Blogger Off Duty Outfit Inspiration

These days, off duty look is a popular style option. It's very similar to street style, yet more low-key. It isn't distracting since comfort and simplicity are key elements of the look. Today, I'd like to share my blogger off duty outfit inspiration to all of you.

I'm very particular with having a more polished look and a little bit edgy on the side. Obviously, I prefer clothes that show off sleek finish and easy to showcase attire. If it means I'm not into massive outfits, or clothing pieces that are too fit, then this look is right for me.

My blue long sleeve top is from Forever 21 and my pair of jeans is a second-hand item. Usually, I wear these black wedges when I have plans to stroll outside since these are very comfortable for me. I know that you don't usually see me wearing a belt - but now, it's different - because I want to have a really polished look.

The background is the entrance of Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley Taguig since I was able to visit the place with my husband. Soon, I'll write about it in this blog. The sling bag was given to me by my friend, Iris.