How To Get Organized For Unique Family Vacation in the Philippines

We know that traveling to a popular destination is one of the best ways to escape from the usual day-to-day activities. Many people get thrilled in planning for a trip within the country. After all, the Philippines has memorable tourist spots such as Boracay Island, Tagaytay, Palawan and more. For those who are busy making their names in the corporate world, weekend getaways are absolutely enticing as it entails visiting popular places and meeting new friends. Isn't it exciting?

We are always excited to be on the road once in a while. However, it's essential to get organized for unique vacations to ensure a successful trip with your loved ones. Here are tips you can use to guide you in preparing for your next travel escapade or island hopping in the Philippines.

1. Make sure to visit a city that you have never visited before.

There are cities that are equally stunning as the popular sites we already know. Take your time exploring Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte for a change. D Hotel Suites Dipolog is an awesome place for your accommodation while in the city.

If you stay at D Hotel Suites Dipolog, you'll enjoy benefits such as accessibility to nearby restaurants and affordability of the accommodation services offered by the hotel. It will lead you to amazing placing within the city, including its twin, the beautiful city of Dapitan, where you can visit the place that our national hero was exiled so many years ago. It's like hitting two birds in one stone - roaming around the peaceful streets of Dipolog to enjoy dining in lovely restaurants and partying around Dapitan City like a celebrity.

Early morning jog at Boulevard in Dipolog City before going to Dapitan City

2. Don't forget to plan ahead before spending money for the trip. 

After you have chosen a travel destination that you have never visited before, let your family know about it. It's an essential step to ensure that vacation leave requests will be processed before the trip to avoid issues on availability. If you have kids, make sure that they don't have classes during the trip or they don't have special activities for personal enrichment.You'll always want everything to be perfect and well-planned so don't miss every detail of it.

3. Prioritize booking airline tickets in advance to save money.

One of the best ways to enjoy a unique family vacation is to use your resources wisely. If you have saved enough money for the trip, make sure that you prioritized booking airline tickets ahead of time.

Obviously, you can take advantage of discounted airline tickets by just booking it in advance. This is very applicable if you're planning for a family vacation since you need to cover the expenses for all members of the family. Online travel agencies like Traveloka also provide discounted flight deals as well as coupons that you can use on top of your transaction.

4. Maintain a comprehensive travel checklist as your guide all throughout the journey. 

Don't forget that you need to list all essential things  in order to be organized. It's one way to avoid being overwhelmed of the task. Get into the details of crucial travel essentials such as airplane tickets, hotel accommodation, transportation for city tour, food and other necessary things. Take note of the correct time in going to the airport and consider the traffic in going there. For sure, you can't risk in being late for your flight since you're traveling with your family and it's expensive to re-book your airline tickets.

Also, don't fail to book hotel and confirm the check-in time. Ask the staff if they're offering free travel from the airport to the hotel so you can easily arrange it.

It's even more important to list all personal belongings needed during the travel. Each member of the family must have their own travel kit to stay organized while on the road.

Aside from that, you can list the activities that you want to do during the trip. It's more fun to have swimming in the beach, hiking in the woods to appreciate nature and other exciting outdoor activities.

5. Research about the place that you want to visit with your family. 

Here's the fun part - get to know more about the tourist spot that you've chosen to visit with your loved ones. You can read reviewed from your favorite travel bloggers, check travel websites and ask your friends who are living in the said city to recommend their favorite restaurants and places. Use the power of social media to get more information. If you want, prepare a map. Keep the phone numbers of your friends who have visited the city just in case you have questions in the future.

6. Be organized in documenting your trip.

One of the most essential parts of enjoying a trip with your family is taking photos and videos to capture the memories. Prepare at least two ways to document your trip so you can have backup in case of emergency. For instance, you need to have a camera and a phone with amazing camera feature to be used in documenting your latest unique travel experiences.

A photo with a resting carabao after roaming around Cogon in Dipolog City

File storage is also an essential factor in travel documentation. I have heard stories about failure to keep copies of travel photos and videos since there's no realiable file storage item avaiable during the trip. It's an important thing because you'll never repeat the same experience all over again. If possible, you can post your travel memorabilia on Facebook or Instagram to make sure that you have copies of it. Anyway, you can organize it after your vacation.

7. Enjoy shopping with your family.

If you're in a new city, shopping is one of the most enjoyable activities. You'll have a peek of their culture, too. Personally, I do it to support the local economy and the creative people in the area. There are many handmade items created by the locals that you can shop for giveaways when you're already back in the metro. Well, it's like giving back to the community who welcomed you during the vacation.

Are you thrilled to take your vacation leave and visit a popular tourist spot next year? Don't forget to stay safe and happy. See you on the road!