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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Are you familiar with Lucky Blue Smith?

I'm not.

Here's the story why I want to share about this blue-eyed model now.

I was waiting for time to turn early morning so I surfed online in the meantime. At first, I was busy reading status updates of my friends on Facebook. A few minutes later, I've noticed an article written at Style Bible about Lucky Blue Smith and the latest Penshoppe event. I didn't read the whole article because I was attracted to watch a hilarious video of a cat.

An hour passed, I checked my favorite website, Daily Mail, to find articles about double denim. Luckily, I got an exciting story about Hailey Baldwin and Lucky Blue Smith. There, I was able to connect the story that he's the same model that Style Bible is talking about.

Lucky Blue Smith is an American model. He's an 18-year-old Utah-born hunk who got skills in modelling stylish outfits for men. One of his jobs is to showcase Hilfiger denim line. In 2015, Teen Vogue named him as the "Model of the Moment."

Obviously, I didn't know that he was a huge star in the world of fashion. At present, he's the latest addition of Penshoppe and graced the runway for the launch of the new collection at their Cool Kids District fashion show.

He was scouted at the age of ten and now, he's busy modelling for popular brands. The online radar, here and abroad, brought more hype to his ever budding career in the fashion industry.

If you're a fashion lover like me and you'll come across an article that starts with "Standing at 6ft-3in with piercing blue eyes," you'll be amazed of the story. It was truly an amazing story of Smith written a year ago. He was even considered as the Justin Bieber of modeling.

Meet, Lucky Blue Smith!

Images | Lucky Blue Smith Fashion


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