Quick Styling Inspiration for Wrap Around Maxi Skirt

We know that a maxi skirt is one of the most stylish fashion pieces nowadays. Even before it became popular in modern trend-setting, many style lovers already used it to upgrade one's look. The beauty of a maxi skirt is even more noticeable if it's printed, so I'm really happy that I got one for myself. Since it's wrap around, comfort and style can go hand in hand this time.

Literally fierce look :) Peace.
In every way possible, styling a maxi skirt should start with finding key pieces to highlight its design. Since I don't have plain blue top, I opted to wear a printed blue shirt to complement the color of the maxi skirt. To build a bridge between the two items, I use a white vest as overlay.

Don't forget that it's tricky to wear maxi skirts. Obviously, you need a little bit of height to show it off. So I wore a pair of wedges to add height. The result is better than wearing flats or sandals. Since my footwear is comfortable, it's also easy for me to walk around with this outfit.

The way I see it, I can wear a maxi skirt without looking too bored. Admittedly, I was hesitant to wear this piece because I have no matching outfits for this one. Luckily, I found some clothes that will match the massive stripe skirt.