The Music In My Heart

If you're a hopeless romantic, you'll love reading this post. Sometimes in our past, we have experienced meeting a special person that doesn't let us go. Or maybe we value such person so much that we can't let go. What is your take on reminiscing old flame?

For me, I just bring it on through music. I try to balance the way I think about it to avoid clashing it on the status quo. I sit down, read books and roam around remembering it. I think about guitar strings ernie ball, musical instruments and other things related to music. That way, I hurt no one.

In most cases, it gives me more ideas to write for my blogs and books. See? You'll get tons of ideas by being so appreciative of your past. The music in my heart is harmonious, melodious and lovely.

What about you? Do you have a past that's worth remembering? Let's talk about it. I'll post my reply in the comments below.