Mulat "Awaken" Gala Premiere at SM Megamall

These days, indie films attract film critics and viewers because of the choice of many people to support the film industry in the country. Through the Internet, moviegoers become aware of the latest creations shared by talented Filipinos. It paved the way for more opportunities to compete globally in terms of creating memorable indie films.

Personally, I love to support indie films since it is a testament that creativity knows no limit. Everyone is entitled to know the best creations out there without losing grasp of what's offered in the mainstream. The more entertainment that we have nowadays, the better for all of us. No wonder I accepted the invitation of Leentech Digitalized to support their campaign for Mulat "Awaken" film.

During the Gala Premiere of the movie, I had a chance to watch the indie film and enjoyed photo opportunities with Jake Cuenca and Loren Burgos. Honestly, I was satisfied with the creative visualization of the thrilling narrative that inspires me to evaluate myself regarding the way I handle relationships. Mulat "Awaken" film is an eye-opener for those who are madly in love and refuse to be realistic once in a while.

Through the movie, I was able to examine the artistic presentation of the story. Many events featured in the film happen in real life. It made me responsible of prioritizing my own happiness.

Hopefully, many viewers will be empowered of the film and be awakened of the trivial parts of pursuing real happiness. If we risk some things to gain true love, it's still worth it to have a peek of the other side of a relationship. What makes us whole despite the imperfections of a loved one? Is it fair to ask for marriage if the other party isn't really interested? These issues are presented in the movie without being so direct and blatant so the viewers really loved the scenes.

Leentech Digitalized Team, Karen Lopez and Loren Burgos during the Gala Premiere of Mulat at SM Megamall Cinema 7
The special screening of the short film, The Rapist, top-billed by Cherie Gil and Marco Morales was also held during the event.

It was a memorable night for me since I have to remind myself to learn the trade very seriously if I want to be true to my blog. I wasn't prepared for the interview since I was too sleepy after logging out from work and go directly to SM Megamall Cinema 7 to attend the Gala Night. I have to be there by 7:00 in the evening and knowing the traffic in the metro, it's impossible for me to do so. However, I was able to catch the red carpet walk of the stars and watch the whole event unfold through the night.

So to my lovely readers, I'd like to invite you to watch Mulat "Awaken," which is written and directed by Maria Diane Ventura.