Secret Love Song by Little Mix and Jason Derulo

We know that Little Mix has a song that allows us to ponder once in a while. Many people love Secret Love Song despite its unusual lyrics. I'm not saying that its a bad song, it's just something that many people can relate in a different way nowadays.

The musical background is exceptionally remarkable and it makes me remember of talented individuals who can make something good out of a bad experience. If a musician, especially those who can play musical instruments well, will agree with me here.

Earlier today, Secret Love Song has occupied my mind. After moments of thinking about it, despite learning more about clarinet range through a music book, the song has left an amazing impression in my heart and mind. No one has the right to judge anyone when it comes to love. After all, it was considered a secret with a reason.

Image | Digital Spy

Have you heard about the song? For me, it's very sentimental. It has a strong connection to people who find it easy to understand the elusive meaning of love. It's a beautiful masterpiece. The musical talent of those who are part of the single is totally superb. Each person has contributed to the song's connection to the listeners.

I'll end this blog post with an interpretation of a part of the lyrics. "I wonder if it ever will change. I'm living for that day, someday." Here, the girl knows that the relationship isn't approved based on the norms of the society. However, she has a strong belief that one day it will be alright. It's fair enough for all of us, right?