Brown Velvet Dress For Sunday School

We know that modest fashion styling is an easy task. All you have to do is find a knee-length dress with sleeves to start your day. For those who love to wear skirts, you can also choose knee-length designs with amazing style and pair it with a modest top of your choice. After all, it's all about the design and your personal style.

Last Sunday, I attended our Sunday services at the LDS chapel near our place and I wore modest clothes as expected of me. Personally, following the clothing standards set by the church is an important way to show my great faith.

To have a comfortable Sunday service, I donned a brown velvet dress. I prefer the light pink wedges to soften the color combination of my outfit. I don't want to look too bright that day.

My attire is inspired with the modest clothing pieces of the past. Since I'm wearing a vintage piece, it's easy for me to showcase a semi-retro look. The design of the collar of this dress is really unique. Lastly, the modern-looking shoes and trendy makeup completed the look.