Talking About Train To Busan as a Global Sensation

Train to Busan is a global sensation. The film has legions of fans from around the world.

Even before I watch the movie, I had doubts about it. What will make it a perfect Monday night movie for me? I'm not so sure at that time so I just trusted my instincts.

Photo opportunity before watching the movie, Train to Busan at Glorietta Cinema

Indeed, Train to Busan captured my heart. It isn't just thrilling, scary and heart-wrenching - it's also remarkable. The cinematography is superb. Obviously, the people who love the movie noticed the candid plot and the acting prowess of those who played the characters of the story. The subtitles are also reliable, especially when I have to catch my breath as passengers of the train are struggling to stay alive. From start to end - you'll feel engaged with the zombie outbreak and hoping to watch more people saved from the horrific event.

After watching Train To Busan :)

Many people mentioned that the South Korean zombie tale is amazing.

It's like World War Z with a fantastic version. The heart-rending father-daughter story makes it more appealing to the  viewers.

I got infected - or should I say fell in love with the movie - as it's really worth my time. There are so many people inside the movie house even before we left and they're showing raw emotions after watching the movie. Someone cried in front of me at the restroom and she admitted that she was so affected of how the story was ended.

Are you planning to watch the movie? I'm not going to spoil this moment. Wait! Let me tell you that Gong Yoo is gorgeous.