The Usual Reasons We Befriend Someone

My friend Jona gave me an idea to write about friendship. Today, I'm so excited to share my thoughts about the common reasons we befriend someone.

1. Being alone in an island, we need someone to survive.

For so many years, we hear about the idea that no man is an island. Obviously, I'm certain that this is the main reason people interact with one another. If you're new to a certain place, it's part of your instinctive reactions to befriend anyone around you.

 For instance, I attended one of the events hosted by Sun Life Financial at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, Philippines and I was alone that time. The people who attended the event aren't familiar to me and I can't find someone that I can relate with all we've learned during the event. Let's say, I want someone to talk to about the topic being discussed that day. Since I arrived early, I had time to scout as fast as I could.

One of the best ways to find someone to be a friend in a new place is to give out genuine smile. That's the time I met Jona. I knew at first that she's kind and friendly because I can spot her bright side, that positive aura of a person in a given situation. She's not pretentious - something I really liked about her.

Do you have the same experience when you met your friend for the first time?

2. We get specific benefits out of the friendship.

Of all the usual reasons we befriend someone, this is the most controversial. Let's say you're just following your survival instincts to get close to your target, you're still doing it for your own interests. It's a good thing many people don't use their friends for personal advancement or anything. It's just popular in the movies we've seen in theaters, right? In real life, use your judgment to find the right buddy.

Befriending someone for personal interests - I did the same thing, too. I'm not perfect. But later on in life, I realize that giving back is more important than the things that I got from my friends. Although, I haven't done all of it for you, I hope you'll still consider me as a friend. :) I'll do my best not to take advantage of you.

It's obvious that if the other party is your boss, you have no choice but to befriend him or her. I've done this before with someone who keeps our paycheck posted on time. However, I still consider her a friend even if we no longer see each other. I learned a lot from her.

Here's another interesting reason: befriending your lover's brother or sister. This is very common among high school circles and I find this very interesting. The excitement goes on and on. You'll have tons of questions before it happens in reality. Will I get close to the target? Will he or she consider me? Is it useful to make the relationship stronger? The list includes a lot more of being sure about the move.
If you want to be friends with your lover's sister or brother, well, do I have to say it? There's nothing wrong about it as long as you can control your emotions. Things might change in the future and the last thing you want is to regret about your choice. Be that girl who is friendly and wise.
Let your heart and mind guide you, gorgeous!

3. The other party is totally attractive, we want to find out if there's chemistry.

The dating game has taught us that friendship is a powerful tool to build a long-lasting relationship. It has been proven by millions of people who have successful marriages because it is founded on true friendship. Obviously, there's something important about this reason of being close to someone.

We know that the first stage of a relationship is getting to know the person you're interested in giving a chance. But, the real starting point is attraction. The acquaintance stage is crucial. Here, you'll naturally spot the best qualities and take note of the bad ones. Once you have completed the survey, it's time to decide if you'll pursue the target or not. Here's a caveat,  though. Men, I'm talking about you here. Ladies, let them chase you for good reasons after being friends with them.
In most cases, we pursue the friendship stage because we want to know if there's a possibility of making it a steady state of closeness. The weighing scale must remain balance, or else the probability of getting hurt is high. If you're willing to pay the price because you're already in love, prepare for the worst things to come your way. Are you willing to gamble?
There's nothing wrong to be friendly. Just be familiar with the possible consequences of your actions. Guard your heart and be fair all the time. Aside from that, honestly is still the best policy in this kind of networking.