These Past Few Days

The whole week was awesome, even though I've experienced a lot of unpleasant things. I've been thinking that I'm a very peculiar person because my experiences were different from others.

For example, I'm always embattled with friends who never understood my existence. These people are usually powerful with venomous-like tongues that can break hearts and dampen spirits. Fortunately, I was born with a golden heart and a valiant soul so it follows that no one can break me apart. I mean, if I don't allow it to happen.

To ease the burden, I just listened to music that are remarkably inspiring. My favorite is Count On You and some other Original Pilipino Music. In doing so, I think about musical instruments and 10 inch speaker box items that are sold in my favorite music store. I was there earlier to check for microphones.

How about you? What are your experiences in the past few days? Let's talk about it in the comments below.