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Saturday, October 01, 2016

The usual way I prepare a concept for a blog post is taking inspiration from around me. It takes time to do so. I know. It's important to be in tune with your creativity and translate it into words and photographs. So if I want to create something raw, I just don't wait for inspiration to help me create a post. I tend to let my mind wander and hope for the best. For instance, I allow myself to believe in serendipity and take advantage of it.

That's what happened when I met Pauline Cueto again. She's a new performer in the music industry with raw characteristics that separates her from those who are already in the higher state of their music career. She's a vibrant young woman who knows what she wants in Tinseltown. I like her perseverance and dedication to her work, her love for music. For me, she's a total performer with fresh ways to entertain her fans.

Pauline Cueto is also very friendly. When she was performing on stage, I tried to catch her attention by waving at her. I'm just trying to see if she remembers me at all. She did.

I admit that listening to her songs reminds me of the past. Is she trying to bring back the old days, when listening to popular songs seems to bring nostalgia? Dream Boy Ng Buhay Ko is really easy to follow. You'll love it, too.

I'm really happy that I was able to witness Pauline performed at BlogEx 2016. Since she allowed me to take photos of her, and to have our photos together, all I can say that this girl will be successful in the entertainment industry. She knows how to win a crowd and so amiable.


  1. I listen also to her song "Dreamboy ng Buhay ko" and i admit it ang ganda,. nakaka relax and napaka bago sa tenga, basta masarap siya pakinggan,. and true shes friendly.

    1. We all love her. Such a sweetheart. And her voice? It's truly amazing.


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