How To Style a White Uniqlo T Shirt With Black Pieces

Before we talk about sophisticated outfits, let's deal with basic styling first. It's the foundation of all options. Like all the things that started it all, black and white dominates the styling scene. You don't want to forget about its beauty and elegance, especially when your personal style is minimalist and downright practical.

I've chosen to wear the basic black and white by picking a simple t-shirt from Uniqlo and a pair of fitted black jeans that I found at a second-hand store. I bought the item at their branch in SM Aura since it was on sale at that time. For less than four hundred pesos, I got the gorgeous white shirt. To complete each look, I've added a white vest, a pink cardigan from my mother-in-law and a pair of black ankle boots.

Here, I want to create a foundation of all possible styling options to inspire you. So I started with basic black and white combo. Here we go!

Go basic.

Nothing is more comfortable than wearing a white top and black trousers. To have an amazing look, choose fitted jeans. It creates an illusion of effortless elegance without even thinking about it.

Shirt: Uniqlo | Pants: Thrifted Fitted Black Jeans | Shoes: Thrifted Ankle Boots

Put a vest over it.

Let your sporty vibe dominate the scene by wearing a chic vest over your white t-shirt. It's a subtle way to channel your inner love of life by being active, free and productive. It's a clean-cut look with fabulous addition to cut the monotony of the look.

Style it with a pink cardigan.

Be girly and young-looking by pairing it with a pink cardigan. The beauty of this pink clothing item is the pockets adorned on both sides for better projection. Sometimes you need to use your clothes to show off your emotion. You'll look chic and relaxed with this style.

Do you have some options for black and white combo? Share it with me in the comments below. Or you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Like my Facebook Page. Let's connect, gorgeous!