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Monday, September 26, 2016

The way I spend my free time is very practical - it is to make sure that I make the most of it without spending too much. It shouldn't be beyond my budget, but is more amazing than my usual activities. After all, we have only once chance here. When everything is done, we can no longer enjoy being a part of this wonderful world. So we take charge of the little things that really matter in our lives.

When it comes to food, I prefer dining places that offer affordable packages that include the house specialty or something like that. No wonder I'm craving to dine at Max Restaurant before I start writing the next chapter of my first book.

For less than four hundred pesos (less than Php400.00), I had a chance to eat well-cooked chicken and my favorite lumpia. I used to order this kind of meal in other restaurants but I'm really curious about Max Restaurant's take on this one. Since my husband love to try their chicken meal, we headed to the dining area. Well, I'm really impressed with the taste of the chicken meal. The lumpia has a distinct flavor since the taste is like the usual Filipino dishes with the same way of preparation. I like that it makes me feel at home.

We love dining at Max Restaurant in Market! Market! and we will surely come back next week. It's located at the ground floor outside the mall near Mercury Drug store so it's very convenient for us. For a delectable and affordable meal like this, it's not hard to accomplish tasks in an enthusiastic way.

Do you like dining at Max Restaurant? I'm excited to know. Stay connected to join my adventure in this life.


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