The New Squad of Warriors

I know that you're a bit intrigued with the title of this post. Even though I rarely talk about work, I want to have this opportunity to share my thoughts about changes.

Well, nothing is permanent but change. We all know that life works that way. Obviously, I'm still longing to hear about the past because it gives me the familiarity that I love, but it isn't giving me a new voice. I have to embrace the new phase now.

Let me share with you this:

1. Embrace change. I'm so clingy with the past, to my comfort zone, because I like to stay relaxed once in a while. However, life has taught me that the universe doesn't work that way. I need to dance with the wind, feel its presence and learn its movement. Why? The wind always change its course. It doesn't stay where it is.

2. Don't change the game plan. It's up to you. I don't know the things that you value when it comes to public relations. As much as possible, I choose the right and play fair with anyone. I'm not perfect, but I try to correct myself when I err or if I'm not doing the right thing. Why would I tarnish the image where I'm in? It doesn't makes sense.

3. Be compassionate. If you're in a new environment, you'll have to deal with new challenges. People will misjudge you. They'll try to read you. What color do you want to show to them? Will you pretend to be someone you're not? Or be yourself all the time? I know that compassion is key. No one is perfect anyway. 

We meet new people because we attract them in any way. Somehow its entangled in our sub-conscious mind. So make your move today. Stand upright and choose the right. Cheers!