Modern Filipinas Creamsilk Transformations Event at World Trade Center

We know that Creamsilk is a very popular hair product nowadays. It's also one of my favorite hair conditioners because I really like the quality of the product.

Last Saturday, the unveiling of the Modern Filipinas Creamsilk Transformations event was held at the World Trade Center. I was able to attend the event, except that I wasn't able to catch up with the last part. I need to go back to the office to catch up with my night shift slot. I didn't know that , Universe 2015, Pia would appear in the event for the first time in the country after being crowned as Miss Universe queen for the current year.

Even if I didn't finish the whole event, I learned a lot by visiting different booths at the venue. I was able to listen to invited speakers for Yes Magazine, Preview, Mega, Meg, Cosmopolitan and more.

For the first time, I've created a video for the events that I attended since I started writing for my blog. Here's a video of the Modern Filipinas Creamsilk Transformations Event for you.