Five Things To Consider Before Quitting Your Job

I want to inspire you by taking time to reflect on something you care about. I got this reminder when I almost decided to give up my job at an influential company in Bonifacio Global City just because my morale level have not rebounded as the economy has shown in the past few years. If you're going to tell me that there's a natural frustration felt by most employees today, you're right.

I know I still have to prepare before leaving the corporate world and I'm still halfway there. But, things happen out of the aforementioned frustration. I'm about to be booted out of the system. I was in high spirits a few months ago because I passed my initial interview for a promotion, but things changed outside of my control. I was set aside, advised to wait for the golden door of promotion created just for me, and pushed to do my usual job. It affected my performance and you know what I mean.

Lately, many articles about quitting from current jobs surface online and it really inspired me to mull it over. Maybe, I just need to stretch it out a little until I can set up my own studio. So I'm dragging it to just keep the job and pretend to be happy. Then, I got the ropes tightened because I had shown a little improvement of my performance at work. It's better than nothing at all.

Today, I'm very eager to share with you 4 essential questions to ask before you quit your job. I'm taking mental notes of these questions because I'll need it when the going gets tough.

Here, honesty is the best policy as our answers will guide us to wade the unknowns of unemployment. Well, even freedom has a price. We are not going to lose it all, right?

1. What is the specific issue that frustrates you at work nowadays?

The first thing to consider is the real issue that frustrates you at work. Is it your boss? You need to overcome this issue and all you have to do is to think that your immediate leader is also an employee of the company. As long as he or she is doing the job to help you achieve positive results no matter what happen, keep the negativity out of the picture. You'll be doing just fine. Trust me. Is it your teammates? Well, you're not alone. A lot of employees are being bullied at work for tremendous reasons beyond our control. Just don't mind it. They're going to leave you alone if you will not mind them. Stay focused and be humble in dealing with them. Also, don't forget to apply wisely Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power - it helped me become a better person and be stronger in an office setting. It will empower you to do better without being pushed around by anybody.
It takes a wise employee to beat the odds these days. To start with, you need to focus on the real issue before having a final decision.
I'm sure that there are other nasty issues at work that you need to deal every now and then. Stick to your plans. Remind yourself that your vision is greater than the insensitivity of the people around you.

2. Have I shown efforts to make my current job workable?

We know that it's easy to decide if you want to quit or not, but I discovered that it's even easier to keep it simple by taking an inventory of your strength and weaknesses. It's still necessary to give your all before calling it quits. If it's no longer working after you have already taken every action possible to make your current job as exciting as it is before, then it's time to find another way out of the system.

After taking initiative to find the real issue, the next step is to fix it. There are many ways to face a challenge and the best thing to do it right on your first try.
Basically, you'll need something to motivate you to keep on fighting. You need to stay in your current job to prepare for the time that you really need to forego it. For me, I validate my to-do list and make sure that it will help me achieve my goals in the office with exact time-frame. Then, I keep a back-up plan with necessary budget to be safe before taking a new world. I still want to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while I pursue other projects after quitting my job.

3. Do you have others plans for your career and life?

If you're really thinking to leave your current job, just be prepared for it. Maybe, you just have to shift your focus to a more exciting career path. Many people believe that this is the best time to be an entrepreneur. The Information Age is giving us a chance to try it. However, it takes a lot of courage to do so. You'll need something to start it out and keep it running to make it sustainable. In that case, don't forget to fortify your savings to get the job done.
Many people left their jobs to pursue passion projects. However, you have to prepare everything first before leaving your current job. You'll need to prepare your gear before joining others to work remotely.
It seems that I'm talking about something very exciting. There are many people who are successful in pursuing their own passion projects. I'm doing it, too. For me, I just have to keep my day job as a stepping stone to make it work according to my plans.

4. Are you willing to let go of benefits such as health insurance and systematized social security funding through the government?

Be thoughtful about losing benefits like health insurance. Aside from that, consider your shared contribution with your employer for your Social Security System account, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG for housing needs and more. Think about your salary loans and other financial aspects of your work life.
It's easier to think that having remarkable benefits out of employment is helping you become stable each and everyday. The only concern now is if you're ever willing to let it go and look after yourself.
Maybe, it's better to maintain your benefits first before planning to let go of it. Anyway, you can opt to give your contributions voluntarily after you quit your current job. Just set aside cash for at least three months to pay all your contributions. It will help you maintain your accounts and get benefits when you need it.

 5. Are you prepared to have continuous education as you pursue something aside from your current job?

I'm not going to talk more about this. It's one of the most essential ways to be successful as you work for yourself. Learn to research the possibilities of going solo and earning money out of your own hard work. As a blogger, I set aside time after work to read interesting articles related to my craft and it really helped me to learn the secrets of staying in the industry even if I stopped for about two years. I can also control the things I want to cover and remain independent as long as I want it.

If you're passionate about something and you want to enlarge your empire, educate yourself. It's really a remarkable idea to build your own brand.

These questions are just simple for everyone who are planning to quit their jobs. There are other things to consider before providing your one-month notice. As long as you have prepared for your next move, there's nothing wrong leaving your current job.