Eight Tips for Maintaining Friendships In a BPO Setting

We know that working in a BPO setting is well-known nowadays. Many people work as call center agents or email support representatives because of its amazing benefits. Obviously, business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines has created meaningful jobs for millennials throughout the country. It's the same reason I'm part of it and has maintained friendships with other people despite its ever-changing culture.

So how did I maintained friendships with my peers in the BPO industry? Here are five fresh tips to highlight your connections with other people in the workplace. To give you a sample of my real-life experiences, I'll feature my friends in this blog. We had dinner at TGI Fridays Restaurant in Venice Grand Canal Mall, McKinley, Taguig, Philippines. Since Day 1, they're my close allies at the company where I work as Email Support Representative.

1. Be friendly. 
I know that this is the foundation of every friendship built within the BPO industry. Basically, I'm talking about genuine friendship since it's something that can't be bought anywhere. It's rare and priceless. 
At TaskUs, I have a circle of friends. They're my real friends in the office. Even though we rarely meet, we make sure that our communication is solid. If you have friends within the company, it will boost your self-confidence because they're your mirrors telling you that you're doing great.

Dinner at TGI Fridays in Venice Grand Canal, Mall McKinley, Taguig, Philippines with Jules and Ymarie

2. Develop genuine interest with other people.
Sometimes we tend to take for granted the presence of other people within our circle of friends. It's not bad to be selective, but it's also a good thing to make everyone feel accepted.
By developing genuine interest with other people, you'll spreading good vibes that's helpful in dealing with stressful circumstances. It's one way to give something good and receive positive impact by doing it.

3. Use social media to remain connected despite changes in schedule and team assignment.
Social media remains a valuable tool in maintaining connections with others. It bridges the gap between misconceptions and assumptions within a social circle.
In the office, social media usually unites people for a common cause. Just a warning though, don't overuse it to avoid contentions.

4. Participate in group activities within or outside the walls of the office.
If you have tried reaching out and it seems that you're being seen-zoned, don't neglect your responsibility to participate in meaningful group activities. It's not only a perfect way to get close to your peers, it's also an avenue to show your talents.
We've heard so many times that people in the office who help each other reap success easily. It's a powerful testament to a long-standing tenet that no man is an island.

5. Be wary in choosing close friends.

It's not really important to be really popular in the office. It's better to build close connections that will help you ascend without hurting others. Obviously, communication is key.

6. Familiarize the best ways to deal with office politics.
There lies a dark web of mystery in the corporate world that only the strong and wise can understand. People may use you to promote their own self-interests. Don't fall a victim of this kind of game.
Remain firm to your objectives for being part in the program. Keep your dreams away from those who doesn't believe in it. Don't squeal little things that make up your whole world. Guard it with your whole heart and mind. 

7. Change your expectations and don't make assumptions.

There are people in the BPO industry who don't conform to the system. They're untouchable. Why? If you're going to engage them to your own world, you'll be exposing yourself to a more dangerous battle. The deadly effects of insecurity will haunt you even to your waking moments. Don't sleep with hatred in your heart. Sometimes you need to change your expectations just to avoid unnecessary conflict in the office. Don't assume that everyone will believe in you.

8. Be honest.
Honesty is not only the best policy, it's also a useful tool in keeping yourself in the right position to aspire for success.
Be candid in the office, especially in dealing with people who don't support you. Although they'll try to sabotage your positive intentions, they'll find it hard to tarnish your image.

Gondola Ride at Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley, Taguig, Philippines
There are myriad ways to maintain close relationships in the office. Just be quick to spot the individual interests of the people around you to stay focused. It will protect you from being taken advantaged of at work.

Do you have other tips for maintaining friendships in the office? Let's talk about it in the comments below.