value

There are things in life that we often neglect along with other factors that affect our quest for success. On a personal level, you just take it for granted. Sometimes you tend to doubt your own value that you forgot your individuality.

To help you evaluate yourself, I'd like to share three ways on how to know your own value.

1. Manage your own life.

Don’t let other people do it for you. You can ask for suggestions. You can seek advice.  But, make sure to have your final decision, after careful personal study.

2. Reward yourself.

It’s always a mistake to wait for other people to give you the goodness and kindness you deserve. You don’t have to wait for others to tell you that you’re doing great. You’re special. If you have done something right, or if you have accomplished something bigger, take time to appreciate yourself. Go on a shopping spree by taking a portion of your abundance savings.

3. Keep a list of your skills.

Obviously, you'll need skills to face the real world. Since your talent is important, share it with others. Have continuous education to improve your performance at work. By doing so, you can discover better opportunities. Aside from that, you’ll be prepared for anything better than what you have now.

Don't forget to manage your own life, reward yourself and keep a list of your skills. Also, don't doubt your own value. If you'll have nothing left for you at one point of your life, you'll still feel special. Eventually, you will find a way to stand up and fight again.

Buffet 101 Eat All You Can Restaurant Review

For all my readers who want to know my latest dining adventure, I'd like to share my honest opinion about Buffet 101 International Cuisine. I really love buffet dining and it's more meaningful if I'll share my experiences with you.

Buffet 101 International Cuisine is one of the most popular eat-all-you-can dining places in the country. My husband and I visited their branch at Seaside Boulevard SM Mall of Asia Complex Business Park two  weeks ago. I wasn't able to book in advance so we just took chances by walking in there. We had a sumptuous lunch in celebration of the inspiring holiday season.

Food Review

It's my second time to visit the restaurant. The first one is four years ago. It was memorable so I decided to go back for more. 

I have three favorite dishes at Buffet 101 aside from their other delectable menu. Let me share it with you.

Spicy Spareribs
The first thing that I found at Buffet 101 is their Spicy Spareribs. It's really delicious. I'm so in love with spicy dishes and this one is really awesome. 

Fish Fillet with Lemon Butter Sauce
For a seafood lover like me, the Fish Fillet with Lemon Butter Sause is a winner. Although I also fell in love with White Pepper Crab, I still had a lot of these tasty seafood fish without having second thoughts.

Braised Pork Leg with Black Pepper
You'll love the Braised Pork Leg with Black Pepper at Buffet 101. The taste is unforgettable and I'm still dreaming about it up to these days. It's not too salty, well-cooked and the sauce is mouth-watering. Who wouldn't want to re-create its flavor at home? I'm going to ask my Mom to cook it when I'll go home this coming summer.

Bicol Express


I'm also impressed with the pricing. To guide you, I've included here the price list and please take note that it is subject to change without prior notice. Obviously, it's highly recommended to visit Buffet 101 International Cuisine during weekdays. You'll only spend P699.00/person when you dine at the restaurant during Monday to Friday. I also added a photo where you can find the address of their branch and the contact numbers.
I didn't have a chance to try dining at their branch in Glorietta in Ayala so I really can't compare it now. All in all, I really love to go back dining at Buffet 101. It's a premier eat-all-you-can dining place.

Modest City Girl Look That Mix Simplicity With Class

Shirt : The SM Store, Blazer : Second hand, Jeans : Second hand, Shoes : Figlia

The way I dress is based on a styling standard that is not for everyone. It's a little strict and uncompromising so it's not popular. But, I always believe that being modest in clothing is beautiful. Today, I'd like to shed beauty on a modest city girl look by showcasing a style that's classy. I teamed my pair of jeans with a pink stripe shirt from The SM Store and black blazer that's even perfect for work. To coordinate the simple outfit, I donned a pair of black Figlia shoes that was on sale last week for the holiday season. I completed the look with a flashy blue Secosana bag and a simple makeup.

Rodeo Grill Barbecues and Sizzlers Lechon Meal

Happy New Year! This is my first post for this year 2017 and I'd like to start it with something delectable - the lechon meal of Rodeo Grill Barbecues and Sizzlers.

The Lechon Meal is so affordable. For only P179.00, I had a chance to eat Lechon de Cebu in an instant.

The mango shake is only P99.00. It's perfect for the tasty lechon meal.
The restaurant is located at the ground floor of Market! Market near Mercury Drug Store.
We had a photo shoot last week and I was hoping I could eat lechon after my usual activities as a blogger. I heard about Rodeo Grill Barbecues and Sizzlers from a former roommate so I tried visiting the dining place. 

I'm so happy with the taste of the lechon meal and the mango shake. It's a perfect combination, especially those who are craving for special meals. So if you're looking for a delicious suckling pig that is roasted to perfection, try dining at Rodeo Grill Barbecues and Sizzlers that is located at Market! Market! in BGC, Taguig City.