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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Through the years, Cabalen Restaurant has really shown excellent Filipino cooking. For those who are looking for authentic Capampangan dishes, it's the perfect dining experience for your family and friends.

One time, I was searching for affordable eat-all-you-can restaurants in the city. Luckily, I found Cabalen Restaurant. It's an amazing place because we only spent less than one thousand pesos to experience eat-all-you-can dining.

 Even before I fell in love with Italian pasta, my first flame is Filipino food, obviously. So when I had a chance to dine at Cabalen Restaurant again, I didn’t hesitate to do it. Since I’ll have a chance to eat my own choice of dishes without breaking my budget, it was one of my unforgettable restaurant hunting activities.

For those who love seafood, Cabalen Restaurant is perfect for you. I’m so impressed with the taste of their Spicy Mussels and freshly-cooked fish.

I love their Crispy Lechon because I kept on getting more and more of it. The Pork Humba is delicious, too. It’s really delicious with the right level of balance in terms of taste. It's not too salty for you.

My husband love their ice cream. If you want to catch up their servings of ice cream, be sure to dine at around 2pm and notice that they'll serve it during snack time.


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