Loving Chic Orange Shades With Kate Bosworth

The world of orange in fashion is opulent. A lot of shades have attracted us lately. For light orange, we feel the raw beauty of the product. We marvel at the magnificence of the darker ones, such as the color of the sun to say goodbye before nightfall and the mystery of deep orange hue.

Image | Fashion Gone Rouge Kate Bosworth

Here, Kate Bosworth has shown us a deeper love for orange.

The lovely actress wore a more elegant orange outfit for Elle Canada March 2015 cover story. Actually, it's perfect for amazing day-off activities. The light orange pants look gorgeous when paired with the bright orange coat. The white undershirt gives an illusion of effortless elegance that Kate has obviously donned with great beauty.

The center of attention is the massive belt with a little bit of deep orange hue. It neutralizes everything.